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Last Updated On: October 9, 2016

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Business Name: Oh My Crafts Inc
Corporate Address:
1489 W 105 N
Orem, Utah 84057 USA

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Oh My Crafts Phone Number: 801-785-9091
Corp Email: customercare@ohmycrafts.com
Company Contact: Heather AdamCorp Website: ohmycrafts.com

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Average Rating: 1.18 out of 5
Based On: 24 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 80

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Reported Losses: $2,482.06
Average Reported Losses: $103.42

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Oh, My Crap

I placed order #5022928 from Oh My Crafts in July for the We Are Memory Keepers cut & score board and a box board. It was supposed to ship in Sept. In August, I paced order 5026928 for the Sizzix magnetic base. When I did not get the first order in early Sept. (supposed to ship Sept. 1st), I contacted them. Heather sent and email and said the mfg., was behind and shipment was delayed. When I did not get the Sizzix platform by October 1st, I emailed about that, again, Heather sent me an email stating that the mfg., was overwhelmed by the response to orders and shipping was delayed (this was originally supposed to be in stock).

I started checking on the orders every two weeks and Heather consistently replied back that the manufactures were behind in shipping so there were delays. Finally, right before Thanksgiving, I emailed We Are Memory Makers and told them what OMC was telling me. They stated that the only time they were behind was in June and they were caught up by mid June, I emailed that to OMC and still I emailed emailed on a regular bases inquiring on my orders. After the email I sent stating that Memory Keepers said they were not behind, I did not get another response on my emails about either order. But, I continued to get emails offering pre-orders on various items to be shipped the first of January.

The first of January they put out a statement that they were closing. I think they knew all along thy were closing the first of January and that is why they continued to email about preordering things that would ship the 1st of January. They were just trying to get all the money they could before closing the doors. Crooks through and through.

Oh, during all of this, I filed a complaint with the BBB of Utah. They said their numerous attempts to contact them by phone and mail were ignored. When they closed the doors, the BBB said they couldn’t do any more.

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  • Christine

    I’m from the Philippines and pre-ordered some items last Sept2013 (to arrive Sept to Oct2013). OMC kept saying there has been a delay in shipment from the manufacturer. Around Nov2013, I asked them to just refund me but they refused to send my money back thru my credit card (the one I used to pay) and offered a check (which I couldn’t accept since I’m not from the US) or a store credit (which I refused because I never want to order from them again). When I got their email announcing they’re closing down, I immediately checked my account info and order status changed from "processing" to "shipped" but with NO tracking number. I emailed them and asked for one but of course, no response. I want my money back but what can I do, I’m not even from the US.

  • Bpnnie T

    Did everyone get this e-mail today…

    The Utah Division of Consumer Protection is currently investigating Oh My Crafts, INC. (www.ohmycrafts.com) for potential violations of the Utah Consumer Sales Practices Act for failing to deliver merchandise and for failing to issue refunds to consumers. The Division of Consumer Protection has received a copy of the complaint you filed with the Utah Better Business Bureau against Oh My Crafts.

    The Division of Consumer Protection needs to know if you have received the merchandise you ordered from Oh My Crafts, and if not, whether Oh My Crafts has issued you a refund for the balance due on your account. (Successful disputes with your bank and/or credit card issuer count as refunds).

    In order to assist the affected consumers, the Division will need to know the following information:

    Name, order number(s) and the dollar amount of merchandise not received from Oh My Crafts.

    If you have already filed a complaint with the Division of Consumer Protection, you may disregard this email.

    Thank you,

    Holt Terburg, Investigator
    801-530-6001 (fax)
    hterburg@utah.gov http://www.dcp.utah.gov

    Utah Division of Consumer Protection
    160 East 300 South, Second Floor
    P.O. Box 146704
    Salt Lake City UT 84114-6704

  • Velma

    So frustrating! I placed an order on September 12, 2013 and up until February of 2013, I kept sending emails asking about my products I ordered. On February 2013, I got my email back. No explanation, she just closed up shop and did not refund any monies to anyone that I know of. I have been ordering products from her for at least two years. So my story is similar to all yours. The least she could have done was send everyone an email about her situation, and of course, a refund. Even though my order totaled under $100, it still cost me an customer of my own. I had ordered the products for a particular job. I finally ordered from another website and got the products within 3 days! Shame on you Heather and OhMyCrafts!

  • Kate McBride

    I have filed a complaint with http://www.dcp.utah.gov/complaints/manual.html maybe if enough people file complaints they will do something. I am out $100 for the Cutterpillar Pro 3. Frustrating.

