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Three months ago I purchased a used stackable washer/dryer from a store and told them I was buying it but would not be using it until my kitchen was being remodeled and the appliances would be placed there.

The work was finally completed; plumbing etc and I started using the machines around August 1st.

On Monday, Sept. 12th the dryer would not work and I called them that day and they said they would have someone come later in the day.

On Tuesday again I called and he said he was out on the road and when he got back he would find out why the man never showed up.

Later the same day I drove to the store and they told me he would be there in the morning….first thing.

After waiting all day I called and they told me he never showed up to work and I said “you could not call me and tell me this?”.

Finally, she said they open at 9am and he would be ther after they opened. It is now 11:30am and I called both phone numbers and left voice mails on both of them.

They have no website but they do have an email:

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