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Last Updated On: January 16, 2017

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Business Name: NutriBullet LLC
Corporate Address:
P.O. Box 4575 Dept 99B
Porcomia, California 91333 USA

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NutriBullet Phone Number: 855-346-8874
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Colin Sapire - CEO Partner
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.47 out of 5
Based On: 165 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 369

NutriBullet Reports

Reported Losses: $11,150.53
Average Reported Losses: $67.58
Product Price: $79.99

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Nutribullet Blade assembly collection

Here is something Nutribullet rx doesn’t advertise, the blade assembly collects food in between the assembly itself, you will not see it unless you look closely at the little plastic tabs that move back and forth or up and down according to how your looking at them, but remove the four screws and you will find old muck or food particles that have built up over the weeks, this also causes the rubber seal to pop out into your drink, I and my family have complained about stomach discomfort and severe pain and often diarrhea.

I feel the public needs to know about this as I myself am thinking of contacting a lawyer, they have put little to no thought into sealing off your liquid drink from the blade assembly this being seen with the plastic tabs that move back and forth no sealing or attempt to seal the cracks at all.

SO be warned remove them four little Phillip head screws and you will find your evidence for a law suit or at the very least the reason your not feeling well.

Also I might mention they never mentioned anything about this in their sales pitch as far as to say check the blade assembly after every use. I rest my case :)

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NutriBullet Infomercial: NutriBullet is well known for its extensive advertising on TV Informercials
AKA: Nutribullet Big W, Nutribullet Australia, Nutribullet Target, Nutribullet Perth
NutriBullet Parent Company: Capital Brands, LLC P.O. Box 4564 Pacoima, CA 91333-4564 (310) 996-7200 - Capital Brands
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  • Lucy

    This morning I was blending my usual smoothie and the motor started smoking. Luckily I was standing there or we would have had a major fire!!!!!!!

  • valerie

    January 16 2017. This morning the exact same thing happened to my daughter has Cindy. Also made a big mess in my kitchen, was very glad my granddaughter was still sleeping, or she could have also gotten burnt, and she too is complaining about the pain.

  • Cindy

    January 15,2017 I was mixing a hot protein drink in my bullet. When I opened the lid it exploded the hot liquid onto my arm, hand, neck, head and leg. Causing minor to severe burns! Painful!

  • kkarim

    I have purchased 6 of them because I liked the way they pulverized the fruit. They all stopped working within 6 months.. The heavy motor design started smoking and had to discard it. All of them leaked the juice from the seal of top rim, and was waiting if they could fix that all these years.
    Very disappointing. You need to stop manufacturing defective products from China.

  • Nancy Ordway

    My husband bought a nutribullet and paid $102. at wal mart. We used it 5 times in the year we had it and when we went to use it again it would not work. We will never buy another nutribullet again. They are not worth being ripped off for.

  • Ken Kallen

    Bought 2 at once because it was a better buy and I figured I would keep 1 at work. Used the 1 at work maybe 3 times, but used the 1 at home twice daily. The 1 at home s__t the bed. Fine it had a lot of use, brought the 1 from work home, it s__t the bed ONE DAY later! Don’t tell me these things aren’t made to have a predetermined life! I’ll never recommend or buy another.

  • beachgirl

    80% of the time I can’t get the lid off and the ingredients are wasted. I’ve also had the lid leak. I wouldn’t suggest this product.

  • SanMan

    What can you expect from a machine made in China? Inferior metals and design flaws, of course. Don’t get me wrong but China does make a lot of good things and I’ll still buy products made in China, I’ll make sure it’s good for me. It’s all about profits and what gets pushed aside are your problems with those products. It takes (“I hate to say this”) creative business know-how to sell crap to Americans and others. The true facts is that those company selling the products will not tell you the bad things about their products, it won’t sell. It’s unfortunate for the consumers who buy into the HYPE without researching the facts. I too was one of them complaint-consumers but I finally dealt with the problems myself. I bought the base model NB 600 over 12 years ago and I’m still using it now. I had the same problems then when I bought the product, that you guys are having now. Not much of a change to their machine, it just got bigger. Bigger motors , bigger blades, bigger problems but never-the-less the problem is till the same. Cut to the chase: First – the rubber seal that tightens and prevent spillage “TRASHED” after the first 2 months of use, called Company and had to buy new gasket ring .Rubber seal still kept on loosening and finally got sucked up by the blades again. Solved the problem by finding a thin stainless steel micro ring with the exact diameter, made in China. I dipped ring into a melted non UBT soft plastic. Place the ring while plastic is still warm and form-able into the gasket slot. Easy to remove, difficult in preventing some bends on the stainless steel ring during removal but reusable. I no longer have problems with the seals, Second – the blades collecting particles and rusting, welded the sides and ends where blades meet ( NB 600 ) to prevent gaping. Had to replace it one year
    latter due to rusting of the blades and welds. Made a replacement blade
    out of surgical steel with the same pitch and design but with a more sharper
    blade. And yes it cuts through ice and the thickest skin or root veggie with no problem. Still
    using the blade I made after 11 years ( Hint: wash it and dry it after
    ever use, it will keep your blades NEW.), Third – the motor on my NB 600 lasted me 5 years and had to replace it with the same motor from China. You can buy the motor from the Company, there more expensive or find a manufacturing company on the internet that makes them. The manufacturing motor company I found referred me to a few secondary vendor that retails them to other companies and the public. Which I found was a whole lot cheaper rather than going through the Company. Now the housing for all NB machine I find it too inadequate. The motor housing I know is the main reason for the loud noise and not just due to a larger motor. The transfer of unusual taste to all your drinks are due to flaw heating element housing design and burning smell are due to larger motors heating up and connectivity between housing and motor. Especially for RX with a larger motor which induce more sound and heat. For Overall, I feel the concept for the NB is great. For the NB product developers, listen to your customers like myself and build upon it. It may or in USA may not be a popular choice to outsource the building of your product. But make your product well designed and that the building part does not deviate from the concept of the design, it would not matter were the product is built. More people will buy upgrade of the same product with miner problems rather than buying upgrade with the same consistent problem . Cost was not the issue for me, if it were not for the same problem with the NB 9oo and NB RX I would have bought one. Instead I’ll still stick to my NB 600 with a few modification I made, it does what it suppose to do and I’m still using it every day. Deciding to buy another larger extractor, So…change my mind.

  • james dean

    U losers have nothing better to do u can find something wrong with anything. Like when I’m a famous actor in gonna be the best there ever was but there will still be loser jelous idiots that will talk crap o never saw any rust on my nuti bullet and I use it almost every day go to hell u moron I wish I saw u at the mall or something ur a loser

    • JQ

      why are you calling people losers? constructive criticism of a product is what improves it in the future. I suggest you take your negativity somewhere else.

    • JLU

      You aren’t an American or have a learning disability with spelling! It’s their right to say or write what they want! Good luck being an actor.

  • VernVISION

    I am writing this review because I was gifted this an have really been frustrated with its obviously constructed obnoxious flaws…..I feel as if this company makes an inferior product that they market and give the appearance as its is high quality and sell for $70+ dollars depending on the package…. They keep stating its an improvement from previous models and in some ways they addressed the limitations from previous models only to create worse new ones… They leak because its a design flaw….When you initiate the motor it causes the bottom to turn because you are holding onto the top which causes it in many cases to unscrew slightly and once this happens the vibration and the direction of motion then furthers this which will cause it to leak and further when you try and turn it off by having to turn it the opposite direction…. Once it leaks into the motor you have no choice but to use water to clean it.. This can cause flat spots on the motor arbor from oxidation from the water and air so you have to be careful do to electric shock risk but the motor has to be run to eliminate the water from the assembly and the heat from the friction on the arbor will dry it… If it were a brushless motor it would not matter and how expensive this thing is and the fact that it leaks should have a brushless motor but from what I have read its a cheaply made, poorly conceived and the way that they advertise it they distract you by all that it can do rather than how cheaply and expensive the components are… They made a less functional device called the magic bullet and it was excuse the pun from what others have said was bullet proof but this model has plastic tabs that begin to break off which are used to hold the cup in place and press the start button for the motor which I cannot understand why they would design this thing this way…Its not safe its so they can sell you new cups which incidentally cost way more than when you buy the set… I feel sorry for people who have bought into this as this was a gift to me and when I looked at all the positives that initially I saw with reviews I realized that it was the company that must have been tainting the truth with all the problems I have had concerning this machine… The blades were so dull I sharpened them which resulted in much better blending and I wonder maybe that is one of the reasons many have reported the machine dying coupled with the leaking design of this…You can use a hand blender in a cup which costs anywhere from $10 to $60 that is way more versatile will not leak or break the cup and be submerged in your product you are making…

    Main Cons: Its plastic cannot be washed by machine
    It leaks because the motor spins the same way it unscrews and once it loosens itself it leaks all over the place
    Uses the cup to operate the motor and the tabs break off rendering the cup that costs upwards of $30 to replace useless….
    It doesn’t blend all that well stuff at top gets stuck on the taller cup
    blades are dull and don’t blend well
    it has to be put on tight which can be a problem too loosen
    accessories or replacement cups cost a fortune
    when it leaks it leaks all over the machine
    Pros: comes with a good recipe book
    its convenient to make coffee drinks if you are on the go
    looks good on the counter trendy!
    sorry the pros are my expectations of it and that is when it does work right it is easy to make the things you want but as I said a good hand blender doesn’t require a $30 dollar cup and tabs to break off and does everything this does for a lot less!

    If I had bought this and it wasn’t a gift I would have felt I got sort of ripped off!

  • Jim

    Bought my first Bullet and it lasted for 4 months. Took it back to Sam’s Club they offered my the NutiBullet 900 plus $20.00. 4 months later the 900 is very hard, if not impossible, to push down to start. Going back to Sam’s again.

    • Tiffany

      Received the 900 series for a Christmas gift. I’m having the same problem.

  • Wendy Gibbings

    Brought my Nutribullet last December and thought it was a great way to get healthy. But in the last month it has stopped working. Very fed up as wasn’t cheap and will never buy another one again. Just took it to the dump this morning to get rid of it.

  • MonaMarche

    I have had a MagicBullet for a few years. I never had any problem with it. I still use it at times. I needed something more powerful and was impressed to purchase the NutriBullet. After using it for approximately 6 months, I used it for the last time 2 days ago. I am so tired of wondering if and / or when the liquid will leak into the motor and down onto the counter. When the machine doesn’t leak, all is okay. I just never know when. I include certain ingredients which I cannot afford to waste. I need them in my body, not in the motor or on the counter top. My other complaint is the difficulty of putting the cup and blade attachment together and then, separating them. The cups are too large for my hands. The cups need to be streamlined. Longer is better than wider. It would make the total handling of the NutriBullet, from start to finish, much easier and less of an aggravating hassle..When it works well, I prefer it to using the Vita Mix, which my husband prefers instead of the NutriBullet.

  • lynette mayo

    I thought the reason my smoothie leaked into the motor area was my fault, l did not screw it on evenly. Pls. advise, how to l now thoroughly clean it. I am a relatively new user !

    • VernVISION

      Water is your best option…be careful unplug it but you will need to run it while it is still wet which could be also dangerous so be sure to wear rubber thick gloves…its important to run it before it drys or else you will cause oxidation on the motor arbor…good luck…. These are a p**s poor cheaply made device and are designed to fail in my opinion!

  • jim

    mine lasted less than six months. was hard to initiate the blender process, motor would not shut off after use had to unplug it. never again.

  • socialmedia90210

    HORRIBLE customer service. Basically refuses to honor it’s own warranty by continuously looping emails and just simply replacing the unit. I have dealt with the great company like Black and Decker and they replaced a broken vacuum no questions asked in 24 hours. This crappy company NutriBullet is the opposite. Unit broke in less than 3 months and instead of replacing the unit, they keep asking me to call this number and that email. Worse is leadership of this company is missing. This is a SCAM!

    • longgy

      They are sending me a new nutribullet RX after 1 phone call. I think that is very good customer service.

  • Mary Kate D**k

    i love my nutribullet pro, but LOATHE the company’s “customer service.” i ordered some extra parts, and the fedex tracking site says that they were delivered this past friday at 11:30 AM. well, i’m not sure where they were delivered to, as no one at my small company (6 people), and no one in our building (3 other companies) has gotten the package. when i check the fedex tracking number and click to see proof of delivery, there isn’t any… just an error. ok. so i got online this morning and contacted customer service, and have heard nothing (aside from an automated ‘we got your email’ response). so now i’m on hold. as the wait times are ‘longer than expected,’ the automated system offered me the chance to have some one call me back if i pressed 1… so i pressed. and nothing happened. eventually I WAS HUNG UP ON BY CUSTOMER SERVICE. screw you, nutribullet.