  • GMN

    My story is the same. Ordered in Nov. for Christmas items which were supposedly being shipped directly from Spellbinders, hence the reason I did not file for help from my bank or PayPal within the time period. Lost about $90.00. My only consolation is that there will be a day of reckoning for OMC!

  • julissa

    im a customer to oh my craft and I don receive my order and I don’t have answered about my money I loss 120 dlls

  • Connie

    My story is very similar to all of yours.
    I bought, never sent my items, in spite my many mails.
    I gave a giftcard to a friend, and she never could enjoy it!
    What shall we do?
    Now I read they closed their website….oh what a scam!

  • Karen

    They said the order will be delayed more than once when I emailed them. By the time I realized the order wasn’t coming it was too late to get my money back. What a scam and a crime! I’m living on a pension so it took awhile to save up for this order! Something needs to be done!

  • Sherry

    I placed a pre-order for a Cutterpillar v3 11-913 that was to ship in January. I got an email at some point that my order was being processed. The item never came. I have emailed them twice with no response. I wrote to the owners of the Cutterpillar to see if they might be of help & that’s when I was told OMC just suddenly went out of business. I filed a claim with Paypal but from what I’m reading on here I am not likely to get my money back due to the time frame. This really stinks as you can’t file a claim until you "know" there is a problem. I guess I won’t be doing any pre-orders in the future.

  • Eva

    I am in Canada so there is not much I can do. I have used Oh My Crafts for years and it always took a while to get the products but I just attributed that to the fact that I am in Canada. I placeced my last order at the begining of December 2013. They had the nerves to send me an email a few days later that my order would not ship until January 2014. I waited until the end of January and went to check their site to see what the status of my order was and that’s when I saw the message that they closed. I paid with Pay Pal but I can’t get my money back because I waited more than 30days after the payment went through. I was told that I should have contacted Pay Pal at the begining of January to get my money back (which I did not do because OhMYCrafts sent me an email that my items would ship late in January). I wish I lived somewhere close to their location because I’d be at their door demanding my money back, grrrr.

    • Helen

      go through your credit card company, immediately.

  • Lis

    I am, unfortunately joining the ranks of the betrayed by OhMyCrafts. I too ordered some punches in November. I waitied patiently and have never received them. I called a number of times and was lied to by the customer serv ice people. I also spent thousands as a loyal customer. I lost about $90.00 (thank god only that much). I DO have a company that thankfully I can trust who carries everything and is reasonably priced so…goodbye Ohmycrafts…you were ohsoaweful. LW

  • Marion

    I agree with all of these comments. I placed 2 orders in May of 2013. The first order was for a Big Shot – which was shipped in August. The other order was for a Silhouette Cameo machine + a set of die cuts. I constantly sent emails, trying to follow up on my Silhouette – which of course I had already paid for the day of ordering. FINALLY… the machine was shipped in November – with a receipt, stating that I was receive a refund for the die cuts. I have sent 3 emails, requesting the refund, which to date has not happened. Thankfully my lose is minimal.

  • Cass Wagener

    How does a company get by with this? I am put $67 on a preorder of punch boards. Pay pal cannot help because toouch time has elapsed. There should be some consequence for stealing from people.

  • Dina

    I’m joining a growing list here. I just lost $316.84.
    I’m writing to the Utah Attorney General and to PayPal if I don’t get an immediate response from the company to my letter demanding the products or a refund. Here is the AG’s eMail: uag@utah.gov
    Good Luck All!

  • rip offs

    I can’t believe that a company can get away with not answering or sending out the things that we have ordered from them. that is just wrong. I am glad it is not more that I am out of as I ordered my stuff on Dec. 22 and all I have gotten is that it is processing… You took my money so either give it back or send the stuff… That is all any of us want.

  • Debbie

    I also lost 100.00 on a preordered item Cutterpillar V3. Like I said it was a preordered item expected to ship in January. Well January has come and gone. My order is still processing, when you check the order history, but they managed to take 100.00 out of my paypal acct. I contacted paypal and they said they could do nothing because it has been over 30 days. I also contacted OH MY Crafts in January and got an auto reply letter, and the phone number says can not be completed as dialed. On January 11,2014 they closed their website. You would think they would at least process all orders that were pending or refund them. I was not informed of them going out of business or given any advanced noticed. If they knew they were going out of business you would of thought they would of made good with any outstanding orders. We all work hard for our money, Shame on OH My Crafts for taking advantage of us crafters. Probably will not see any product or the $100.00 that was taken from me

    • Jan Frost

      Yes, I also was taken for $100.00 waiting for my Cutterpillar Pro. Just recently they sent me an email stating that if I was willing to wait a few more weeks not only would I receive my machine but they would also send me a $15.00 gift certificate for being so patient. Obviously there was no mention of them going out of business! I have saved all the correspondence so I have plenty of proof for the BBB. I placed my order on March 3, 2013!!!

