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Last Updated On: November 15, 2014

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Business Name: General Motors Company
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300 Renaissance Center
Detroit, Michigan 48265 USA

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Company Contact: Daniel F. Akerson - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.29 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $39,449.00
Average Reported Losses: $3,287.42

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Lemon Maker

I have received three notices about recalls on my 2009 Chevrolet Malibu since I’ve owned it. I have had several problems with this vehicle that include the sabotaging of it in 2013 by an employee of Fairway Chevrolet in Las Vegas, NV. This employee was drunk on the job and worked in the service department at Fairway Chevrolet at the date mentioned above.

After reporting to management the condition of this employee while my car was still in the service department it was sabotaged. My vehicle has not been the same since. Now I have had several recalls that have not been dealt with properly. I have had the Stering column replaced three times. The shift cable broke and the shift indicator was malfunctioning, which was a part of the first recall I received in 2010.

As of September 29, 2014 not one of the recall notices I’ve received have been dealt with. I called today and made an appointment to take my vehicle in for corrective repairs on the recalls. The most recent recall being received on September 29, 2014, but dated August 2014. I was told that I could bring my vehicle in, but I would not be given a loaner to drive while they are working on my vehicle.

I have other things going on in my life and General Motors Corp is not going to have me sidelined while they make a meager attempt to reestablish their reputation by conducting recalls late just to make a showing. I’m sick and tired of a automobile company that do nothing but make excuses for not providing adequate services.

I want an arbutration and under the lemon law I want General Motors to provide me with another vehicle or return my money for the lemon they sold me in 2009.

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  • If u r not late on ur payments they will make u late and make u pay for their mistakes


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