  • Iva Ben Hadd

    Ordered my NutriBullet RX system over the phone on Sunday the 16th of August about noon. Paid EXTRA for the expedited shipping. Well, here it is Thursday the 20th at 6:45PM, no E-Mail, no nuthing = THAT SURE AS HADES IS NOT EXPEDITED SHIPPING !!! = I hope the product is better that the PHONY PROMISE of Expedited Shipping !!!

  • Frogbum

    Not impressed at all with my NutriBullet. Bought mine 2 months ago, and have only used it a few minutes a week. It died on me Saturday, after about 15 seconds….No matter what I do… it still remains a giant paperweight on my counter. So, not very impressed with the product at all.

  • Herb Roe

    The seal is faulty. Had it less than a year and constant pressure is necessary. In spite of this it still leaks.

  • Julie

    I had the real high powered one the one that will make soup but the base is so big in my hands were so small I couldn’t get the thing off took a long time so I returned it bought another one Smaller oneI bullet it and I can’t get it to work. Am I doing something wrong

  • Valerie okeeffe

    This is my second nutribullet. I love the product but there is a brown rust like substance around the blade after using it. Cannot find the combines dept in the UK so looks like I am going to have to buy another new blade getting expensive now

  • fred ruhoff

    The extractor blade assembly on my NB 1015 leaked and got ruined after about a year. In March of 2015 I called the customer service number on their website and ordered the new and improved assembly for around $12 (including shipping). It arrived sooner than I expected and works better and more quietly than the original did. I wonder if they got their act together now or what, but at this point I would recommend this product.

  • fred ruhoff

    If this helps any, the extractor blade assembly for my original NB1015 leaked and was ruined after about a year. I was referred to the company’s website and was able to call the customer service number and order a new and improved assembly for about $12 or so (including shipping). It arrived sooner than I expected and runs better and more quietly than the first one.This was a problem, but I would now recommend this product.

  • Kma

    I have a couple of Nutri Bullets. One of the original grey models and about a year ago I bought the newer ones with the orange color. For whatever reason now the regular blade on the newer model won’t seal completely even when fully tightened as it will leak contents of the smoothie into the motor section. Not good. I remember reading about this being a common problem with the newer type hard plastic (non removable) gasket type. I wonder if Nutri Bullet redesigned it having a 3.0 version yet as it is simply a design flaw. My 1.0 version blade and container does not leak like this. Who knows how much liquid got into the motor section as it’s been doing this for a year now. I’d like to get a replacement so hoping the company stands behind their warranty.

    • John Doe

      You should replace the rubber O ring. The gasket? If you have already Then I don’t know, just a thought.




    • socialmedia90210

      How much money did NutriBullet pay you for this statement in ALL CAPS?

      • Mrs Yiayia

        I don’t think they paid her for that since a year ago mine did the same leaking and when I called them and spoke with someone they mentioned not to take the gasket out as it is suppose to stay permanently sealed.

        • mary

          when I did remove the rubber gasket to see what
          remained underneath, it smelled horrible and food
          was caught in there I wash the gasket about every
          fifth time because the whole blade mechanism
          smells bad from food.
          How can you never remove the gasket to wash it?????

  • xenogirl

    Loved my Nutribullet for a year until: I went to the website to buy 2 replacement blades ( as the manufacturer recommends) for milling and extraction. Only the extraction blade is available on the website so I could not do business quickly) I was eventually instructed to call another number, informed that this was “sales” and the other number was ‘customer service.” Since my request( to purchase 2 replacement blades from a single company called ‘Nutribullet’ was simple, I asked if perhaps the sales person could place my order with the customer service people, since I my original plan ( buy the blades on line quickly and easily) had been thwarted by lack of
    availability. No milling blade listed on the accessories page.
    No, I was told, to do this I had to call Nutribullet customer service, myself. So I did. I was on hold at for 8 plus minutes and gave up. I was eventually called back by a customers service person, later in the day. Well that was some relief –I was happy that they cared enough to call me, and I could finally place the order.

    To my amazement after explaining the problem, the customer service agent referred me back to the website to make the purchse.
    When I explained to hear that I could not complete my order there, which is why I had become embroiled with sales departments and customers service departments all over the country for the better part of the day, simply to try to get 2 replacement parts shipped to a single address,
    I was told once again that she would not be able to help intervene between departments and that I would have to call back to the customers service number.

    ” But aren’t you from customer service,” I asked? “No.” she replied.
    Good Lord! I give up.
    Why is it that some manufacturers– LL Bean and Land’s End– for instance, can manage to resolve customer service AND Billing issues withe single phone call? This has to be less costly and better for Brand.
    I just don’t get it.

    • mary

      target sell a set a blades and cups for 19.99

      • xenogirl

        Had no idea! Thank you kindly for this information, it’s a game changer. I was about to give up!

        (I still wonder why companies with perfectly decent products organize themselves in such a way a to fail to be able to respond to rapidly to capture sales and resolve minor customer service issues like this expediently. (??) (If nothing else, it makes you more profitable !! (just look at Amazon…and Zappos….)

  • VirginiaRose

    My NutriBullet is SO LOUD. They should be sold with 6 pairs of earplugs (for the family to use while machine is running). Is something wrong with it, that it is SO LOUD? I will go out to the barn and try the earmuffs my husband uses for his riding mower. ….Rose

  • Barb

    NutraBullet BOGO – RIP OFF!!!

    Ordered it 1/27/2015.
    Returned the full order (per instructions with return authorization code)
    on 1/26/2015 for “30 day money back guarantee less sipping and
    handeling”… “may be up to two months for return to credit
    card.” Oh, BTW it cost $32.77 to ship it back! BTW, I sent it back
    because I saw it at Kohls for about $90.00 and paid for half of it with my Kohls

    My order included: 1
    Natural Healing Foods book @ $19.98; 1 NutraBullet @ $0.00; and 1
    NutraBullet @ $119.94; for a total of $139.92. Shiping and handeling
    charge was $44.89. In March of 2015 my credit card was credited a return of
    $19.98 (the cost of the book?). Where is the $119.94? Today I called my credit
    card company and they will dispute the amount returned.

  • Maria Bowmer

    I just ordered one, and got it yesterday . I have a 30 day return policy with HSN , so I better return mine while I still can. I have used it twice , but don’t see that much difference between this machine and a blender that can chop and dice . it’s weird the way it’s constructed, no off and on button . Just put it on there and push down but it didn’t want to turn off . I”ll use it another week and send it back .

  • FrankWalshingham

    Terrible product, poorly designed and made IMHO. Mine had hard time starting and the first time used, and would not start the second time I tried to use it Called customer service. Rude people. Told my story and was told it was my problem for not taking care of the product..,” you must have got it dirty on the inside.” Given some convoluted solution of drying to put drops of water on the 3 white plastic switches and press down with a spoon. Did not work. What kind of company tells you to put water that will get in an electrical device?? Wonder if the government and UL are aware of what this company is telling people to do??

    Asked for supervisor. Told him solution offered did not work. He told me non- working machines not under warranty, I said machine did not work right first time so it must be there be some problem. He said when we “first started selling them, a lot of people sent them back and we found it was always their fault for letting something get inside the machine and gum up the switches” When I said “doesn’t that seem to indicate you have a design problem with your product?”, he basically said tough luck, if you don’t have an extended warranty you are on your own to get it fixed. I asked when the product did not work right from the get go, how can they ascribe it to “faulty maintenance on your part”. He said buddy… if you bough a vacuum cleaner that gets clogged up, do you expect the maker to take care of it for you?? You can tell the people I talked with were using a script, which leads me to believe this issue with this product is very problematic.

    My advice: stay away from both this product and this company. As others here and elsewhere point out, the product has problems, customer service is poor, the health claims are overinflated, and the product is way overpriced. My mom’s 50 year old Oster blender which I stlll have does a better job than this Nutribullet machine.

    CAVEAT EMPTOR : Let the buyer beware!!!

  • Lena

    Purchased my Nutribullet from Macy’s a year ago. Today it would not work! Could not get customer service – got the extended 3 mo. warranty service – not a reliable company when they don’t answer. I’ll keep trying but am stuck with a bullet full of good ingredients and no blender to use.

    • Amber Jascob-bomar

      Same thing happened to me……

  • Patrick

    Be very careful when you order from their official site because i ordered a $9.96 item with $2.99 postage = $12.95 and the site added another item and charged my credit card $40.93 for some Superfood that I did not order. Their site tries to get a person to buy all sorts of unnecessary items. I’ve been waiting fifteen minutes for an operator to call back and reverse the charges.
    The product is good, but cheaper at Costco btw.

    • Keira Togneri

      I’ve been caught out with this as well – didn’t notice anything obvious to say I was entering a re-order agreement and it looks as thought the customer service is so appauling I may not be able to contact them to fix this? Wish I had known this first.

  • Chrissy Jamie

    I love my NutriBullet. If you disagree then what’s your argument? You gotta know it’s a cheap product? You think it should be $29.99? That’s the price of a liter of petrol people…

    • Norbert Collins

      I would never a buy a nutrabullet because of the extreme false advertisement with how it extracts nutrients from food, hello I think thats what your digestive juices do, right? and the Phony Note taking of the people in the small audience. What a Joke !
      Any blender will do the same thing, but maybe the nutibullet might make things smoother for better taste but the False health beneifits and claims are totally a lie, such as the cancer pt who regained her hair after using the Bullet LOl Oh my

    • Norbert Collins

      I would neverbuy a nutrabullet because of the extreme false
      advertisement with how it extracts nutrients from food, hello I think
      thats what your digestive juices do, right? and the Phony Note taking of
      the people in the small audience. What a Joke ! Any blender will
      do the same thing, but maybe the nutibullet might make things smoother
      for better taste but the False health beneifits and claims are totally a
      lie, such as the cancer pt who regained her hair after using the
      Bullet LOl Oh my

      • Kelly Griffin-Miller

        I love my Nutribullet! I’ve used it twice a day over a year now. You have to maintain it, clean it well and follow instructions but I make the greatest smoothies everyday!
        Way better than I could buy and I’m healthier than I’ve ever been!
        Kelly from Texas

    • Kelly Griffin-Miller

      I absolutely love mine too! Bought it from Sam’s. Got the machine, a large cup, small cup, Free Superfood and a free recipe book for $119!!!
      I’ve had it over a year. It’s leaked a couple of times but that was because I overfilled it! On my large cup two of the white plastic this to go into the machine to make it work broke off but all I do is make sure the one that is still there faces front and it works fine. I had to use WD40 on the side that sits on the spinning wheel because it was getting where it wouldn’t turn easily. But now it works like new! Heck, I’ve used it at least once, usually twice a day, since I bought it!
      What are people complaining about? It’s not $499! It makes GREAT smoothies and I’m healthier for it!
      Kelly from Texas

      • Amber Jascob-bomar

        I love mine, but my older one (3 years old) died. So I bought the newer 900 watt system. Got a GREAT deal, brand new , Bed Bath and Beyond. But I’ve only had it 2 days, and it smells like burning rubber. Did you notice this also? Just wondering if maybe I got a ” returned one”?

  • Roget Thom

    My wife purchased the Nutribullet RX for me for Christmas. I have been dealing with the Nutribullet company for over a month trying to get a new extractor blade sent to me because a rubber seal on it failed. I ordered the blade three times over the past month, I still have not received the part. I am stuck with a product I can’t use. The wait with Nutribullet has gone past the point of my retailers return policy. I would like to return it, but I can’t. I sent 3 emails, only one got a reply stating the part will ship in 10-15 days. Called three times, but very long on hold and rep stated another 10 days before it ships. After another call, the rep cancelled my previous order and entered a new order for same part. Still has not shipped. Also, I tried to leave reviews on the nutribullet website, none of which get posted. They censor the reviews. Horrible company.

    • sam

      I have had the exact same problem with the rubber seal. Made a huge mess in my kitchen. I cannot get any customer service on it either. I get no response when I try to contact them. Makes me so mad. I only use the machine about 5 times before the seal went. Stuck with a $200 machine that I can’t use!!!! HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!

  • Liliana

    I have been trying literally for weeks to contact their “customer service” dept. I have emailed, left message, stayed on hold. Unfortunately, I was taken by the informercial so no place to return the crap. Infuriated!! On top of all that, the supplement product was not in the order as promised, then I have been charged x 2 for additional product, one of which has come BUT, THE NUTRIBULLET STOP
    PED WORKING after about 5 uses. So far I have paid waaaaaaaay more than I should have and have no blender to boot. The 30 days have passed, because I could not reach anyone to get an authorization number to return the product. Fortunately, I did not ditch my reliable blender. It’s just that my 87 yr old mother was hoping to find it more user friendly. HA!

  • Mary W

    Repeated attempts to register the product failed, email response was not understood by Customer service, none of the websites work on either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Other customers have same complaint and no one is answering them as the question goes to ‘dietitian’ not technical support.

  • Dave

    bought one via amazon bought the hype after a few weeks the inner rings came lose from the mixer and a month later locked in base could not use or remove tossed all in garbage waste of $$$ stick with
    Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender!! 16.00 AT TARGET!