  • Dana

    I lost $100 from a Cutterpillar 3 that was ordered back in July 2013 and never received. After reading all of the issues, I know I will never see my product or product. Really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I work hard for my money. I don’t know how these people sleep at night but hopefully they will get theirs in the end. SHAME ON THEM!!!!!

  • wnel

    I found Kevin Cottle’s profile on Likedln and tagged him as inappropriate and wrote a review of my experience with his business.
    Maybe if more do this it may get some attention as his profile looks quite complimentary.

    • Barb in Indiana

      Is this the same Kevin Cottle from Oh My Crafts? I also found Heather Adam listed on the same website. Both say they were involved with Oh My Crafts. Just want to make sure they are the right people. I am thinking about getting on the site and letting them know what I think about their business practices! Anybody know if criminal charges can be brought against them for fraud? I agree their profiles look stellar!!!

  • Debbie V

    I had ordered from Oh My Crafts for years without any problems, spending probably a couple thousand dollars overall. I had not ordered from the company for about a year when I went on their website to look at the Silhouette Cameo at the end of November and first of December 2013. Since I had NEVER had a problem with the company in the past, I placed "preorders" for a Silhouette Cameo machine ($269.99 + $20 shipping – with a bonus $120 worth of downloads – $10 each month for a year). I also "preordered" a CutterPillar Pro Version 3 ($90 + $10 shipping). I made a couple of other small orders utilizing their 50% off coupons for various products. Funny thing, I received most of one of the small orders ($28.90 + $5.95 shipping)–there was one item "out of stock" which I was offered either a refund or store credit. Another order for $86.11 has never been received as of February 11, 2014. I have lost $489.59 total for products I have not received. My orders were supposed to be shipped in January, since they were "preorders." I received order confirmation and order processing emails for ALL my orders. The orders for the Cameo and the CutterPillar were even listed as "partially shipped" at one point. I don’t know how single item orders can be "partially shipped" but this tactic kept me optimistically waiting for my items to arrive. Imagine my shock when I went online and found all these complaints about Oh My Crafts! Why were they advertising and "selling" items at the end of 2013, when orders from the beginning of 2013 still had not been shipped to customers? Like many others here, I was just past the date for filing a claim (claims must be filed within 45 days even though there are hundreds of complaints out there regarding this company). I paid for most items directly out of my checking account via PayPal. One small order was still within the PayPal 45 day claim period so PayPal says I have "won" that claim, but PayPal also says something about "if there is money in the company’s account." The order for $86.11 was put on a credit card. I was still within the 60 day claim period for my credit card and have been reimbursed for that amount. I am just so sick about this whole thing. I have tried calling (phone disconnected) and I have tried emailing (absolutely NO response). I usually put all online purchases on my credit card, but since I had shopped at this site MANY times over MANY years, I never thought there would be a problem. Why would I even look for complaints when I never had a problem in the past. Well, I can tell everyone now, check for complaints for ANY online company each time you place an order, in spite of past track record. And, ALWAYS put your online purchases on a credit or debit card to protect yourself against non-delivery of goods. My husband is an attorney, so I will talk with him about filing a claim with small claims court as mentioned above. Oh My Crafts I am "Oh So Disappointed" in your deliberate tactics to defraud loyal and new customers!

    • Renee

      With the numbers of us that have been defrauded…. perhaps a class action lawsuit???

  • CML

    On 12/24/13, I place a small order – my credit card was charged the next day. Never received the order nor any email communication. On 01/24 – I went to the website to check on my order and find an email address; I don’t remember seeing any of the information at that time that they were out of business. Never heard a response. Today checked again and saw they were out of business – my order still displays as ‘processing’. Contacted my bank that my credit card is issued through – they will send me an affidavit to complete and start the dispute process with Oh My Crafts. Good news….my order was not a lot of money – but still very POOR business practice.

  • Eileen Turk

    I wish I would have read these comments before I pre-ordered inOctober 2013. Mt credit card was charged and aaai have not received my order. I tried contacting the company by email and have had no response to my request to cancell my order and credit my credit card.

