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Business Name: Providence Point Pittsburgh
Category: Assisted Living & Senior Homes
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Corporate Address: 500 Providence Point Blvd
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15243 USA

Phone Number: 412-489-3550
Company Contact: Eillen Moore - Principal
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My friend is a victim of elder abuse

About two years ago i started to be a caregiver for this wonderful lady, that she had a terrible disease that would make her slowly paralyze. About three months ago she entered a nursing facility because her condition has worsen.

The first time i went to work there, i was so upset to how the stuff treated her. I went home and i cried, told my family how bad it was. I really didn’t want to go back to work to see all that emotional abuse. I did go back and this time i asked them why they treat her that way. There answer was ” that it is not my business”.

Next week i went to work again, and Miss K would write on the computer (she can’t speak, do to her illness) the things that they did to her.

Some examples: They would “forget” to give her the bell for emergencies for at least three hours, and even though she had it, she said they would come in the room don’t even look at her to see what she needs, but then they would turn it off from the wall and walk out, or they would show up two hours later.

Then Miss K. has a 24 hour feeding tube, they will “forget” to plug it to her stomach. That was- a human error -they said.

When ever she cried the nurses would walked out of the room and make smart comments. She has a back problem and when they change her flat to the bed, she is in so much pain, they don’t care…. when i tried to explain to them that she has do be in a 90 degree angle-they tell me to get out of the room it is none of my business.

The managers are the worst. One of the manager said to me that why do i care for her so much and i am taking it to far.

Last night i went to work and Miss K. wrote to me that the lady in the white gown (manager) complaint about me and that i shouldn’t asked them anything that i see wrong. Miss K. told me to not say anything to her family and to the company that i work for, because i am the reason why the treat her so bad. By the way they misplaced her arm twice and she had to go for x-rays.

I think i lost my job because i was watching out for Miss K., i am not sure if she wants me there anymore. I used to take care of her at her home like she was a baby, and at the nursing home they are the op positive.Her behavior has changed, she is so afraid now, that if we complaint about how they treat her she would get worst treatment. I feel so bad for her and i wish she would get better treatment.

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