  • CaliDan

    I purchased the 900 from Target on Jan 9th… and I loved the product… I have been using it 3 times a day and I must say I love the way it blends and the power was very good, also easy to clean, etc… it pretty much exceeded my expectations and on top of that I have lost 10 pounds or so in just over 2 weeks. But now the past couple of days I am also having the stuck actuator problem. Worse than having to press hard and fiddle with it to get it go on is that now when I twist it back to “off” and remove the cup and blades the thing stays on and I have to reach over it and unplug it and then fiddle the actuators to get them to pop back up. I will add I have never spilled a drop of anything into the machine… it is just as clean as when I got it. I always make sure to thread the blades to the cup carefully and put them on fairly tight where it just doesn’t leak, and then I take the blades off over the sink. I was super careful about that because I had read some of these comments about that issue prior to purchase. This really sucks because I loved using this thing and it worked great… this is clearly a design flaw.. I’m just glad I purchased at retail so I don’t have to deal with the run around many seem to have gotten from the company directly.

    • Jamie

      I got my Nutribullet for Christmas. I love using it, and my family loves the smoothies and shakes! However, this morning, mine started doing the same thing. I take the cup off, and the motor revs up. Mine was purchased at Walmart. However, I don’t know if they will let me return it, since it has been almost 4 months now.

    • Sally

      we just got off the phone with customer service. Our new 900 was good at first , but became very difficult to push down and connect. The customer service guy told us to lay the machine on its side and using a sponge, drop 10 drops of soapy water on each of the 3 little white plastic things on the rim of the machine that are pushed down when you mount the cup on to it. Do this 4 times, trying not to let any run down into the motor, just keep wiping if it goes there. After you’ve done this, using a spoon, press each little white plastic thing on the rim down to dislodge it. Apparently they can become sticky and stuck and become difficult to push down. Well, it seemed to work for us.

      Also…. on the cup, as you know there are 3 little clear plastic things that match up with the little white plastic things on the machine rim, apparently the one that is different, I’ll call it the square, the other 2 look like triangles..When you use your machine the square has a slot, here’s where I can’t help you, you have to find it yourself. The customer service guy didn’t no either. I just inserted/tested each connection on the rim of the machine with the square plastic and found the one that works the best.

      So we have check the little white plastic things on the rims frequently to keep them from getting sticky and stuck.

      Hope this is helpful

  • Loire

    I can’t get cup with extractor or milling blade on base. Nothing in blocking it. Just used yesterday and it was fine. Any ideas?

  • OnlyMyOpinionCounts

    Just got my RX model and right out of the box it is SO LOUD you cannot possibly stay in the room while it is on. Even in the next room you still can’t talk on the phone with it on. I called their support line TWICE – after about 15+ mins of holding their auto attendant says “GOODBYE” and hangs up on you – BOTH TIMES.
    My bank tried to call them when I asked to dispute the charges – they could not get through to them either.
    This product is JUNK – This company totally misrepresents it’s product and TOTALLY STINKS with a LACK of customer service.
    DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!

  • Marlene

    I have had one two years and is not working well at all, I have known several others who have had them and they do not last more than a year if u use them every day, like me, I am not buying one every year. So even though I like what it did, just does not hold up very long.

    And ninja lasted me less time, so on to an omega or vitamix, there worth the money, they last

  • Norman Shapiro

    If you have Hypothyroidism DO NOT use Kale or Broccoli

    • Laura Austin

      Why not use Broccoli or Kale

  • KLR

    I took mine brand new out of the box and one of the “actuators” as they call it is stuck and wouldn’t push down. I spent 30 mins on this morning trying to fix it only to be late for work and to have to stop for breakfast on the way cause of this stupid machine. I emailed them and they told me its stuck because food is in there – I was like huh? How do you get that from BRAND NEW OUT OF THE BOX??? So I called – they told me they would replace the base – but I had to cut the cord and take photos of the cut cord and the bar code registered – and then I had to pay shipping and handling for a new one and the taxes!! I was like, but its new, never been used and you’re charging me tax? Thats not my problem its yours and its your product do you not stand behind it at tall but use this instance to scam more money? Not impressed – I think I’ll go buy a Ninja………stupid nutribullet – waste of money time and energy!!

    • smoothiegal

      Ninja will not give you the same quality as NB. Plus, wherever you bought it you can return it, or you can exchange for Ninja, but I’ll guarantee ya one thing, you will NOT get the same good smoothie after using NB. I was in the same predicament, but I went right back and exchanged for another 900. It worked great till the thing got stuck again. This time instead of using hot water and a Qtip, I used Coconut oil It helped. But today it just broke completely. One of the actuators went out, my husband dissected it and found it didn’t register on the electric meter. So I’ll be returning it for a new one. Have had it 6 months. It should last longer than that. So until NB gets their flaws worked out, I’m more than happy to return for a new unit as often as it breaks down! Don’t want to give in to Vitamix’s outrageous price. But I guess that’s the difference – VM stands up to time. “As seen on TV” isn’t really a great “label” for quality stuff!!! : ) But seriously, I love the 900. The design and quality of smoothie is EXCELLENT! They just need to fix the breakdowns.

  • Di Nielsen

    I bought mine at Costco…within 3 weeks the plastic tabs within the base motor would not depress…so it did not work…will NEVER buy another one again…was $99.00 worthless money spent on this thing..

  • Bonnie Akridge

    Is this for real? I am glad I saw this because I had considering buying one with my Christmas bonus. How can all this be going wrong and yet they are still allowed to have their infommercials?

    • Pez

      These are the complaints. How many have not had issues with the product and or customer service? It may look like a lot but check the percentage. This site is about complaints so that is what you are going to see. BTW, I love love love mine :)

      • tacotuesdays

        Yeah, this. This site is specifically for complaints, you should not be surprised to see nothing but complaints and a ton of problems. It’s going to skew anything to look like it’s worse than it is.

    • Kat

      Love my Nutribullet Rx.

      I recommend purchasing at a store. If there is a problem much easier to return.

    • Kat

      this page is for complaints and I believe if people would read the instructions before use it would cut out many of these complaints. Do not buy online or from the TV that way it is easier to return if you don’t like.

  • Denise

    I purchased mine at Bed Bath and Beyond-The gasket flew off the second time I used it-I wasn’t even blending hard ice or nuts that time. Hello, Chocolate Flavored Ensure Protein Powder and Almond Milk splattered all over my BRAND NEW WHITE KITCHEN TILED WALL WITH BRIGHT WHITE GROUT! LITERALLY the FIRST thing I made in my newly remodeled kitchen- 3 days after the grout dried. Seriously my first time using my new kitchen. Fun.

  • Ruth Lyons

    Would anyone here be willing to file a class action lawsuit against NutriBullet???

    • Denise

      Nope. Not me.This is a sue happy Country. Return your Nutribullet and move on. It was a disappointment-but nobody got hurt, nobody died, it didn’t cause Cancer, and I’m sure your kitchen didn’t suffer permanent damage! When mine broke on the second use, I was PISSED, I had a lot of clean up on the brand new tile wall and white Carrara Marble (YIPES…used mine 3 days after kitchen remodel was finished…), and simply returned it, learned a lesson-that it is a piece of garbage, and moved on. :-)

      • Ruth Lyons

        Thank you for your comment but if you were not interested in filing a lawsuit then I do not get why you would take time to reply to something you are NOT interested in doing. But I guess everyone these DAYS are attention starved. Good luck with that problem. :~)

      • Ruth Lyons

        You must be attention starved. If you are NOT INTERESTED then there was no reason for a response. People like you needs to GROW UP!!!

        • Denise

          Oh Good. A cyber bully. Yes. This is really the place to insult perfect strangers. I’m thinking I’m not the one who is attention starved-people like me do not NEEDS to grow up. It’s called a discussion.You asked a question, I gave my answer and opinion Have a nice day.

          • grewupintny

            a cyber bully with no name…. guest. lol

      • Max

        Ummmm….didn’t you use materials in your KITCHEN that are impervious to, uh…FOOD STAINS????

    • Bonnie Akridge

      A class action suit will get you a return of much less than what you paid for it. It’s not worth it

    • Pez


    • Kat


  • Annette Phillips

    I wish I had read this before I got one. It has broken twice, motor malfunction. And after reading the customer service issues I do not think I will be getting any help.

  • June Smith

    I’ve had my nutribuillet 900 for about a year and it no longer will let me lock in the cup to make my smoothie …. there is no noise – I’m presuming the motor is burned out …. I use it every day. At $150, I expected it to last more than a year – but they don’t make things like they used to

    • Pop Pop

      Hi, I read your comment. It’s not the motor, It’s the locking tips on the cup that has worn down that will prevent the cup from locking into the unit to activate the motor. Buy new cups. or use the ones if any, you have not used. BTW, the motor WILL only last the warranty period. If you have new cups and still no action it’s the motor. Try the Rx model this will last longer though your cups will still wear depending on your use. Hope this helps.



  • Kay

    Customer service is a joke. Defective product and they don’t want hear of it. Purchased several as gifts and am so embarrassed to hear almost everyone either has leaking problems or defective blades. Karma – please take over

    • JOhnny unitas

      Hi I know what is wrong…its your life.

  • jay

    I’ve had mine since last Christmas and its already falling apart.
    The barrings are falling out of the machine
    and the shaft in the Extractor Blade is really loose. I only use it about 2x’s a week.

  • Joe M

    I bought the previous magic bullet and after a while the plastic mechanism thet engages the bottle and turns the blades actually broke and started to shred. Engaging the unit is difficult and will cause the problem.I threw it away! I looked at the nutrabullet and it has the same mechanism-plastic. They should have made the engaging mechanism from stainless steel.

  • Shaphan Hawks

    I ran into the same problem with bad gaskets, nutribullet has the audacity to not sell replacement gaskets but fortunately I found a few for sale on the Internet, thanks for nothing NutriBullet!!

  • Margaret Farmer

    We just purchased our nutribullet and used it 4times. Each time it has smelled like burning rubber. And sparks fly out of the bottom of machine. We followed the instructions to the book. These blenders are dangerous and need to be recalled. Before someone is electrocuted.

    • Sid Gonzales

      add some water

  • Jules Elise

    My NutiBullet 900 started emitting smoke, and then it just stopped working. I wish I had paid the extra money and bought the Vitamix. I use my NutirBiullet every day.

  • Jean

    Well that’s sealed it for me. Thanks everyone I nearly bought one of these lemons but had the good sense to review the complaints list. Thanks again, just goes to show it pays to research a product.

  • Teresa

    ! oh my gosh I was totally shocked how rude the customer service is this guy was very sarcastic and rude and not helpfull! I wish I never bought this stupid machine,

  • Garth

    My wife bought a Nutribullet and I doubt it even ran ten minutes total before the bearing in the blade assembly froze up and wouldn’t turn. She bought a replacement but the new one did not have a seal, so after the first ride in the dishwasher before even using it a single time, water was sloshing around inside the assembly, meaning food would also get in there and rot, then come out into new food and contaminate it. This product is absolute junk. Garbage! that’s what “Made in China” means though.

    • crystal

      It said in the instructions not to put the blade in the dishwasher.

      • Garth

        I set it in the corner of the top rack in a way that direct spray would only hit the side that gets the food and liquid in actual use. We got a replacement and I’ve only been rinsing it, never washing except before the very first use. For some uses however, it is not acceptable for it to not be dishwasher safe.

  • David Charles DuBois

    I have had my Nutribullet for two years now and have had problems during my ownership. Purchased the ’25 year warranty’ knowing that with anything it will break down. I have received three power bases and a few blade bottoms due to inferior design. Leaking is a problem. When I call it takes forever to get thou all the stupid prompts to talk to a human and then your treated like a moron when you tell them specifically what the problem is. Your still asked ‘what to do put in the beaker”…and so on when it is the power base making a screeching sound while blending all the while the cs agent could hear it and said ‘wow I’m sorry’. ‘so what do you use in the beaker’? I’m going out and purchasing a VitaMix!

    • Tom Keyes

      I am so pleased to read your comments and many of the other comments. I want to thank all those people. I will continue searching for the real thing pleased that I was alerted to avoid the ‘BULLET’

  • Clay Corley Sr

    I’ve had my nutribullet for about 11 months and for a while it worked wonderfully. But, as of the past month or so the unit doesn’t pulverize fruits and veggies and the unit has a burnt smell to it. I may try to order another or may look for an alternative!

  • Bob

    I bought my NutriBullet 1 year ago and use it almost everyday. The only problem I had was small leakage and the gasket comes off. I now tighten the connection and no leakage. When the gasket comes off I wash and dry and then reassemble. I have been very satified with this unit.

  • Don

    Bought my NutriBullet at Canadian Tire. Used it about 15 times before the motor burned out. The gasket leaked almost immediately. It fails to meet the expectations given by the infomercial for me.

  • Aerin Harris

    I bought one for our anniversary in May. I got mine off Ebay, so my warranty was only until 9/1/2014. On that very day, my Nutribullet decided to quit while I was milling coffee beans. Now it just won’t turn on. Thank goodness I also bought a Magicbullet too. It may not liquify as well, but it gets a decent job done.