  • shereen aftab

    I ordered a Bigshot Pro machine from Oh my Crafts on November 22, 2013. I paid a total of USD 506.97 for the item and shipping. THere has been no update till date and when I decided to investigate I found the same message on the website about how they were closing their business and were working 25/7 to ship the pending orders. I sent an email and got the standard reply that they will respond asap. No email has arrived as yet. Order status is processing’. I am an international customer and have ordered from them quite frequently in the past 4 yrs. Previously I got some bigz pro dies and a corner chomper which didn’t work too. Sending the stuff back would have meant a lot of shipping cost and so I didn’t excercise that option. Now I’m sure they were acquiring rejected merchandize too.

  • Frustrated

    To all. Call paypal. I was way past the 45 day limit. Paypal opened a claim for me and were great. But you have to call them. I ordered the we r memory keepers punch boards back in august 1, 2013. They gave me a run around for months and finally heather promised a refund on dec 4th 2013. They stopped responding to my emails and the phones were soon disconnected. Then they closed their doors/website They still showed the boards were to be shipped January 2014. I’m sure to lure in more people only to run off with our hard earned money. But please, call paypal. OMC has a bad track record with paypal, call, it can’t hurt. Ripping people off is wrong, shame on them! It will all catch up with them.

    • carol

      I would call if I knew who to call pay pal.

  • Andréa

    Fiz uma compra dia 23/12/2013, e até hoje aparece como pedido em processamento, estou enviando email todos os dias, mas nunca obtenho uma resposta, pior que estou no Brasil, fica mais dificil ainda fazer qualquer reclamação, ficaram o meu dinheiro, minha compra e até o absurdo que cobravam de frete! #decepcionada

  • Colleen

    I ordered 5 items for a total of $67.43 September 14, 2013. My order was posted as "processing" for the longest time. Finally in late December I asked them to either ship the items or refund me, and I did ask to clarify if they simply never got the items in, none of them, or just some of them… They were still actively selling the same items I had ordered on their weekly sales. They quickly wrote back saying my items were being ”Shipped" that day. Like a miracle… All the items were all of a sudden available… That minute… and weren’t available earlier that day on a previous email. That was over a month ago. No items were shipped I’m sure. Just now when I attempted to contact them about the items I got an auto reply saying they have closed their web page, and "Happy Crafting". After reading all these comments posted here, I think they took the money and ran. And it does seem like they posted my order and others as "shipped" to keep us from contacting our banks or paypal for refunds until they had the money in their accounts. Wow.. Creepy little way to do business people. Most people that craft are decent people. And you claimed ‘family health problems’. Really… Did that make you lie to your customers? And steal from your customers? I hope the money you kept cures whatever health problem came over your family. You must need it more than we did.

  • Gail

    I too am a victim of "Oh My Craft" fraud. I paid for a pre-order in July of 2013, my product was suppose to be shipped in September, 2013. September came, I was told the shipment was delayed. I waited for a couple of weeks, did not hear from them and emailed customer service again. Once again I was told the shipment was still delayed. Because this particular item was late to ship to many merchants, I was willing to wait a little while. October turned into November, November turned into December and still no product. I emailed Daniele and requested a refund and was told it could take "up to three weeks" to receive a check. I was not happy, but there was nothing I could do. I’ve sent several emails since December and within the last three weeks, there has been no response. I went to their website today to see the message of their site closing down. This is a disgrace.

  • Bonnie

    I also just found out the website is closed down. They owe me about $60! This is unbelievable! I was being patient (ridiculously so as one order was placed 3/11/13!) so didn’t ask to have my money refunded. Is there anything we can do?

  • Sharyn

    I placed my order in February. Because I really wanted it I just email checking on status which I was told they are still waiting on it. BIG mistake. Its sad because they used to be a good company with lots of great products at good prices. Started going downhill once they hiked up their shipping charges and started taking a long time to ship the products out. Shame on them for cheating out so many crafters out there!

  • Barbara Haithcox

    I agree with all of the above remarks I am only out 34.49 but it makes you wonder about other small company ‘s on the web. Due to poor health my a_ _. Hope they enjoy the money it will catch up with them in the end.

  • Flavia

    I placed two order from oh my crafts one in Oct and then placed a preoder back in November in which they
    charge my card with a problem. Now I also saw there posting that there website has closed. I am so upset
    that I was taken that I will contact my credit card company and see if they can do something. It sad when you have companies like this who take advantage of customers.The order amount between both order is over
    a $100 dollars. I”m just sick of the thought of losing my money.

  • Roxie

    i ordered some products from this company back in Dec 25, i just remembered that i never received any product so i emailed them and so far no response but an auto reply. my total cost is 768 bucks!!! i wonder why they are doing this to their customers, i have always bought stuff from them for years. im really dissapointed and peeved that i dont have the product and also out of money!!!

