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Last Updated On: April 15, 2014

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Select Laundry Ripoff

Select Laundry is not a reputable company and has shady employees and repairmen working for them. Local sales/repairman called and texted me at late hours in all caps whenever my bill was due, instead of calling or texting during normal business hours. Why are you texting anyway? He also came to my home at 8pm banging on the door because he thought I was past due when my account had already been paid, after checking his records he never apologized at all, just laughed it off. He also charged a card that had not been used in months without authorization which means he saved my cc information without permission which should in fact be illegal.

I was fed up and called the corporate office to cancel at which time the nice customer service rep became rude after stating I wanted the washer/dryer picked up. I was outdone at this point so after setting the date for pick up I hung up, she was not happy with that and proceeded to call me and hang up after that!

Really professional!

I am not hard to please but this was a bootleg company to say the least. I have never experienced unprofessional-ism at this level. I am glad to be rid of them and would never recommend them to anyone not even my arch enemy. This company is obviously a group of friends or family member and no one has any professionalism at all.

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Consumer Comments For Select Laundry

  • Select Laundry is a very poor busniess. They they tell the truth there washers and dryers are in poor quality shape before you get them and the company blames you. My dryer caught on fire and select laundry blames me and said they are charging me for this. No one ask if my family was ok or even ask me what had happened. They was suppose to come check the dryer and took both washer and dryer without me knowing. Very sorry company

  • Do not rent from this company! The machines do not work and they do not service them as agreed!

    • This company is a poor excuse for a rental company. They are inconsiderate and don’t tell the truth. My dryer caught on fire and they blamed me never will I refer this company to anyone


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