  • Spider1952

    I got one as a gift. Almost immediately the gasket kept coming loose. I’ve used it maybe a total of 5 times since Christmas, mostly due to how small the cups are. I’m considering buying the 24 oz. cup and give it a second chance. After hearing all the complaints about placing orders from this company I’m going to pay a few extra bucks and buy one off of EBAY.

  • S P

    I have a magic bullet too and I use it all the time – smoothies, powdering spices like cinnamon, grinding and so on and it works fine. It leaks slightly once in a while but not all the time. I have had it for over 2 years now.

  • glorianeedshelp

    I have a magic bullet which I have had and used for 6 years. Yess it does leak from the bottom, but not enough to make a huge difference. The machine still works fine.

  • pajoab

    Just reading the complaints. I brought mine and so far the only problem I had was getting the warranty registered. I was able to do it over the phone. I do not use the nutribullet often like everyone else has. But my suggestion to everyone with a complaint is the contact the FCC with all of these complaints they will investigate and trust me they are good. I use them all the time and get good results. That is what this Gov Agency Job is for to protect the consumer in situations like this. Please follow-up with this and watch to see it will be reported on the News. (Trust me!!!)

  • Breezy1970

    Just got off the phone with customer service. My Nutri Bullet, the seals will not stay in the blades, I purchased 2. Since it was a default in the Nutribullet, they wanted me to pay shipping and handling for something that is not my fault. I politely told then I should not have to pay for something that was of no fault of mine and in the process of taking them back to the store to get my money back and getting the well rated Vitamix. Who has excellent customer service. My advice, do not purchase, put the extra money in and get something of quality and durability.

  • willis burd

    shipped it to the L.A. office and got it back , move no forwarding address, don’t buy this item . they sell it but wont help with problems…..

  • willis burd

    its crap, lasted 4 months, and kept running after removing the cup, Target wont stand behind it and neither the office for Nutribullet in Los Angeles moved no forwarding address, Willis B.

  • whoknows6925

    I got mine and everything was going great. I started out to slowly progress from one blend a day to two after one week. My 6th day (6 uses) the motor just stopped mid blend. It was probably 20 seconds in, then nothing. moved it to different outlets, a different blade etc.. and nothing. I had just went to the store the night before and bought new produce to start the week to start doing 2 a day. what a waste! I guess if you are really gonna use this type of product daily, then pay $$ for the better product. I always thought to myself who the hell would spend a ton of $ for a blender you may use a few times a year. But now I am getting more health conscious I just may splurge on something I said I would never do.

  • Melissa K

    I loved mine for a while. Bought it a year ago. Now it leaks brown liquid and red dust from the base. You can’t clean the blades very well because you can’t dismantle it like a normal blender, which is really gross after a while. It has gotten louder over time too. But in any case, the brown/red sludge eminating from it can’t be healthy. I might bite the bullet (so to speak) and buy the Vitamix. Everyone I know who owns one absolutely loves it. You get what you pay for… That said, the Nutribullet is not worth $100. Should be $29.99.

    • Meisha

      Thanks to your review, I now know that I am not the only one that has a machine that leaks brown liquid and red dust. I’ve owned mine for about a year now and it just recently started doing that. I thought I cleaned or used it improperly! I’m saddened by this though, because I really liked my nutribullet and how convenient it was for a whole year. Thanks to your mention, I might look into this Vitamix and see what it’s about. Meanwhile, I am going back to my old fashion and very old Oyster blender which does pretty close to the same thing if you push liquefy and you have to find your own cup to put your smoothie into. But, I think that’s better than possibly consuming something horrible from that red dust and brown juice leakage. It smells awful too! Ugh!!

      • jeanne

        I have the same brown juice leakage from. I thought I had maybe let it rust. Good to know I’m not the only person with this problem. This issue never happened with the Magic Bullet. I thought the Nutri-bullet was supposed to be higher quality.

    • lynette mayo

      Go onto the fb site of David Wolfe, posts your comments on his bullet !!!

  • Jack Diamonn

    Thanks to everyone for informing me how cheaply made and redundant the NutriBullet is. I would rather pay $500 for a reliable product that had a ten year life than $100 that had a three month life.

  • Julia Robson

    If you live in Australia, buy a George Foreman Mix and Go for $39.00. It does exactly the same job, and hey if it breaks after a year or so you buy another. Exactly the same job as this expensive we’ll throw in a lot of other s**t you don’t need product.

    • lynette mayo

      The new technology is Ceramic coated is on budget, all Foreman’s grillers are toxic teflon ?

  • Gene

    My nutribullet leaks a liquid brown substance that smells like oil every time I use it. By the reviews, I can tell that this is a common problem. Is the company correcting the problem or finding a solution to improve the system. They are still selling their product in infomercials and shopping networks. Buyers beware.

  • Gene

    My nutribullet leaks brown liquid substance that smells like oil every time I use it. By the reviews, Ican tell its a common problem. Is the company correcting the problem or making a better system? Why are they continuing to sell it on TV infomercials and shopping networks. Buyers beware.



  • Margaret

    I bought a nutribullet..used it for 10 days… Then when I was drinking one the other day..pieces of the gasket were in my smoothie.took it back to Bed Bath and Beyond,and got a new one…made a smoothie today and the gasket came off again!!

  • Margaret

    I bought a nutribullet..used it for 10 days… Then when I was drinking one the other day..pieces of the gasket were in my smoothie.took it back to Bed Bath and Beyond,and got a new one…made a smoothie today and the gasket came off again!!
    Wish I read the complaints first!!

  • Mary

    Do NOT order from this company! Buy in in a local store! I like the Nutribullet. However, I made the mistake of ordering 1 jar of Vitality Superboost, the Nutribullet supplement. I tried the supplement and was not impressed with any health changes. When the second shipment arrived (2 jars of the supplement), I called to cancel and return the unopened, sealed supplements, that I had just received in the mail. I was told, that once a second order "of food" was shipped, there could be no return or refund! Nutribullet sent me 2 orders of the Superboost at a cost of $61.97! The no return information is included in the packing slip for the SECOND shipment! Go to Kohls or Target or Bed Bath and Beyond–do not get involved with this company–totally ignore the hype on TV!

  • b. Banner

    It’s a piece of junk period

  • Toni Carter

    Toni Carter Is anyone having this problem? I ordered my nutribullet sometime in February 2014. I still to this day don’t have a nutribullet. (4-15-14) when I received mine it didn’t work right. The gasket kept falling out and into the food chamber. I purchase this from HSN. Let me tell you never again. When I 1st called HSN to tell them of the defective merchandise they said no problem they would ship another and then send a return slip for the damage one. I waited and waited. Nothing. Call HSN again 3-9-14 and was told they were out of stock, nothing they can do, and that it would take 30 days to just get the slip to return the product. Meanwhile they are charging my credit card for a product I don’t have. So finally the pick up paper comes and I have to schedule a pick up with fed ex.. They come 3-25-14 to bring the unit back to nutribullet. Then I get more paperwork in the next few days from HSN to send the machine back. I call them 3-31-14 to tell them I already sent the machine out on the 3-25 and what is this paper about. I was told to ignore the new forms. So nutribullet received my defective machine 4-1-14. Here it is 15 days since nutribullet received the defective machine and I still don’t have a machine! What poor horrible service both from HSN and Nurtibullet. Meanwhile they keep charging my charge card. AND I DON’T have the nutribullet it’s 3
    months now!
    Like · · 4 minutes ago near Cherry Hill, NJ

    • 915451

      Your problem is clearly with HSN not the manufacturer

    • Donna

      Insist your money back, as my nutribullet motor burned up almost to the day of warranty expiration. Is there anyway you could get your money back? I would try to get it back and tell them to keep the nutribullet.
      In my case, I tried to even get someone to help me and no response, left number so they would call me back (auto message) never heard back… I spent 89 dollars and it was a waste of money. Buy the vitamix instead – I bought it first and returned it to save money on the nutribullet and that was the worst mistake – should’ve kept the vitamix. Now, I will save for one of those, and keep it this time.
      To 915451- manufacturer customer service sucks!!

  • john maclean

    tabs on cups broke,cant even get get it to turn on now.noticed brown crap on rotator that comes in contact with cup blade.always hard to start.If use in early morning wakes up entire household and scares the cat. I cannot buy the cups to replace the broken ones.Wolf ,you are the result of spazed experiment,which should have resulted in a******n.

  • jackie

    I purchased my nutribullet last october it was great until it started leaking. When I contactacted the company, they told me I was doing something wrong and replaced the blade. It continued even with the new blade. Customer service with this company leaves alot to be desired. As my problem continues they told me to mail both blades back and then they will examine them. I believe that as much as I do they will replace a machine thats malfunctiong. Even when I shake the large pitcher I have leaks.


    I need to replace one of the nylon plugs on the inside of the housing,I lost one & would lick to buy extra.
    Thank YOU


    I need to replace the nylon part on the inside of the housing, I lost one & would like to buy extra.
    Thank YOU

    • Ralph Burgess has gaskets and extra caps for cheap

  • sybil evans

    this is my sixth nutribullet . They do not last not even two weeks if you use it every day. Try buying it at two different stores but the same problem. I just ordered the new one
    with 900wats lets hope this one last a bit longer if not
    i, am giving up, AND JET A JIUCER. IT Wa so easy to use
    thats why i keep trying

    • djbethell

      Sixth Nutrilbullet that doesn’t work longer than two weeks??? And now you’re buying another one? Are you stupid or just nuts?

  • Karen D

    Wow. I wish I would have read all of these complaints before I wasted $100. I have had my nutribullet for about 9 months. Last week when I was using it, I noticed it did not sound quite right. The smoothie I was blending had frozen strawberries, so I stopped the machine, shook it and tried to blend again. After a few seconds I thought I saw a haze around the machine, so I stopped it. Sure enough it was smoke and something was sizzling inside the blender! I unplugged it right away. I then noticed a black powder around the edge of the top of the machine. My husband tried to turn the blades manually and said the bearings are shot and that must have burned out the motor. Come to think of it I had also had some brown liquid leaking from around the blade months ago, but did not think much of it because it seems to have stopped. I emailed customer service a week ago and have yet to hear back, so I sent another one today. If I do not hear back from them in a couple days, I just may turn them in to the BBB.

    • Roses

      Thank you and so many others for your complaints. I had an itch to buy the NutriBullet. Faulty product & apparantly terrible customer service. I just deleted the informercial! Thank you all!

  • Barbara

    I bought a Nutri bullet two days and I have been trying to register it online to get the 3 extended months of warranty service. I hope I have better luck with my blended because i can’t reach the company to even register this product. I will send it in by mail. So far I have been left with a bad taste in my mouth and not from the product, from the company who makes it so difficult to do such an easy thing like registering a product. I refuse to download any thing ,this should not be even necessary. Shame on NutriBullet!

  • Sheila Allen

    I have been getting a rusty brown oil from the blades in my food, I have been I’ll since this liquid started leaking!!!!!
    I decided to do a test with water and I found dark clumps in it in the water. Now I know I have been drinking this dark petroleum type liquid on a daily basis and for a few years! I have all sorts of health problems now!!!!

  • Heidi

    I had issues just as mentioned above with the first Nutribullet I purchase. I thought it was me doing something wrong. After it started leaking the brown liquid I threw it out and purchased another unit. Same issue. I will not purchase another unit

  • claire

    Had the issue of black liquid leaking from the blade units (not sure it’s rust – maybe it’s some sort of petroleum lubricant, based on the color, but it’s definitely not meant for human consumption). The motor started making weird noises and not even blending liquids well less than a year after purchasing. Wow, what a waste of money.

  • Stevie

    I liked the idea of the nutribullet but after a little research I have decided against it. The critism of the machine and the aftersales is overwhelming and far outweigh the better comments posted. Na, I’ll my money and just use my natural blenders and keep munching away. :-)

  • Dennis

    I bought my NutriBullet a year ago. Good news … bad news! Good news – my cholestrol dropped from 192 to 153 in 3 months drinking Blasts every day. Bad news .. .9 months after purchase, my blade screw top started to leak, create rust in the drink, then the ball bearings just started to pop out. That started when I began to use frozen strawberries, blueberries and bananas. I started to use the flatter blade as a substitute, but does not work as well. At least I still use the NutriBullet almost every day. The process is great … getting my greens .. seeds, nuts, fruits in my morning drink, but VERY disappointed with the product’s reliability. The tabs on the large cup broke after 9 months, too! Now, I am using the small cup. At least the motor is still working … not sure how long that will last.

  • marjorie

    hi nutribullet is not good ,i bought one and use couple times then is not working.i don’t know where to complain.