  • Tena

    I have gone through everything as everyone else has. It got me so pissed when I received an auto-reply email after following up on a refund due, saying they have closed. Without any notice to their customers. I have been a customer for years but had slacked off the last couple because of their shipping and their cost for shipping. Not competitive at all. I got the same run around since Oct trying to get a refund. I still have all my correspondence, too. What recourse do we have? Complain to BBB? That’s not going to get our money or product. I am so pissed and I am not due half of what other people have coming to them. UGH!!!

  • Emily

    I placed an order with this company in Aug of 2013. The item I ordered was out of stock and expected to be shipped in Sept. That never happened. I contacted them in early Oct and was told that they expected the order in soon. That never happened. I contacted them again in Nov and they said they didn’t know at that time when the item would arrive. They did say I could request a refund, make another product choice or just wait until the item came in. I should have requested my refund at that point but didn’t. I thought I would wait another month. When I emailed them again early in January I received no response. I waited about 5 days and emailed again. That’s when I got back an email saying they were closed. Guess I am out $32. Glad it isn’t more than that like some others here.

    • anna

      My order is almost word for word what you said but my order was $97.54. I went to my order page and before it said processing and now it says shipped. If anyone who reads this would go to their order page and see if they have put this on all orders. Anna

  • Beverly Adkins

    I ordered the new updated Cutterpillar ProV3 on June 3, 2013. I kept e-mailing and was told it was received in August but that shipment was sent to some of the names on the preorder list. Next order was to come in September, then October, November, then January. I have not received the product, nor a refund and cannot get ahold of the company so they also have over $100.00 or my money. This is absolutely unacceptable. I would get an auto reply e-mail from Heather, but never a direct reply to my e-mails. How are customers to get their refunds if we cannot even contact the company. I was going to attempt to contact them again today when I noticed that their web site has been closed.

  • Lisa

    I am in the exact same boat…..I placed an order back in October my credit card was charged in access of $330.00 and I have NO product!! I tried calling their phone number and it is no longer in service! We should have all read the reviews on this company and we would have known better!! I too will be filing a credit card fraud complaint…..not sure how far we are going to get……I bet there is NO $$$ to get back as I believe that’s why we have no product and our credit cards have been processed!!

  • Elizabeth

    My daughter ordered me the Cutterpillar Pro for Christmas and the shipping date was February. First we heard of the closing was today when she received an email saying they refunded her account. Guess I should be glad that she did get her refund. I never ever had any problems with them in the past.

  • Joni

    I placed an order with them on 12/31/13 and they immediately charged my card and emailed me confirmation. I still have not received any product or communications from them, and their website says they closed 1/11/14. I will be filing a fraud claim with my bank.

  • Wendy

    I, too, had placed in order in August of 2013 and had not received it. I asked for a full refund on December 9, 2013 and they said a check would be mailed in the full amount of my order. I have yet to see the check. Looks like I’m out about $130. Ridiculous!!!

  • Jean S

    I also am sitting with a loss of $53.96 due to a store credit from an unbelievable headache from placing an order back in March of 2013. My question to all of you is what can we do about it? Are there places we can file against the company? Class action suit? What they have done is just not right and here we sit with nothing to show for it. I’m ready to get on board on do something! I just need someone to help point the way.

  • LP34

    Like everyone else I had no issues with OMC before, however this time was ridiculous! Purchased the Cutterpillar and several other products on Oct 29, 2013 in the amount of $169.29 which includes $10 in shipping charges. I got the same emails saying another vendor had not shipped out the goods to them, blah, blah, blah and if I’d like to wait. I said fine I’ll wait. Several weeks later I sent another email and "Heather" responded that my order will ship out at the end of January with all the products. After the New Year I emailed "Heather" for a follow and received their out of office response. Then today I saw a friend post in FB about this company closing down, without any way to contact them. When I went to the site it looks as if they are still in business. I logged in to my account and saw my purchase as pending still.
    I tried to dispute/ request a refund via Paypal BUT because my order was placed 45 days prior they could not help with the dispute and I would have to take it up with Oh My Crafts directly. Really?! I have now asked my bank to dispute with PP and according to them it could possibly be denied and I’ll never get my money back. This has never happened to me before and I’m sick to read that I was not the only one to get duped. This company are thieves and beyond unprofessional!!

  • Stella

    I am in the same situation as the previous posted. OHC owed me close to $200 credit. I haven’t not placed an order with this company for the last 6 months since nothing is being shipped.

    • Rhonda

      Check their web site. They have closed the business. Guess we all have lost money to their scam.

