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Last Updated On: January 29, 2017

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Corporate Address:
4370 Kendrick St
Golden, Colorado 80403 USA

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Select Laundry Phone Number: 800-365-8014
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 4 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 4

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Reported Losses: $140.00
Average Reported Losses: $35.00

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Illegally takes money

Similar to some of the other complaints, the Company illegally withdrew money from my accounts without my permission. I am and was not a customer of Select Laundry.

I submitted a payment for a friend about 2 years ago, they kept MY CREDIT CARD information on file and 2 years later withdrew funds that they determined were “noncollectable”.

I will also be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau. NO WAY this is okay.

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  • AVOID @ ALL COSTS! – Select Laundry in Charlotte NC

    Let me tell you. The owner of this
    company who calls himself Thomas or whoever, is a VERY VILE, DANGEROUS,
    they are located in the section 8/unemployed section of East Charlotte
    says it all.

    So let me begin my story. I ordered service online
    about a week ago, looking to save a few $$$ (God looked out and made it
    so that I didn’t get THIS junk). Seeing as though, I hae used Appliance
    Warehouse before, I sought to try this company, I’ve only been in
    Charlotte for 3.5 years, and AW was always my go to company.

    was charged $54.95 to start service from the Jump and selected a
    delivery date of Thursday 12/4. That was the day I would have moved into
    a new apartment. So Thursday Dec 4th came and so did their delivery
    guy. Well it just so happened that the complex I was moving into, did
    not let me see the apartment before hand and called themselves having it
    ready on the 4th (lease singing day). So When I got there, I spent
    about an hours in the unit looking things over, taking pictures, etc.
    The Select laundry guy was outside, but NEVER called me. Just sitting
    there. Ok, so when I got back to the leasing office, to tell them that I
    was NOT going to be renting that roach infected dump (now I know why it
    took a month of “it’s not ready” excuses), Here comes the Select guy,
    walking into the office to ask for a key to get into the apartment to
    install the set. So the manager tells him: “there’s your guy right
    there”, since I was sitting right in front of him.
    I politely told
    him, that no I did not want anything installed into that apartment and I
    would call to reschedule for a new install at a later date. He said ok
    cool, smiled and that was that!

    I spent the rest of that ay
    looking at other available apartments until I choose one that would be
    significantly more $$$ per month. UGH

    Fast forward a few days, I
    called the Select laundry line to schedule an install for next
    Thursday, since that is my day off. They don’t install on the weekends.
    It was all gravy and good to go over the phone, or so I thought. And
    this is when the s**t hit the fan!

    Fast forward to Thursday Dec
    11th, @ 7AM I received an auto text from the company telling me they
    would be there. Behind that message came a text from the driver, telling
    me that and I quote: “this is select laundry, we wont be out today we
    will be out friday thanks”.

    WTF? I panicked, because I do not
    want anyone coming into my apartment when I am not there and would never
    authorize a Key release, as you’re authorizing every important thing in
    your home to be released when someone with keys leaves…lol. To
    mention, I never received a call thru the week advising me that they
    would not be coming on Thursday. NOT ONE CALL!!!

    So I
    immediately called their toll free line and spoke with Rebeca, who tells
    me that they are not in my area on Thursday, only on Friday. As If it
    would have been a big inconvenience to honor the date scheduled for
    delivery and leave a customer satisfied. NO! She proceeded to reject
    any assurance that I had of making sure I would have a delivery that
    day. I asked for a Manager, and she went around and around talking about
    i’m sorry, i’m sorry in a cold uncaring tone. Of course ‘m in CS, so
    know how to be empathetic and assuring, but this girl was bad. I stood
    firm on wanting to speak with a Manager. She says no, someone will call
    you back. I asked who?. She said, they only thing I can do is take your
    name and # for a call back.
    Well after going back & forth
    for 30 minutes I had no choice. I waited, and I waited, and I waited,
    all the way until Friday afternoon.

    Never received a call back.

    So I called and got Rebecca on the line.
    Explained that the manager she forwarded my information to never called
    me. And on top of that, another delivery was to take place between 10
    & 12, which he left a door hanger, saying I wasn’t there, but I was.
    Never called. Says he knocked 3 times.

    So after ending
    the call with here, I received a call about 10 minutes later from this
    nasty, egotistical, unprofessional dude named Thomas. Who went on to
    explain that he was the owner of the company. As I am in the middle of
    explaining, I got cut off and he begins to over-talk me like I am a
    bother to him and his company and would not let me speak, So I raised my
    tone and over talked him. He said oh so the first time you set up
    service, I didn’t catch it, since I was in the hospital having
    surgery..really? What kind of professional inserts his own personal
    situation in business? One that is not a professional. Now keep in mind
    as he’s talking, he has an attitude the entire time, as if it is
    troubling him to reach out to me and professionally apologize for any
    mixup, but wishes to make things right. He could have said, well, Mr.
    x*x, I’m sorry about any confusion, and I know you were under the
    impression that we made deliveries in your area n Thursday, however, the
    delivery attempt last Thursday was not under our normal business
    routine for your area. I understand that you were expecting our service to be installed yesterday and for that I do apologize. For the inconvenience, I’m going to knock half off on your first months bill.

    what I got was the complete opposite. I never had the chance to
    thoroughly air my grievances or dissatisfaction to a professional
    business owner. the fact that this was scheduled days earlier with no
    prior call to advise of the days that they would be in the area – that
    the day scheduled had not been professionally honored. What I got since
    picking up the phone was a vile, disgusting, individual, whose main
    convern was the fact that he was in the hospital and could not stop last
    Thursdays delivery attempt. Not one apology came out of this “mans” mouth.

    He tells me that since they aren’t in the area on Thursday, I am being compensated for them coming out on Friday? WHAT? This is a mis-guided dude. I question him as to how I am being compensated. He says: “how are you being compensated? We rescheduled you for Friday” …lol

    is the kind of guy that likes to feel he can control people. You can
    tell by the way he tried to control me over the phone. But I’m a dude
    an you’re not going to control my conversation. He may do that with his
    wife or girl.

    So, as I am again trying to talk, he
    over-talks me and we both begin talking over each other. So, things got
    escalated and I said, what kind of mans talks to someone like that and
    overtalks them? That’s when he says: oh, so now you’re questioning my
    manhood, we can meet up and do something about it..At that point, it was
    just done. I told him to come see me anytime. I explained I wanted my
    money back. Conversation ended and my account was canceled.

    This is the kind of low quality scum that you deal with when the business in located in the ghetto!

    dude has no business owning anything, except a bike and a pair of
    sneakers to run up to the check-cashing location to cash his SSI check.

    to call a customer with the tone and utter sheepish and bothersome
    demeanor he displayed was uncalled for and very unprofessional. I am
    thankful that I dd not end up with their service, because judging by the
    other comments on the Quality of their equipment, and the way this
    owner, Thomas talked to me, they are due to go out of business at any
    moment. And it will be justified for having a dog of an owner like him at the helm!

  • erma

    Select Laundry is a very poor busniess. They they tell the truth there washers and dryers are in poor quality shape before you get them and the company blames you. My dryer caught on fire and select laundry blames me and said they are charging me for this. No one ask if my family was ok or even ask me what had happened. They was suppose to come check the dryer and took both washer and dryer without me knowing. Very sorry company

  • CustomerNoMore!

    Do not rent from this company! The machines do not work and they do not service them as agreed!

    • erma

      This company is a poor excuse for a rental company. They are inconsiderate and don’t tell the truth. My dryer caught on fire and they blamed me never will I refer this company to anyone


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