    • pajoab

      Contact the FCC with all of these complaints they will investigate and trust me they are good. I use them all the time and get good results

  • paul

    I bought one a month ago, made 10 drinks. Stopped working, was able to bring it back to Kohl’s for a replacement. Took it out of box today and it didn’t even finish the first drink before it stopped. Dead, no power, changed plugs, still nothing. This really must be a piece of crap. I can bring it back to kohl’s and get another but I don’t want to waist the time. I like the idea, but it does not work.

  • Summer

    I’ve had my nutribullet about 3 months. Don’t use it every day or even near that. That was my goal but you know how that goes. First I had a hard time pushing it down to even run. Then it was leaking into the bottom. Now the seal inside the blade compartment actually fell out. Probably why it was leaking. I see all the same issues on this site which tells me I didn’t do something wrong. It is such a great idea when it works. Why do companies come out with scams like this? I know it’s for money but is it worth to the seller, certainly not the buyer. I didn’t get what I paid for. $120.00 for an upscale blender is quite a hefty price. But I’ve noticed if a product is on an informercial, WATCH OUT!!!!!!

  • Frazer

    I have found many of the same problems that have been reported. When I first ordered the NutiBullet
    I told a friend of mine who has a Viamix blender. Her response was you get what you pay fro, good luck. Her words are ringing in my ears.
    I am totally unsatisfied with the product ! In short I product SUCKS. , and the service sucks. Its a bad
    product and all should be on notice NOT TO BUY A NutriBullet !

  • CJinAZ

    OVERHEATS too easily. Even when using mostly liquid in the pitcher. Even when running it for only 40 seconds. Adding ice is a good idea if you don’t want live enzymes to die from the high temperature.

    They need to do a recall


    purchased the neutr bullet,love the way it worked, but today it is making a grindig sound and isnt pulverizing as it once did. i couldnt talk to a representive either. really un-happy. dont buy one.

  • Dolores

    Thanks everyone who reported their issues with this product. I was going to Boscovs to buy one on Saturday. One or two problems would seem a decent percentage but this many people with the same issue is ridiculous. Thanks for saving me my money and time.

    • Maria

      Have no problem with mine. Love it

      • Meisha

        How long have you had yours? I loved mine too, and mostly used it everyday for anywhere from several seconds to a minute and nearly a year later, it began making a loud screeching noise and brown liquid with red dust would be between in the base of the unit. I cleaned it up and put water in it to see if it was getting inside my drinks, and decided to try it again. It didn’t appear to get inside. However, other customers have reported that it did enter their cups. Ugh! Anyway, I tried it once more the other day with just water (because I refused to waste any of my expensive veggies and fruit) and the engine made a funny noise, barely spun, and then sped up all of a sudden (this is with just water). All I can say, is enjoy yours while you can and I hope you get to use yours longer than most.

  • thomas Peek

    Not to long ago i purchased your product and now you offer two for one –Dont think this is fair

  • Mike Tabb

    I think the problem with a site like this is that you only hear the negative. Folks like me who have had good use for 2 year with it don’t get heard. My machine has worked well for 2 years and we get good service out of it. I dropped one of the cups and broke it,,,ordered a replacement for a very reasonable cost and it has run like a new one. Now after 2 years of hard every day use making 2 drinks a day for 2 years, I am getting some wear and tear on the blades so I just ordered a new set of blades for 9.50 and I think that is very reasonable. I expect another 2 years out of that set of blades. Not sure why others have these problems.

    • Meisha

      I think your case is exceptional. I’m glad you got your money’s worth and it has worked for you for so long. My experience was not the same with the product, not the company. I purchased mine from Bed Bath and Beyond and tried my best to use it with care and it didn’t last but about a year–and I didn’t even use it everyday. :(

    • Perry L. Ware

      Here too! 14 months and no problems. Did replace the blade 2 mos. ago. But with 2 a days and frozen fruit the bearings in the blade housing certainly needed replacement.

    • BeSmart

      Mike … its a Complaint site … where ppl COMPLAIN. Have you read the entries? All the entries? I just have. There is a theme here! From my non-engineer perspective, the motor and general working parts of this product appear not to be up to the regular use desired by users. Cyclonic function ie: high speed with the strength required to pulp the contents, I would think, requires high quality mechanisms so ‘burn out’ doesn’t happen.

  • June

    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! After 2 months, the nutribullet just stopped working. We called customer service and we were treated like idiots! We had been making our drinks using the nutribullet everyday without a hitch. We did not allow it to run more than 45 seconds to a minute, per the directions. When we spoke to customer service, the rep was very condescending and insisted that the people that were having problems with the nutribullet were only those who did not use it properly. They did agree to resend the base, but we would have to pay the shipping charges! I have blenders have worked for 10+ years. Not to mention, I purchased it from the television ad, rather than in stores where it is cheaper…I am very disappointed with this product’s longevity and the way the company has decided to handle the defects!!!

  • Gillian

    Bought two nutribullets. One for my sister and myself. My sister’s never worked properly from day one. Contacts must not be working. She has to hit the side to make it work. Ours just started making a horrible noise. Sounds like its not making contact with the base. We noticed the brown around the blade but didn’t know what it was. We now know its rust. I purchased the two year warranty but trying to get hold of customer service is like pulling teeth. I have been trying for a week. One day I waited two hours and just when I went outside for two minutes I missed the call. When I called back the phone message said try another time message area is full. Next day I tried 3 times. Next day 2 times. Today I tried and again waited two and a half hours. No call. I left and when I returned no message. Called again at 3pm and the message area is full, try again some other time. Maybe its time to call the better business bureau or a class action suit. This has to be stopped.

    • BELLE


  • chris r.

    We had a small part crack to pieces on the nutribullet. I could not find the part to order on the internet. My husband called them. They do not sell this small part separately. In order to replace this very small part, we were going to have to buy the whole base and that with shipping and handling was going to be $59. My husband said thanks but no thanks. I am embarrassed because I have also purchased a nutribullet for each of the 5 children and 1 adult grandchild. I hope they don’t encounter problems or even danger as many others have had. Do not let the commercial on TV fool you. It did my. My advice—Do not buy nutribullet. There are better products out there.

  • CJ McEvoy

    We got one plugged it in, and it broke straight away, didn’t even get one drink out of it !!!! What a con. we are healthy people any way but liked the idea, NOT NOW

  • Linda

    I purchased a Nutribullet today , got it home and the motor would not turn on, I can’t wait to return it to the store first thing in the morning. I am very disappointed in this.

  • Inez Bowman

    Thank all of you for your honest comments. I was about to buy a Nutribullet, but it sounds like they just are not worth the trouble.
    I really thought this would help me as I have stomach trouble most of the time. It is such a shame that the company has a good idea for a product, but has such a poor business practice, and make the product so cheaply. Perhaps if it was American made it would be made with quality materials.

  • Nola

    wow thanks so much was going to buy one, no thanks

  • Mosey

    I bought one a month ago. I’ve used it every day, I clean it properly after each use, nothing lasts forever. In that month, I’ve lost 7 pounds. It does exactly what it claims – it pulverizes fruits, veggies, nuts, grains. When it breaks, I’ll happily go buy another unit. If nothing else, I’m getting daily fruits and vegetables, whereas I never ate them before. So just from that point, it MUST BE GREAT!

  • michelle partridge

    Thank you to all the people for your reviews i was seriously thinking of getting one of these NUTRI BULLET’S but not now Rust and Poisons NO THANK YOU…..

    • Maria

      Have no problem with mine. Love it

  • Jordan

    Can anyone please suggest to me a model blender which is both dependable and affordable to a Pensioner. Im in desperate need for one.

    • Sally

      Hi Jordan, I would suggest the basic Ninja Master Prep Food Processor about $39 dollars at walmart come with a small chopper also, Does the same thing as the nutriblast. it grinds just as good, I have used mine for over three years now and is till going strong.

    • salvatoreski

      This is just another example of making a quick buck on the backs of good hard working people.
      I will never buy another thing on TV, until we get some sort of regulations from big brother.

    • BunnyLuv Mac

      Get a VitaMix and be done with it. It will last forever! And no rust, no petroleum. I just wish they offered it in glass.

      I know it’s pricey. But the high cost in this case is worth it because it saves you from all this nonsense. It’s a true workhorse and will outlive you and probably your descendents! :)

  • eric

    This system is a piece of junk. DO NOT BUY THIS! The blade doesn’t even chop of the food well at all. After sometime of using it the top starts leaking brown fluid. You can’t clean it properly. The blade becomes loose, motor becomes VERY loud! This system is NOT worth $100.0, not even close!. Not built to last, more cheap China crap.

  • Nita

    you guys make me so happy to not have removed stickers andor thrown away any of the box particles or receipt. I was going to crank it up this morning but overslept and didnt have the time. I got to thinking about verifying if there are any known issues this morning at work, came here did some research via your comments and i am taking this thing back to wal-mart tonight as an unopend item. I do not have time for rust in my drinks, chinese toxic plastic, contamination of sorts due to mechanical parts and cracked cups and what not that all ruin the expensive produce that I purchase. I need a juicer like yesterday especially having bought all that produce within the last 48 hours. smh….

  • Mary Formosa

    DONT BUY THIS CHINESE JUNK.Had the NutriBullet two months then after screwing the cup on the base made a crunching sound and then there was broken plastic parts all over.,lost receipt ,$100.00 and plus tax ,gone down the drain for this cheap crap.Think about it the Chinese do not care about the environment or the bursting landfills,leaking harmful plastic that produce estrogens that cause men to grow breasts.The Chinese have a lousy track record for the worlds environment period ,enough said.Buy something that lasts.Shame on this company.

    • Mymark

      To Mary and all other Americans that are putting "DOWN: Imported products! NutiriBuillet has engineers who help draw up the blue prints to build this item. The trouble arises when "GREAD’ for a "Monster Profit" gets in the way. This design can be marketed in the $30.00 value range… not sold for more than a $100.00. What a rip-off. Then, us American consumers blame the manufacturer for all the oversea junk sent our way. The are only manufacturing from "NutriBullet and all other drawn out blueprints" They do what they are suppose to, down to what plastic to use! Good Old USA Greed for money! Chinese are proud individuals that are raised to be top achievers and dedicated to the highest quality possible! If this product was built in the "Good Ole USA" Then our legal system will be overwhelmed from all the "Law Suits. We cannot "SUE the Builder" who is half way across the ocean blue! This is the only reason that the products are built overseas.

  • Art

    I was so looking forward to buying the Nutribullet but after seeing so many complaints I will not be purchasing this product. Thank you to everyone that complained, saved me money.

  • Robert

    Bought the Nutribullet 900 Series 3 months ago.. Loved it at first.. Turned it on today and one of 3 the locking mechanism is stuck and doesn’t want to press down unless i apply most of my strengthto push down on it.. Called customer service, was told to clean around the white locking mechanism in place with a warm damp towel/cloth.. It didn’t do any good…. Kept pressing a spoon onto it to have it loosen up but no go either.. The other 2 work but the 3rd one is just stuck. Cheaply Made…. Called customer support for the 2nd time and will be most likely returning this for a refund after realizing so many people have had problems with them.

  • Lena

    I purchased a Nutribullet about five months ago and have not opened the box yet. After reading all the negative comments I am afraid to use it now. I have one more payment to go…I wish I had read these comments before I purchased it…the thought of oil getting in my drink causes me a lot of concern!!

  • Sandy

    Purchased a NutiBullet in June 2013 and have had to replace the tall cups twice as the plastic tips that fit into the extractor blade unit keep breaking off and once one breaks off the cup will not work in the unit. The last cup I got in September 2013 and it lasted until yesterday and two of the tips broke off. I was also getting brown liquid coming out of the base area each time I used it. Sometimes were worse than others. Not a good sight to see, especially if it’s leaking into your beverage. Will not recommend this unit.

  • Disappointed

    Nutribullet is junk and the company are scam artists.

    We’ve had our less than 15 months. Both the extractor and milling blades have broke under light use. One of the cups broke because the safety switch stuck.

    Customer service replaced one blade and then wouldn’t honor their 15 month warranty for the other failures. Very rude people!


  • Jenn

    I wish I could give a good report for the nutribullet because I love what it can do for my health but as many of you have complained about, I too have had problems. I had to return the 600 series before I had a year because when I pushed down Nothing. It wouldn’t work and I tried different plugs and nothing. Thankfully, I had the box and was able to return it to Kohls. So the new 900 seriest just came out and I bought it less than a month ago at Bed Bath & Beyond and again the same problem. I even took mine to work as many of my co-workers had one too. One had hers at work and I put my cup into her base it it worked but mine won’t work. Several of us tried it again Nothing. So I am sadly returning my tonight and won’t be getting another one. I’ll have to determine what product I can switch to, if any. Very upsetting as I feel great and healthy drinking my fruits, veggies, and greens. "sigh"

  • Tom

    I have experienced all the same problems as I read above. It started with the brown liquid comming out of the blade area and also into the drink. Washed thouroughly and thought it was resolved. Also experienced difficulty pushing down and getting it to run. Like the comment above the motor kept running. Contacts needed a thorough cleaning. Seemed to work better. Then the motor began to smell and make a loud grinding sound. We assumed it was finished. . No help from customer service. I got a small screw driver, loosened the screws and thoroughly cleaned out base. then applied WD 40 to the gears behind the blades. and cleaned the contacts. All this took 10 min. Bullet works fine now.. I agree I should not have to do this , but it beats throwing it out..cause it aint broken folks it just needs TLC..

