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Last Updated On: September 23, 2015

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Business Name: Easy View HD
Corporate Address:
PO Box 210827
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53221 USA

Easy View XT Customer Service

Easy View XT Phone Number: 262-787-2033
Corp Website: easyviewhd.com

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Average Rating: 1.08 out of 5
Based On: 13 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 24

Easy View XT Reports

Reported Losses: $558.13
Average Reported Losses: $42.93

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I went to purchase the easy view xt and thought I had to put in a qty of 2 to get the second one free. When my order total finally came up after I put my credit card number in it had charged me $51.80 of which $31.80 was shipping and handling.

I X’d out of the site before hitting submit but they charged me anyway.

I called and was told that by putting in my credit card number, it completed the ordering process even though it hadn’t even given me an order total yet. I was told to send it back at my expense for a full refund because it had already shipped even though I had just ordered it the day before

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  • Paula

    Thank you for your comments. I have 10 different sunglasses in my car, as I have an eye problem. Really wanted one of these………………After reading these comments, I’ll work with my sunglasses. Thank you everyone for taking the time to give feedback, and sorry you had to go through this.

  • drewdove

    The commercial itself is dubious. From the HD vision glasses they show an overexposed video which corrects when their product is used. Excuse me but human eyes self-correct for brightness (unless you’re stoned in which case you may believe this commercial). As I always think buy this product in a store where you know what you’re getting and what you’re paying before you pay for it. Inspect twice (in the store) buy once.

  • John Hunter

    I ordered 2 of these products and they arrived within a week.
    No complaints from me – product seems to do the job and for $10 a piece I am happy.
    I certainly do not feel ripped off, the product does what it says and I paid what was advertised.

  • Karen Brown

    I agree with every comment above. This company is a total sham and should be shut down. If you call the "customer service" number you get a constant message that they are "helping other customers" but you can "press one to leave a message for someone to return your call." Bullshit! You push 1 and you get "This mailbox is full and can’t accept any more messages." If you click on their "return policy" it says "Returns can be made within 30 days to the address below." There is no address below, or anywhere else. You never get to review your order before they confirm it, and then it’s too late to cancel it. I had no idea I had finished the purchase when I just clicked out of the site before I thought I was finished. I tried to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, but they aren’t registered with them. I’m going to get the Chicago Tribune involved with their "Problem Solver" group and do everything to expose this company for the scam they are.


    Just to let you know address is a phone bank 4 many companies advertised on television and radio. They do do not any product and state attorney generals office is attempting to shut them down. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT THEY WAIT 2 TO SIX MONTHS TO CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD THEN DISPUTE YOUR REQUEST FOR REFUND.

  • Rocco Esposito

    I received the same flim flam on the phone and was also charged more than I agreed to. That being said, it’s true that it blocks the glare of headlights, it also blocks everything else. Impossible to use, waste of money at any price.

    Rocco Esposito

  • Scott – N. Carolina

    The Web site doesn’t show you how much it will be until you click process order. I ordered one, clicked process order, then got a Thank You, Your order is complete.
    Qty: 3,
    Sub Total: $60.00,
    Shipping: $47.70,
    Order Total $107.70
    I ordered "ONE" – I was on hold for 30 minutes yesterday and finally hung up. No way to cancel on line. Calling Credit Card Company now!

  • Alberta

    Alas, I too have been taken! After seeing the ad on TV, I called on the telephone. My radar went off when it was a recording and I couldn’t get o speak with a real person. However, I didn’t heed my radar’s warning! I tried calling the customer service number to no avail. No one ever answers! I KNEW better but still fell for it! Never again!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna

    I ordered one unit $10 another is free plus separate shipping, so that be 10.00 plus 15.98 for shipping =25.98,they sent me 4 units and shipping charges of $47.70 all together bill is for $101.70 and all I ordered one unit. I contacted my credit card and they took off $75.00. I tried to call the company, but I was put on permanent hold, and since the call is not toll free I couldn’t wait long. I am going to send written complaint, but I won’t send 3 boxes back, they can come and pick them up. Why should I pay for postage

  • Dave McClaine

    In case that is hard to read, it is ABSOLUTE RIPOFF 100 fold. DO NOT GET SCAMMED LIKE WE DID!