  • Maureen Greene

    As of 1/11/14 they have CLOSED their website.
    I had an accumulation of credits and then added over $150 on an over $300 order. This will be a serious challenge to prove given their "it had shipped" poor record keeping. I had a long series of successful purchases in the past. It is a shame they turned out to be thieves.

  • Dana

    I have had nothing but problems with this company. No response to emails . . . orders not shipping . . . no phone number . . . They charge your account then never ship. Frustrating. I will never order from them again. And I intend to tell all I know to do the same!

  • judy jones

    I am having trouble as all the above, I order in the past and no problem. their phone does not work. I wished I looked at this page before I order.

  • Pam Gauerke

    I ordered a Silhouette Cameo machine in August. Changed my order to the October Black Friday promotion, was promised to have the machine in time for Christmas, and have written them four times since August without response. They have had my money since the original order. With no phone number to contact them, I have to believe that I will never see my machine or money again.

  • Jean

    I placed an order for a Cutterpillar Pro, We R Memory Keepers: Envelop Punch, a paper pack, and one embellishment back on March 2, 2013. In June I received the paper pack and the $1.49 embellishment. The Shipping Statement said "will come later" and highlighted in blue for the Envelop punch and the Cutterpillar Pro. In Oct 2013, I had waited long enough and cancelled my order. I sent a ton of e-mails to "Heather" who said I would be reimbursed for the Cutterpillar but not the envelop punch because they claim I received it. NO I never received either item. I scanned and sent a copy of the packing slip which states exactly what was sent. They said they have to review it and see if it matched the postal weight. That was a month ago. It is now 10 months since I placed that order from this company and have not been reimbursed for the $110.00 dollars. None of the phone numbers work for the company. I am very frustrated. I filed a complaint with the BBB. Still waiting to hear from them.

  • Ortiz

    I was a regular customer for oh my crafts and never had a problem in the past. Now it seems you can’t reach them by phone. I placed two small orders. Received the first one with some missing items which I’m supposed to be refunded for, and haven’t. The second order, is going on two months and I haven’t received anything. Sent our various inquiries via email and I get no reponse. My orders in the past were of substantial value. These luckily are small but that’s beside the point. I am very disappointed and will never order from them again. Will report them to the BBB.

  • Sarah

    Today, Oct 21 I just received the order I placed on July 22, 2013. Out of 29 items ordered I received ONE item. No refund, either. Email responses are "your order has shipped." I have never received a full order from them and have always had to wait for months to get a portion of the order I paid for. I’m going to be filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Utah Attorney General’s Office, as well as Paypal and any other place I can think of.

  • Lenora

    I too have been ripped off. I ordered in Aug. I have waited and waited. My order is always being processed but I never receive it. They have taken my money though and quickly processed that! When I emailed them I got the customary standard form letter, dear customer ….blah, blah, blah! When I call the company direct, I am told that is not a good number. I tried to file a resolve through pay pal, however I waited too long, so now paypal won’t help me. I am another victim of oh my crafts!

  • natacha

    I’m from Canada but do you guys have any consumer protection agency that we could report this faudulous activity to????? I would gladely do it… so that they would be shut down I mean.

  • Natacha

    I also have problems getting to an answer about an order… have ordered in the past and never had a problem… but it is official I cannot get in contact with then … 7 emails later… the only answer i’m getting is: "Dear Customer,
    We would like to take this time to thank you for contacting OH My Crafts, I sincerely apologize however your email was deemed spam and the system rejected the message. I have received a notification that this email was part of a "loop" so I have attempted to retrieve the message. The message comes up as unreadable (jumbled with characters) so I am unable to assist at this time. Please provide a detailed summary of your inquiry and send this summary to sales@ohmycrafts.com or customercare@ohmycrafts.com.
    **If this is a recurring problem, please be sure that you have added the following email addresses to your safe sender/receiver list: sales@ohmycrafts.com and mailto:customerscare@ohmycrafts.com and resubmit your request as a new ticket. We truly apologize for this inconvenience.

  • D. Elliott

    Obviously, I’m not the only one Oh My Crafts has taken money from and not sent your merchandise. I placed an order on May 27, 2013 and as of today, I still have not received my order. I get almost the same email from them each time I complain. It states that my order is in the last stages of being ready to ship and that I will be notified via email when my order ships. So far, no email. I have ordered from this company numerous times in the past and this is the first time I’ve ever had a problem.

  • Joanne M.

    NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! I first had problems in Nov. 2012 with items being back ordered, but because I did receive a full order in January I foolishly placed another order Jan. 18 2013. I have emailed many times about it and have received the same response as others got…1. overwhelmed with unusual volume of orders 2. shipping dept. working as fast as they can to fulfill orders. It has been almost 6 months now and because I used PayPal and it’s well past the 45 days you have to get their help to resolve a problem I guess I can kiss my money goodbye. At least I am only out $60.40 not hundreds!!!!

  • Sopis

    OH MY CRAFTS is the worst company in the world. I placed two orders in January, they promised to ship them in February and I’m still waiting for my items . I asked for a refund and since one month I didn’t hear from them. They don’t answer the telephone you can only send mails and wait weeks until you get an answer. Last year I canceled two orders because after three months they couldn’t ship the items. They catch the customers with very cheap prices but shipping is very expensive and your order will arrive after a looooong time if you’re lucky or it will never arrive.
    I paid with paypal but this company tell you the first 45 days that your order will be shipped in order that you don’t maky any claim to paypal…very clever. PLEASE TAKE CARE..NEVER BUY AT THIS COMPANY !!

  • TiffanyG

    Oh my crap! Is what they have become! I spent $177 in march and still no delivery. Half the order is back ordered and their was no indication of this when I placed the order,. They charged my card right away also. Do Not order from these people!!!!!

  • Lana

    Never order from them! Delivering possibilities — Just DELIVER my stuff!!!!

  • Sal

    I placed an order April 20 which they promptly double billed my pay pal account for and I have yet to receive ANY product or ANY info regarding my order and it is now May 27th. Not only will i never order from them again but I will make sure all my friends and customers know not to order too. I work for a large craft retail store and will be sure to spread the word that Oh Craft has went to CRAP

    • Angry Consumer

      I agree! They are the most unorganized and dishonest business I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with! I will NEVER order from them again! I advise others to do the same if they do not want a huge headache and to lose their money!

  • Kim

    I too sad to say am a victim of OH MY CRAP!!! (AKA OH MY CRAFTS) I ordered an envelope punch board in March of this year and they said it would be shipped in April well here it is May 16 and no envelope Punch Board. I will Not order anything else from these people. You try calling the number shown on their website and never ever get to talk to anyone, the office is always closed. These people sell things they do not have on stock and cannot supply theirs customers with, I recently saw on Amazon that they have the ENvelope Punch BOard and ON Stock.

    • Angry Consumer

      I agree completely! They should never take money for items they do not have available to ship! These items should not be shown available to even be ordered by consumers! I have placed several orders with them and have had problems with every single one of them, but most were small problems and were fixed, even though it may have taken a while. The last order however was a different story! They lied to me, gave me the run around and simply showed their lack of professionalism and organization as a craft supply retailer. They are a nightmare!

  • Craftymeee

    Wow, glad I found this. I ordered from them a few times about a year ago and never had a problem. I will not be ordering from them again because something is clearly going on. Good luck to everyone. I hope you get your money back from them or at least the items you ordered.

    • Angry Consumer

      Very smart choice! I too have placed many orders with this company and didn’t really have any major problems that were not resolved until this year! They have really went to the dogs! I do not know what has happened, but they are nothing but liars and will do and say whatever they need to in order to keep your money! Please stay away from them and save yourself some money and heartache!

  • Sad about orders

    Oh My Crafts is NOT delivering the possibilities. They are taking orders and money, but not delivering anything! After 4 months I figure I am not going to fet anything. I did however have my emails answered. I was told that the merchandiser hadn’t sent the items yet, but they were to get another order sometime in May so maybe my order could be filled. I did receive an email a couple of days ago (end of April) that stated an order shipped on January 12 th. But really it stated that my order for Dec 2012 was being refunded as items were not received by the merchandiser ad they were unable to credit my credit card so they gave me a store credit. Uh, yeah, NO! I will have to have my credit card company fetch the mobey I guess. So much fun… I ave 3 orders I am going to ave to deal with. Not sure what is happening to them. In the padt few years I never ad a problem. I would have rated the 5 stars. Now I am afraid tey are a negative 5 stars.

    • Angry Consumer

      I too have learned an expensive lesson from this den of liars and thieves! They will tell you anything to keep your money! They lie and give you the run around until you are so frustrated you do not know where to turn! They do not have the guts to speak to their customers on the phone because they have a harder time coming up with their lies, they need a little time to come up with them in their pathetic e-mails! They do not have what it takes to run a reputable business and need to do themselves and the public a favor and close their doors and become lawyers and politicians!