    • Ann

      Thanks Tom for the info. I have had my NutriBullet for only three months. I used it every day and everything was fine until today. It stopped working. I love mine and still want to use it so I hope that I will have better luck with getting ahold of customer service to help me. I am hoping that it can be fixed vs having to return it because it should be a simple thing but who knows. I guess I will find out. If I have to replace it I would still use it because it does do what it says that it will do and I have lost almost 8 pounds since I started using in in Jan 2014.

    • CJinAZ

      I found this info:
      The good news is that it is not rust. All metal parts used in the Nutribullet are Stainless Steel. It can’t rust. What you’re noticing is the food grade lubricant that has leaked out of the blade. There is zero nutritional value to food grade lubricant, and we don’t recommend spreading it on toast. Not a very good flavor. Its completely safe, but contact Customer Service to get a replacement blade sent out to you as soon as possible to keep enjoying your NutriBullet Blasts!

      Call 855-346-8874 seven days a week 9:00am-8:00pm EST. (best days to call are Wed, Thurs and Sun when the call volume is at its lowest)

  • P.O.




  • Laura T.

    I bought the Nutri Bullet a few years ago now and had a constant problem from the beginning with the blade unit constantly spewing out rusty dark brown muck. Water seems to get trapped in this part of the unit and causes it to rust from the inside out. This started occuring from the time I bought it even with proper use and cleaning (per the instructions) I tried to email Nutri Bullet because I thought I should have a new part shipped to me because, after all, the unit was new and the problem only escalated. They never would respond… the customer service is non existant also. Eventually the unit froze up and that was that.

    • ula

      Laura it happened to me too and I think we have a case. I juice everyday and I’ve had my nutribullet for more than a year. I just noticed the brown rusty stuff actually mixes with my juice which might explain headaches I am getting almost daily. I changed my way of life by eating healthy only to find I am probably poisoning my system for about a year now.

  • Denise

    I received a nutribullet as a Christmas gift. It worked for about one week. It could not be returned because I did not have the receipt. One of my children bought me another one. This one held up for about three weeks. When it worked the vegetable fruit drinks were great but since the machine lasts for such a short time I would never recommend this to anyone. I bought a black and decker blender that has a smothie cycle and it works similar. Its not as blended but it always works and was less expensive. I say never buy this product…………………save your money and use a blender.

  • Anna

    "I quite liked my NutriBullet when I first bought it but it didn’t last. Within 10 months or so, it started making strange noises and producing a toxic looking brown powder that looked like rust (although I don’t think it was) around the blade and on the base part where you attach the blade to. Sometimes it would fall into my drink if I wasn’t careful when unscrewing the blade from the cup. In spite of having bought the warranty, I’m having a terrible time with customer service. They give you a number to call but nobody ever answers. Instead, you are asked to leave a number where you can be called back. They’ve called me back twice now but missed both calls because I have no way of knowing when they will call. This could go on for some time." I would not recommend buying this product.

  • Lesley

    I bought mine in January 2014. I use it everyday. It recently started to become almost impossible to push the cup down into the system. I feel like I’m going to break it when I push it down, but eventually it does go in and start to run. Then, once it’s done, I take the cup off, but the motor does not stop running. I have to unplug it. I have contacted customer service…but I’m not sure what they’ll do for me.

    • Mary M

      That is exactly what just happened to me! I even bought mine in Jan 2014. I bought mine at Target; I’m going to see if they’ll replace it. I love it, but my daughter bought a blender that has the same specs and she’s very happy with it. I’m not sure that I would recommend it.

  • Laurie C.

    Oh, and II forgot to mention, the gasket ring went out the first time I washed it; it’s not supposed to come out at all, and now I am concerned about food poisoning from food getting trapped in the ring. Mine also had that smoky smell already & it’s only 6 weeks old.

  • Laurie C.

    I purchased to Magic Bullets in the Past and another product last year that lasted only 13 months. Thought I would get healthier using the NutriBullet. The commercial claims that the food doesn’t just keep spinning but rather grinds the food, seeds completely. This is NOT correct. I have tried it for a few weeks, and am totally disappointed. If they continue refusing to refund, I will be going to BBB. Hope you have better luck. More power does not necessarily mean better product.

  • eddie

    Bought my nutri bullet over Christmas 2013 I love it how it worked at first but it only lasted to February , first it started making a noise you can’t let run by it’s self it will vibrate and the lid will start to loosing and leak and now wont turn off sometimes I have to unplug it , now I’m getting a smell of smoke and leaking bearing grease a brown color these bearing can not with stand the speed of the unit and I would bet on my mothers grave that these are cheap china made bearing, plus it don’t grind up raspberry and blackberries the seeds you have to strain them after using nutria bullet. I bet I wont get it replaced by the company. lessoned learned never by from infomerials without research on the internet first , I wonder how Tony’s knives hold up

  • Lena

    I love mine. But, I have smelled burnt wire? It did leak the first time. The next time I used it I didn’t put as much in it & tightened the lid. It doesn’t make smooth drinks. There’s always little tiny seeds? Not good if you have crowns. Can get stuck under them. It did open my eyes to mixing fruits & vegetables & nuts & seeds. So…when mine gives out, I will improvize. I was just getting ready to order 2 more for my daughters. I think I’ll pass after reading all these complaints. Isn’t there anything we can do to make this right for all of us?

    • guest

      buy a black and decker blender, dont waste your money on any more nutribullets.

  • Georgia

    We got ours 2 months from the website. Stopped working just about when the 30 day free return gimmick was up. Customer service NEVER gets back in touch with you. It was working fine with the exception of a little leaking water before blending but we chalked that up to maybe overfilling. Then one day the body you place the cup on stopped allowing us to lower the cup to blend anything. Now it just sits on the counter. I gave thought to buying one in the store, replacing the units and returning it because $100 is no joke to lose but now after reading all these posts I think it may be better consider it a loss and buy another product from a better manufacturer altogether.

  • Ijoo

    The motor start running slower after two months. Finally it burnt. I could smell it. A total POS!

    • Anna

      Have you found one that is actually good?

  • Not a happy camper

    1 week after I used my nutribullet the cup seal came off now it seeps.when I ordered online I saw nothing about Auto ship and they just took money out of my account and shipped more boost powder which I do not use. when I called the wait time was very long and when I got a person and told them the issue we got disconnected,I called back and was informed that they would not refund me but I would not receive any in the future. BS

  • cynthia

    Seeps hard to clean broke quickly not happy with my investment

  • Candace

    Also make sure your blade cap is on tight that’s was my problem seal may not have been tight enough and too much product. Don’t know why they sell bigger cup when you can only feel it about 2/3 full whats with that if any one has had more than 1.25 cups let me know how they did that without making to glasses of course

  • Candace

    Just brought a Nutri bullet 900 mines leaked from the start… the motor was having a smell from when it leaked and I thought I brought one that was made on Friday or Monday..LOL.
    But after reading reviews and looking around on YT, I started using less fluid and kept it below the max line and the leakage stopped don’t know how long this will work but just just a suggestion for those that are having leakage

  • Tyessa

    OMG….I am thinking about getting one because it seemed to be marketed as a great investment to my health but after reading all these comments I’m not sure if I want to buy one.

    • Kym

      I bought my bullet a year ago and it has been fine. I even got 3 other co-workers to buy one and they all love it. I got my from target and they got their’s from Bath, Bed and Beyond. Being the only one at my house it has proven so far to be everything I need and works well for me. I am shocked to read all these stories. have any one tried to write the BBB. I have written them on several occasions with great success.

  • Palmo

    I bought a NutriBullet and used it every day for 2 weeks, love it, even recommend to friends of the healthy juice I have make, but yesterday, it started leaking and getting worst today, I’m going to return it and look for something else. Don’t waste money on it.

  • kay

    Returned mine after 29 days..loved it when it worked. Just stop working, so I packed it up took it back and was refunded my $105.00. Wasn’t asked why I was returning so I didn’t bother to inform the store that it doesn’t work. NO POWER ..NO ANYTHING..JUST STOP WORKING…I want another one but I can’t deal with returns,warranties, looking for receipts, and customer service (funny).

  • Nancy

    About a month into using the nutri bullet, loving it and tonight…….jar is stuck in the base with a smoothie that will be rotting in the jar. Now what? Any suggestions?

    • Irishrose

      Hi Nancy
      Have you been able to get the base off the cup yet? I have had that issue as well where it is so tight you think you’ll never get it off yet at the same time if you don’t tighten it enough it seems to leak. I have found that running the base under hot water where it it screwed on to the cup sometimes helps to loosen the suction grip on it.

  • Denise

    I would like to know if anyone had this experience. I spent extra time this morning, with my healthy ingredients. After processing a bit, I decided to add a little more water. I noticed the clear seal came loose. I pushed it back in and processed some more. When I unscrewed the blade unit to pour my drink into my travel mug, I noticed the clear ring was missing. I looked everywhere. I am assuming that it got blended up in my drink. I called the company and they said that was unlikely to happen. Just want to know if anyone had that experience.

  • John

    Just threw in trash. Broken within 1 month and the repair process can take months. Waste of money and time.

  • John

    This thing is a POS. Worked for 2 days as promised and them crapped out. Called 3x and now waiting a 4th call back which can take a week. To get it serviced takes an act of God. Do not waste your money – spend the 120 bucks on a good blender.

  • jerry pinto

    just started leaking

  • david

    do you deliver to spain

  • Jordan p

    i just return mine where I bought it and they give me a new one. Im on my fourth NB. It does make a great smoothie. SO every 2-3 months I go off to the store and return it for a new one as they break down.

  • Sharon S.

    I had my Nutribullet 900 for about one week before the cup/blade got jammed in the mixer and began leaking and was impossible to remove. I had the male members of my family try to remove it with no luck… For two days we tried while the fruit inside began to rot and leak. Tried reaching customer service and received no response. Since I had thrown the receipt and box away (not aware of the negative reviews), I had no option but to toss it in the trash. I did keep the unit clean and did remove and wash the rubber gasket after each use. It’s just a faulty piece of crap..

  • Janice Fillion

    On Saturday, 2/1/14, I posted a comment regarding a NutriBullet that stopped working after one week. I mentioned that I had not kept the box and therefore could not return it. I am happy to report that Walmart did accept the "broken" NutriBullet for exchange today and I am once again happy to be using it!

  • Janice Fillion

    I purchased mine at Walmart one week ago today; using it every day all week with no issues. This morning, it does not work. When I push down; NOTHING! I have emailed Customer Service at NutriBullet and their automated response says it may take 5 – 7 business days before I get a response. I looked up both NutriBullet and Walmart return policies to find that without the original packaging I am out of luck!!! I am really disappointed as I was totally enjoying the veggi/fruit blasts.

    • Donna

      Bring it back to Walmart

      • Jess

        Do duhh like thats gonna help, what do they know!!??

    • Steph


      This happened to me too. Only at about a month of use. Then just "nothing" like you report. I had used the Magic Bullet device for years and so felt confident with this new one. I also purchased from Walmart and do not have the packaging. I wrote Nutribullet, will see what they say….I miss my blasts!


    • Marilyn

      Just saw the infomercial and had been contemplating buying one for a long time. Just happened on this site and WILL NOT be purchasing.

  • Jack Euro

    buy from a shop… for instance in the UK you can get them at a store called Argos – they have some good reviews, if it messes up so much easier to deal with a well known retailer…

  • felix scott

    i purchase one of your machine about 6 months ago the blades are seizing this is my fourth email i am sending
    in the past three days without any responce from you people. i think your system is lousy this system carry a
    seal bearing in 6 months it seize rust start to come out of it . i am dam sure customer service get my email
    how many weeks do i have to wander if i will ever hear from you unit #23h404011300747

  • marsha solton

    It doesn’t work,,,,I used it for maybe a month….then haven’t used it since this past March…was packed away…then took it out and nothing , nada, ….so,,,,what is going on????

  • Diana

    can I purchase the booklet on smoothies for different health issues?

    • Donna Saling

      Dont bother it wont last long. They still have the nerve to take up space for advertisting on T.V.

  • Dee

    I just bought one and haven’t used it yet but I pulled out the documentation to read it and I am SHOCKED at all the typos and incorrect page references! Don’t they have proofreaders? If they couldn’t even get THAT part right then I’m inclined to believe all the negative reviews I see and that they can’t get the product right either!

  • Alta

    I can’t believe all the negative comments on this machine! I have had mine for over 6 months and am very happy with it. In fact I purchased one for a friend recently. The only problems I have had similar to the ones listed have been caused by overfilling. It is explain ed in the instructions that overfilling will cause leaks. I also had the black sludge underneath caused by overloading
    and could see that it came from wear on the rubber piece that turns the blades. Again, overfilled. Might take a look at your part in this. Can’t comment on CS since I have never called them.