  • T.G. in Maryland

    Ordering this product is an exercise in being RIPPED OFF! I ordered two sets – so, what should have been a $20 order with maybe a few bucks for shipping/handling became a $51.80 order! There is no place on the website to cancel the order. No one answers the telephone numbers (one on the website and one in the email order confirmation). After about 15 minutes of being on hold, I just hung up. I alerted my credit card company to the fraud. I have tried every way possible to cancel this order – from the first minute I got the confirmation and saw the excessive charge.

    ORDERING THIS PRODUCT IS A SCAM – DO NOT DO IT!! I wish I had read these reviews prior to being scammed.

    • T.G. in Maryland

      Update on my complaint… After multiple attempts to call and cancel this fraudulent order, I contacted my credit card company the next business day after my "order" confirmation email was received. Well, I contacted the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the Wisconsin authorities responsible for investigating consumer fraud. The, I wrote a letter to the company and included copies of my complaints.

      Of course, these fraudsters sent the product to me even after I left messages and sent emails canceling my order. Then, they actually shipped the product to me. Well, I sent it right back to them unopened. I sent proof to my credit card company and they reversed the charges. (My credit union is awesome!!)

      Guess What?? I just got an email today saying my product is being shipped back to me!! Of course, I alerted my credit card company again. What is more hilarious is that the "status" of my order on their website shows it was "returned."

    • Rachel

      I also ended up with a $51.80 order – which is NOT what I intended to order. I did call the CS number and waited for 20 mins before I was able to talk to a CS rep…..believe it or not, she was very pleasant and was very willing to just cancel my order. I will keep an eye on my credit card transactions to be sure they do not charge me the $51.80.

    • mel

      My mom just received her order today. She ordered 4 in all, should of been buy one get one, instead she was charged $40 total plus $30 S & H. Over $70 for these sun shades! Insane!

  • G. Wright

    I think the FTC needs to be notified of the scam/fraud involved with this company, which is still advertising on tv. I haven’t received my order, cannot reach a customer service rep at the phone numbers given, and after reading the comments above, already know I will be disappointed and overcharged for the product.

    I am notifying my credit card company not to pay the charges.

    • A. gibson

      Going through the same thing. EXACTLY what happened to me. Credit card company said they cannot block the charge until they receive it and EasyView state they don’t charge your account until it is in transit, so I intend to "refuse to accept" when FedEx deliver (if that is who they use).

  • iris hayes

    I ordered back on 1/24/14 and have yet to receive anything. am checking my debit card for the charge. I WOULD NOT recommend this to a blind person!!!!!!

    • iris hayes

      I would not recommend to a bind person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Unsatisfied Customer

    Exactly, its a fraud and a scam! Beware buyers!

    • S. Reeves

      This is definitely a fraud! This morning @ 08:00, I placed an on-line order for one of these units which was supposed to include a "free" second unit for the passenger side if you pay an additional $7.95 S&H. There is no itemized explanation of the total charges until AFTER YOU PLACE THE ORDER. My total charges were $77.70 (??????) I tried to call to get this straightened out, but guess what, all lines were busy, or I was placed on hold and no one came back to the call.

      THIS IS A SCAM! I’ve already called my credit card company and they will deny the charge when it comes through.

      Susan R – Houston, Texas



  • Dan Barta

    I ordered one. (1). S&H was $7.95 each. OK, $26.80, a bit steep, but I went along with it. When the final page came up, after processing, it showed two (2) for $20, and $31.58 shipping! And they had the balls to have a ‘click here’ "this order qualifies for free shipping" button THAT DID NOT WORK!!!!, and no way to get back and cancel. This place is a rip-off!

  • Bill Brownell

    A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY! These things are cheaply made. There is nothing "HD" about them. They are nothing more than cheap tinted pieces of plastic. Both visors I received had areas about 1/3 the size of the visor that were so deformed I couldn’t even see through them. Ironically, I was able to see better without the visors than with them. I don’t know how they compare to other similar products. But, even though I don’t normally where sunglasses, I am now looking for a quality pair of sunglasses just to have handy for when the sun and glare is abnormally harsh. I didn’t even send these back. They both went into the trash!

    • BobsterDuVey

      I agree with Bill Brownell,,,They are cheaply made,,,,The visor clip broke off the visor when folding down the visor b/c of its thin gauge ,,There’s no solution to fixing the visor clip to the visor,,,I’m very disappointed with this cheap piece of crap…….BOBBY DuVey


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