  • Carolyn

    I do not recommend ordering from this company. They are not responsive to inquiries, or orders, slow to reply, advertise items that are not available….even though they give the impression they will be, also they advertise special sales and later say they ran out of stock????? BUT they keep your money for a very long time 2-3 months. Up until about a year ago they were a great company, something has changed. I have given them the benefit of the doubt over and over again….about 5 times, hoping that they were trying to get their act together, but alas there is something very wrong here. I have been duped starting last November 2012 with black Friday specials. Not only because they held my money , I BELIEVED very stupidly that they intended to fill their orders, I cannot in all honesty believe this and regrettably will no longer feel comfortable in ordering from them. Customer service does not appear to be a priority.

  • Sean

    Ditto! I placed my order on January 01, 2013, credit card was charged right away! The order was partially shipped and I finally received it in February. The other part of my order was not shipped and after I contacted them they said it’s on backorder. REALLY? Why didn’t you change your website or email me to let me know it’s on back order. I waited another month and sent another email. This time I only received an automatic response. Today is April 23, 2013, that’s 3.5 months since I placed my order. I don’t have my final items and they still haven’t responded to any of my emails. SO sad!

  • eliza arriaga

    I too am a victim of OH my Crafts. I purchased a Silhouette Cameo Feb 22 and nowhere did it say the item was on back order. I have yet to receive my item. Email respond to my refund request have gone unanswered. This is the second time I have problems with them I should have learned from my first experience when they had retired sizzix which I ordered only to be told a few weeks later that the items were no long available. buyers beware

  • Gerrie

    Placed order on 3/9/13, my credit card was charged that same day, it is now 4/22/13 & I have not received my order. Have sent several emails & always get same excuse back, overwhelmed , working as fast as possible. Now they aren’t even answering my emails. Tried calling today & only get an outgoing message giving me new options to check status of my order. Followed the directions & my order isn’t even listed under my order profile! Going to fax a letter & see if I get any results, if not will call my credit card company & let them deal with getting my money reimbursed. This is the worse company I’ve dealt with over the years.

  • Nic

    These people are a nightmare. Made my first and last order with them in November last year (2012). I repeatedly sent emails trying to get a response as to where my order was (all items showing as in stock when I purchased them). I received an email two weeks ago providing a refund for two sizzix embossing packs that were no longer in stock and a refund for portion of martha stewart score board purchased as a score board pack.
    Now that my parcel has arrived three months later, they haven’t sent basically all of the martha stewart score board pack, the only thing from the pack is the Martha Steward ruler. I have sent an email but don’t expect any joy. The paper, the fringe scissors and glue are all missing. They have charged the full shipping amount as well and I was not given the opportunity to replace with anything else.
    So this is my first and last order with them, especially wouldn’t recommend for international orders – they are rip of merchants big time!! I will be reporting to the Better Business Bureau.

  • Bernadette Arens

    I am an international customer who has been waiting on items since August 2012. I had sent SEVEN emails enquiring about my orders, which total approximately $200. I have also made one international call and got through to an answer machine. I have items missing that were marked on my orders as being on back order, and have now been told that they don’t have them in stock anymore and that I received a refund for them, (which I never did).I have emailed the original packing slips which indicate that these items were marked as being on back order and, surprise! surprise! this email has been ignored. I have been told that my orders will be shipped in January (which year,I’m uncertain!) Because I paid for these orders through Paypal and because there has been such a long time lapse since the payments were made, I am unable to file a complaint now,through Paypal.

    • Joanne M.

      Bernadette, I am curious, did you ever receive your items or get a refund? Please update. I am also a victim.

  • Ripped Off

    I received a defective item in December. I have sent three emails to them according to their instructions on their website as well as the order invoice. All of the emails have been unanswered and not acknowledged. I have contacted this company via phone numerous times. However, no one ever answers the phone. I have left a phone message that is also unanswered. It was almost a month after ordering the item before I actually received the order. Now I cannot reach them regarding the defective item that I received. the email address that they instruct customers to use regarding returns, is invalid. The first time I used the email, it was sent with any issues. My follow up email to that same email address was undeliverable as if it had been deactivated.

  • Unsatisfied

    Ditto to the last commenter. They are not delivering possibilities. My order was suppose to ship in November. Didnt ship in November. Now it is December… almost January. Still nothing. I too rcvd an email after I ibquired twice, the first one went unanswered, that basically said that the manufacturer was holding them up. So, why continue selling the same products if they are out of stock? And some of my items are a lower price now. They will adjust but will not apply the pro motional discounts too. sounds like no adjustment to me even though you wait and wait. I wont make this mistake again. L ooking to buy my merchandise elsewhere.


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