  • penny

    I love mine but this is the 3rd one I bought and when I push it down to turn on it is really hard can you help me?

    • Don

      Had the same problem with mine. Apparently some liquid slips into the areas that we push down on. I took some vegetable oil, put a few drops on each of the three white elements, and commenced to push each down several times with a chopstick. I did this two or three times and now it works like new.

      • KDD

        Had the same problem with mine (wouldn’t push down), just tried your trick. Thank you! Praying that it works like new tomorrow.

    • Donna Saling

      I was excited to get mine. It lasted 2 months I have the same complaints that everyone else does.
      What really gets me they do nothing to make it right. Customers should be notified and take it off the market untill they can sell a product that people have paid a lot of money for. When first buying it I recommed to a friend same thing happened to him ( he is a cancer patient at home trying to juice because he cant eat.
      Another thing that gets people are really going out and buying 2 or 3 units because the first one didnt work. Really ??? I am shipping it back to company they can have it !!

  • Bill Strickland

    i have had mine four over a year it only leaks if I fill it to full but it still works like it did from day one

  • Lori

    Fixed income, isn’t everybody on a fixed income! I worked for 32 years and was on a fixed income. Cracks me up when people pitch that they are on a fixed income, as if they deserve special treatment. Most of America is on a fixed income, whether they work or on SS.

    • Sara Hart

      Hey Lori
      So what you dont have to be an a*s to her because she bought a product that has issues. Did you ever think to blame the company instead of the purchaser? Your a rude b***h!

  • Lori

    It has a 1 year warranty. Did you use it??

  • Lori

    To those of you complaining about oil, sludge, and rust leaking into your smoothies. Are you removing the rubber gasket after each use, washing it with soapy water and drying it, and replacing it before using the machine again? This could be your problem. The gaskets need to be cleaned!!

  • Lori

    How bad can it be if they offer an extra 4 year warranty in addition to the 1 year, for only $14.95. Would you rather pay $400.00+ for a Vitamix with a 5 year warranty? I like mine so far and it is easy to clean and takes up little space on my counter top. If people follow the directions, don’t overload and add the proper amount of liquid, it will work great and last a long time. Also, when I call them most of the time I am directed to leave my number and they will call me back, and I keep my place in line. I have never waited for more than 30 minutes for a return call. Sometimes I can get through without doing that. People can be ignorant and not read the directions, etc.

  • Lori

    I have read a lot of comments about faulty machines. As you should know, the unit it has a 12 to 15 month (if you register it on line) warranty, or you can pay $14.95 and get a 5 year warranty. Don’t complain, just send it in under warranty. Period. And as far as customer service goes, I have never had a problem reaching them.

    • Lilly B

      I guess your one of the lucky ones. Our NutriBullet broke after just 5 months and we do not use it all the often. The extractor blade broke and it leaks all over the place. We registered our product and the company is not easy to deal with for following through with complaints and product issues.

  • Doug&Janet

    We got this unit as a gift in early December 2013, this morning the wee safety tangs on the cup, would not disengage the safety switch for a few minutes. After checking I had power to the outlet, tried again, and it started to make my drink….when I turned the cup to disengage the safety switch to make it stop spinning, it simply came out the unit as it was running! Now as soon as I plug it in it’s running like gangbusters.
    We went from a love affair with this unit to knowing it’s just another poorly put together crap item, as I read the user comments.
    In the trash with this unit as it’s worthless to stick any money into it, we’ll go back to the good old 15 year old Vita Mix we kicked to the basement….a month and a half ago!

  • Never again

    I spoke with a representative and in the mean time my car started messing up so at the moment I told him to cancel the order. He told me he could not because once the order was in it would take 4 hours to change. I called again and was told me order had been shipped out. What a punch of crap! I will never use this company again they just want your money and don’t care how they treat you. Not only did I lose 39.99 in shipping but turned around and lost $30.00 returning the item back to them. By the way they did take off $19.99 when they could have taken off more since I told them I was returning it as soon as I got it.

  • donald


  • Celestine

    I had the experience expressed by many others on this site. I purchased the nutribullet in the summer 2013 and within 4 months (at most) we noticed that the motor was loud, followed by the rust colored liquid on the outside bottom of the blade. I read a few reviews on another site and followed their advice – contact customer service and they will be willing to replace for the cost of shipping and handling. I emailed them my concerns and they asked for me to first provide them with a copy of the receipt – well I can’t find it. My whole family loved the machine including my children and we suggested it to many others. After reading this and other sites, the problems we had are common and seem to be a manufacturer issue. I really wish the product would not have stopped working or that my situation was unique. $100 for a few months of smoothies I way too much. I refuse to replace an appliance as often as I replace my toothbrush (every three months). Does anyone know of a working appliance that lasts and provides similar results?

  • james

    I ordered this nutribullet and after a few hours called back to cancel. They said they would cancel order. It was on an infomercial. Well I never received anything so I assumed it was cancelled. So far I have not received anything in the mail but have had two charges of $19.99 on my bank account for nothing. When I called the number the bank gave me I spoke to a guy named Tom Katz who was rude and told me we had received a welcome packet in the mail, which we did not. He stated he would cancel right now and contact whoever the corporate office is and if there was an error we would get a refund. He wanted to argue with me and say we got stuff in the mail and it was a club etc. I am filing a dispute with my bank today. This is crazy bogus. This guy said it was never canceled, but if it wasn’t why did I not get the bullet?

  • maureen

    same here. five months we’ve had ours and the blades are dull. chunks of kale….ugh!

  • kathy

    I’ve only had my system for 35 days had to cancel my order of that powder they promote do to my job activity slowing down so less money to count with. I then seen my account and sure en out $29.99 withdrawn from account. Well due to them promoting other things I never heard them say they were sending 2 jars one $7.99 other $29.00. I thought both for $7.99. Come to find out I was way wrong and to top it off, representative a complete a*****e. Rereading what they promoted but with a sarcastic attitude. Never explaining once again that you have 30 days to return 2nd tiny jug or they will not only charge you but keep you on auto withdrawal. First time call other rep never explained that either just Cancelled my further shipments. Pure BULLSHIT

  • silv

    I just purchased this – they have taken money out of my account twice (which put my bank balance in the red), I called the company and they were nothing short of rude and short tempered. I haven’t even got it and I am dissapointed in the product. STAY AWAY FROM THOS COMPANY AND BUY ON THE HIGH STREET AND A REPUTABLE COMPANY

  • Lisa Gallagher

    I used my nutibullet today and noticed a rubber smell while using it. After drinking my smoothie, I noticed the rubber ring was missing. I KNOW now it was ground up in my drink and I consumed the rubber ring that goes into the blade portion. Ironically, my 14 year old daughter used other blade a few weeks ago, and the rubber ring disappeared as well. This means we both drank the ground up rubber ring. I am disgusted, sick and angry. The nutibullet is flawed and God only knows what damage has to be done to both my body and my daughters.

  • Sreafin Mendez

    I just had an awful interaction with a Customer Representative from NutriBullet. I bought the unit on December 29, 2013. The rubber gasket came loose on the base and it was destroyed. She didn’t want to stand by their product and wanted me to buy the base for a whole new system. They are despicable. –dr. mendez

  • Big JD

    After I used my nutribullet about 10 times the cutter blade thing became seized up and would barely rotate causing the motor to
    smell burnt.I tried contacting customer service but got the "we’ll call you back" routine and you know how that goes. Do not buy this blender buy a $40 one that’s just as good from Walmart.My next correspondence is to the BBB. The nutribullet is a scam.I will also let all my FB friends know this.

  • Pam

    To many negative comments for me to spend 119.00 dollars.

  • Jim C

    Very Very Dissatisfied!!!! They have a real problem with the 900 series Pro model. The rubber washers under the blades break after a few uses!!.. Unbelievable.. They redesigned the 600 to stop leaks and I had to return mine after just 3 weeks of use because the leaking began. I thought I would give them a second chance and try the "redesigned" 900 Pro Series. The unit worked for 9 days before the large rubber washer under the extractor blade broke clean in half.. I used the second blade supplied and it broke in exactly the same manner in just 6 days, a new record even for Nutribullet. When I returned it to Kohl’s I was shocked to see 2 other people on line also returning their 900 model. I asked them why.. they both replied that the rubber grommet under the shred blade broke after just a few uses. One woman told me that this is the second one she returned in a week and will refuse an exchange for another and advised me to do the same… I have had it with this company and their poor quality control. I’ll NEVER buy a Magic or Nutibullet product again, or anything from Homeland Housewares the parent company!!
    Kohl’s was great and were very accomodating. They advised me that they have had 8 returned in 3 days. They are considering pulling the product.

  • Kirie

    Thank you for all your comments. I was desperate to purchase one, but after reading I think I’ll pass. It is so great to be able to read reviews before purchasing and it is really disappointing that they are really flogging this product on tv here in Australia. They make it look so good. Thanks for all the comments.

  • Gadgetgirl

    I have been using the nutribullet every day for a month and so far I love it. Hopefully none of the negative things on this site will happen. Yes the ‘juice’ is thick that’s because of the fibre in the fruit and vegetables. Its more of a smoothy maker than a juice maker. Hurom make a great juicer. Its a cold press juicer and squeezes the juice out, but leaves the pulp behind. I have both and love both. Use both.

    • Christina

      I’ve had the Nutribullet since late October, and am incredibly frustrated with it. I have a love/hate relationship with it, because on one hand, I do love my morning smoothie…but on the other, it leaks constantly even though I do everything I’m supposed to. I don’t overload it, I screw the lid on with ALL my strength. Keeping in mind I’m a fit female, with large hands so this isn’t much of an issue for me. For some blending jobs, I would stop it, re-tighten it and start it up again to be sure. Today was the final straw as 1/3 of my smoothie leaked out and went right through the base, I was so frustrated, I ran water through it and it’s drying out on my counter as we speak – I’m going to sit it on top of my rads overnight for a final dry-out. I’ve had nasty old black moldy smoothie dried up inside the walls of my bullet for a couple months now from small leaks (impossible to get out), and I just don’t think it’s very healthy. I don’t want a moldy ANYTHING in my home, let alone in close contact to my food. We shall see if it runs tomorrow morning – I don’t think I have the patience to call customer service, I have read only terribly frustrating accounts and I’m not up for it. Next time I’m going to save my money and get a Vitamix.

      The lid needs to be designed with a lip to avoid these spills – it’s not rocket science.

  • Allan

    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!! If you need to reach their department for returns, you are told to input your call back number several times, and final a voice states that there is no room to leave your number, you’ll have to call back later. DO NOT BUY!!

  • Karen

    Hi. Big thanks to everyone who has written a comment here. I was going to buy a Nutri-bullet because the television advertisement is pretty convincing. Having read all the remarks, I am going to do the old fashioned thing, and use a local shop and buy a known manufacturer’s product, get a receipt with a twelve month guarantee, and juice away to my heart’s content and take it back if it fails. Again – thanks.

  • marlette

    I had heard these break a lot, but I tough I would give it a try. Big mistake !!! However it does sound like mine lasted a little longer than most. About 9 months. Just long enough for me to throwaway the receipt. The blender worked just fine. So I paid 100 bucks for two reusable glass. I will let everyone know about this product. I hope everyone else does the same.

    • Lori

      It has a 1 year warranty. Why would you toss out your receipt?? Whose fault is that?

  • Brenda Ferguson

    I sure didn’t & my nutribullet did the same thind. After it leaks, the bullet is uselss. I tell everyone NOt to buy it, so they have lost many customers

  • Brenda Ferguson

    This is the worst product I have ever spent good money on,including all the books, carrying case & goji berries. It worked fine for about 12-15 times and then leaked all inside no matter how tight it was screwed on. Even couldn’t unscrew it a few times and had to get my son to do it, but it still leaked, Once it leaked inside, All was stuck. It is a useless piece of junk now. I might add, the support you get from this company is a waste of time and energy. DON"T BUY IT!

    • Lori

      It has a 1 year warranty!

  • Andy Chirco

    The BBB will solve any problems. That is what I am doing.

  • litlbit2001

    Seems to me the ones with the problem are running the motor too long or they filling over the max line or even filling the fruits and veggies over the max line. Plus, don’t buy it from Walmart. Buy it from TARGET, BEST BUY or somewhere else like Bath and Beyond. I would never buy anything, but movies and maybe something to warm up to eat or drink from Walmart. First mistake is getting anything like a Nutribullet from Walmart.

  • dave

    I am surprised at all the negative comments, I have had a magic bullet for years and use it regularly so I hope I can get the same from the nutribullet. There is a scam though, when I purchased the bullet I was sure I was quoted way below what was taken out of my account. I contacted the people I purchased it from and told them I was sending it back because it was to pricey. I was told that I would receive a refund of $94.95 which they did, if I was interested in keeping the item.

