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Business Name: Brake & Muffler Express, Inc
Category: Auto Services / Repair
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Corporate Address: 6211 Albemarle Rd
Charlotte, North Carolina 28212 USA

Phone Number: 704-537-2000
Company Contact: Don Bowling - President
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Brake & Muffler Express - Ripped Off

I took my truck to, brake & muffler express inc. @ 6211 albermarle road in Charlotte, nc, last week on Tuesday the 9th . I have blown a head gasket. Don the owner of the company told me it was going to cost me around 500.00 dollars, i said fine fix it. And i will pick it up Friday the 19th.

I received a call from don the next day telling me that the steering column has broken. He try to tell me it was broken, when i brought it to him.You are not able to drive any vehicle that you cant put in gear. The truck wasn’t ready Friday.

Monday, when i went to pick my truck up. He said that my bill was 1,100.00 . I asked him how was it that my bill was that much. He said that i would have to pay for the steering column. I told him that i wasn’t going to pay for something that he had broken. I didn’t bring it to you broke. I left his shop upset, thinking that i have to spend more money to obtain a lawyer.

Two days later, he calls me saying that im a good customer, he’s willing to work out a deal. He said to me that he would settle for 750.00. I said to him how is it that the original price for repairing,is 500.00. You trying to squeeze more money out of me.

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