  • Fred B.

    Nuri-bullet is a piece of Chinese made junk! The thing quit after light use, don’t buy you will regret it. I have a used one for sale if you need a paperweight for your desk.

    • Lori

      It has a 1 year warranty, so use it.

  • Dolores Mazzan

    I bought the Nutra Bullet online in a moment of weakness, while recovering from surgery. It sounded like a healthy way to help my recovery. It worked fine for a few weeks, I made wonderful smoothies. and enjoyed the taste variations. It became my breakfast on the go. Until one morning when it leaked all over the counter and floor, while mixing. The goo got in the processor and since it was sealed it got trapped in there. I tried all ways to clean it,. to no avail. When I tried to use it again I made sure a gave it an extra turn to seal, still no luck, I will never buy another appliance on line, if it was bought in a store I could return it with no problem

  • ZINE

    BAD BAD ………………………………………….////////

  • Dieneba

    I bought Nutribullet 3 times and spreaded the word at my work for everyone to buy. When it works, you can do a lot with it, no more constipation medication for me or headache, I just feel great. However, to replace the same machine 3 times within one year, isn’t a good thing. Too much money, they need to come up with a better one. Sorry, I will try another brand this time.

  • Jody

    I’m with Barbara! Too many negative comments especially when live in Australia and can’t take it back easily. They are all too quick to sell you the product but don’t want to know you once they have your money!!

  • tai

    i purchased the item very excited came through the mail… read the instructions and was going well for 29 days on the 30th day it stopped working…. i was soo upset i called and spoke to a representative who offered to send me a new one but i was too disappointed i just had enough… i dont buy things from the web so this was the last straw …. dont buy from infomercials …… i just wanted to ship the thing back and not be billed again the lady said fine ,,, advised me where to ship … i went to the post office and sent it back … but i didnt get a return recite …. wasnt told to didnt think of it just didnt want the item anymore…. now they wont give me my money back advised they cant find it …. this is crazy … if i saw these reviews i would have never had bought the items i am filling a complaint with the better business ….I have been dealing with this since August this is crazy ….

  • Pamela Beaumont

    Don’t buy the Nutri Bullet, its junk. I had it 3 days and it started giving me problems. It wouldn’t turn on on the 3rd day and when I finally did get it to turn on it leaked everything in the cup down inside and it ran into the motor and out the bottom.
    My son took it and exchanged it for a new one, it worked about a week and the same problems happened again!!

  • Cappy

    Don’t worry about it, Candid. Most people by now know NOT to have any dealings with people from any of those African countries, such as Ghana, Nigeria. I almost rented a condo in a luxurious area for a very reasonable price which was advertised on Craigs list. The Nigerian claimed to be a minister, a lot of God bless you’s in his ad. He gave enough information that I called the condo management, learned that the name he gave as the owner of the condo was not the one registered. Clearly a scam. Everyone should know that if they have fallen fallen for a scam, contact the U.S. Secret Service, who keep tract of such people.

  • Charles

    I bought my Nutribullet in September of 2012 using a 20% off coupon from Bed, Bath, and Beyond so without tax, it cost $80. I was very skeptical about it doing what the infomercial claimed but since I didn’t want to pay $400+ for a Vitamix, thought I’d give it a try. And I couldn’t be happier! I use the thing daily, sometimes as many as three times. Yes, I am very regular! *LOL* During the first month while getting to know the subtleties of the machine, I either didn’t screw the blade base on tightly enough (women may have problems getting it tight enough) or overloaded the cup. Since then, going on a year and a half, not a single leaker. I’ve learned that thicker smoothies are typically caused by too many ingredients being placed in the cup or not enough water. I’ve learned that running it just a little longer makes for a smoother consistency. And like with all things, using common sense when loading it, attaching the blades, and having reasonable expectations of what it can do go a long way to being satisfied.

  • pudentaine

    Seriously, NutriBullet, if you want to succeed, take care of your customers, who are trusting you to help them become healthy for the cost of a weeks’ groceries. I am on Social Security Disability, live on VERY little, and have health issues that caused me to purchase the Nutribullet. One use and the gasket will not stay in. Not going to take the chance to try it again and have happen what has happened to countless others, I see. Don’t bother giving me your ‘customer service number’ because countless others have tried that only to find there is no one there, or the answers all are different, or you are shipped the same thing (at OUR cost) & have to pay for replacing something YOU should provide!!!! What is your answer??? I am soo very disappointed!!!

  • Char

    I can honestly say that my family and I have NOT misused the machine and have been very careful. We read and followed the instructions very precisely. I have one and bought one for both of my college aged children. They have been fabulous UNTIL last week when TWO of the three machines simply quit working. The cup won’t press down into the base on mine, and my daughter’s just stopped turning on when she inserts the cup.

    I can’t swing Vitamixes for three but am very worried that I could actually end up spending that much in just a few years for a less sturdy machine, if they continue to go out once a year. From the reviews I have read, it looks like we have been lucky to have our machines last for one year each.

    I absolutely LOVE the consistency of the drink and the ease of use I have had with the machine but I may have to look into something more reliable. There’s nothing out there that performs this well for such a low price but for SO many people, it is breaking after a handful of uses. It’s probably going to mean me going to Bed Bath and Beyond cause the price is still a huge issue.

  • Isa

    Hi.. I bought my Nutribullet six months ago…and was really happy and using it almost everyday…but from about two weeks there is is this abundant brown liquid that comes out from the bottom of blade part when I finished using it and wash it…it comes so much brown liquid that I was atonished…so I washed and think it was okay…yesterday I used and didnt saw the liquid…but today I used it again and it came out so much liquid and when I opened it I saw this brown line in the smoothie…i waspreparing a smoothie with milk and soursop so it was supposed to come out white not with that brown …I realized that it was that brown liquid…i got scared…because i already drank a smoothie before this one….I had been having diahrrea since last week and some stomach pain..i wonder if it is related…uffff….i am going to call the company….

  • Dean Tamahori

    Hi every one , I have one small faulty issue, with the purchase of a nutribullet from USA through Ebay,
    should there be a section in a contract and gentleman agreement In Ebays Terms and condtions, stating any conversion of electrical plugs, fittings etc; between the two countries?as the majority of us are unaware of the situation and the process between seller to buyer, I brought the nutribullet it had a USA standed plug end, there is nothing in the advert to state any conversion from one fitting to another.I contacted the seller He apologized and said there was a mistake at the dipatch at his end, than he suggested to me to buy a adapter , I went to Tandys electrical store and purchased a comparable USA adapter to suit, I plugged it in Green sparks and smoke bellowed out from beneath and left a black mark on the bench top. so i call him back and now i have to pay return postage and he will pay 20% price of the item , and said that once item is plugged in the item is void, if the item is faulty the only way to know is to turn it on or plug it in. If any one has had this issue please reply

    • Merv Blackwell

      Our Nutribullet arrived today from the US…We had to use a standard adaptor 240/120v adaptor (which we have used on other products). Unfortunately when we switched it on for the first time we got black smoke, sparks and a black powder for our troubles. We did manage to get one Nutriblast out of it before it died. We bought the NB from Amazon in the US and are hoping they will give us a refund or maybe a credit…..

  • barbara

    Too many negative reviews, so I’ll pass on this product.

  • Bruce

    After a few uses of my Nutrabullet 900, the gasket came off while blending and was chewed up in my smoothie. I saw other posts where it was mentioned this happened. This should be a concern to the company, fix the problem, and give customers a recall. Someone could swallow the parts (which I almost did) and choke to death.

  • Graham

    Hi every one, I was about to purchase one of these in Australia after looking at the advertising they are hammering on the television. It all looks good watching them advertising them as a hassle free machine with only the cleaning required as just putting the cups under flowing water out of the tap but I will stay away from them and look at something else.

  • Karen

    I have talked to customer service 4 times. DON’T BUY A NUTRIBULLET. This company does NOT stand behind their product.

  • Candid

    I am so glad I bought my from Target also. I have 90 days to decide if I want to keep the NutriBullet. Right now I am very happy with it because I find that after drinking the smoothies, I am not near as hungry. The man that made the Nutri Bullet is the son of two doctors, so he must have some knowledge. Mine is working fine and I am very happy with it. The traditional blenders are such a mess to clean and I have to be careful of the sharp blades and from cutting myself. This is wonderful in comparison. I feel that these negative reviews are possibly written by those that are not carefully using their Nutri Bullet’s or cleaning them gently. The Customer Service rep. I spoke to said to fill the solids up to the MAX line and only put half as much water. If used carefully like this I think it would avoid some of the problems mentioned.

    • gddsf

      You must get paid for your fake reviews—–This is the second review I have seen with the same wording– wierd !!

  • Michael

    Glad i read this first!

  • RED

    Mine is doing the same thing – piece of junk but they have the money and power to continue their lie. The substance appears to be grease and when used up – the machine sounds horrible. I will not buy another one of these machines and I love mine. I am going write the better business and that is how us consumers fight back.

  • Tom Ohlemacher

    Had my Nutribullet for almost a year, and I just started having problems similar to other comments I see posted. Having problem with the unit running correctly as well as the blade appearing to have the bearings wearing out. I loved using it, but it appears to be a big headache to try and get warranty service. I’m very sure the unit will have to be replaced, but my thoughts are just to pitch it, and go buy something better, rather than waste the time and money to ship it back, and then have them tell me it’s from normal use or whatever, and tell me it will cost $50 or so to have them replace it. Not worth the $100 I spent to buy it!

  • Jenny

    We need to show buyers what they are getting into.
    The only reason why these people are still buying this product or wanting this product is because of the commercials and their fake testimonials. If only everyone post a video of what is happening to your nutria bullet on youtube or online or keep posting on more than one site. Maybe people will see their true product. I was fooled and I HATE/DISLIKE everything about this produce. I just want to throw it back in their faces. You can’t complain they will either hangup on you or tell you there’s nothing they can help you with.
    Also if you want to ship the part back you would have to pay shipping and handling. Which I find retorted because that’s their "Proud Invention" wouldn’t they want to improve? They even said "hey, we know what it’s like to be the customer!"
    Bullshit! If they do then care about your customer service and your unworthy product! People these days. They make money through us. Plus they deal with food! It’s like no one cares about anyone anymore. It makes me want to throw up! This company is stupid!

  • Jenny Tran

    You can’t complain they will either hangup on you or tell you there’s nothing they can help you with.

  • Bob

    I bought two Nutribullets in August, one for myself and one for my daughter. Two blades leaked oil into my drink, on mine, in 4 months. My daughters had the blade seal chopped up in her drink one morning after 3 months. The other issue, is that food gets under the blade seal or gasket and starts to rot unless you remove the gasket and wash it off frequently. Nutribullet does not want customers to do this, because they are afraid the gasket won’t be put back on properly causing it to leak. So they would rather have you get sick from eating rotting food, than clean it properly..

    I also discovered that on the Nutribullet Facebook page, if you post several times that you have problems with the Nutribullet, they will block you from posting anything else. Very disreputable company and I am surprised someone hasn’t launched a class action suit against them

  • Mariana

    Hi Sharon, I have had the same thing happen. I got my Nutribullet on Black Friday at Walmart and started using it a few days later. Here it is about 3 weeks later and it stopped working. I was making a blast one day and it started shaking so badly that I couldn’t hold the cup in my hand and the blade came loose and spilled some juice into the base. I cleaned it out the best I could but now the base won’t even let me push down and turn it on. I tried hard yesterday and then the unit worked for a moment but refused to shut off. I was scared to get hurt. Today I made another drink to check it but had to take all the ingredients out and blend it in my Ninja blender, and the recipe now tastes nasty. I didn’t get a warranty from Walmart like I should have so they would replace it for me instead of the company. I will see what I can do because being out $99 is not a good thing. I also have digestive problems and this was working miracles for my system when it worked.

    • Sharon

      Hi Mariana, Yes, when it was working for the 6 months I had it, I was well and very happy with it. So! After yet ANOTHER phone call to their customer service about 3 weeks a, I finally received my pre-paid packaging label TODAY in order to mail the defunct Nutri-bullet back to them. Just as I had given up hope. This is over 7 weeks later after being assured it would arrive within 1 to 2 weeks. I got fed up waiting and really needed it so I had to consider buying something else. I did my research, compared variables, spoke to friends and I bought a Vitamix! I want to shout from the rooftops to warn people to stay away from this shoddy company and their below-par product! I should have done this in the first place instead of falling for the salesy infomercial B.S.

  • Sharon

    I have severe diverticular disease also Eve. That was my primary reason for purchasing the Nutribullet. Since I made my report here 2 weeks ago, I have STILL not received my pre-paid return postage pack to return the Nutribullet to them and get my replacement. The customer service guys told me I would receive it within 1 to 2 weeks. That was 16 days ago and still nothing. I just called the customer service number again and got an automated message informing me that there is an extensive wait time to get through and I will receive a callback. Will see how I get on today and post an update.

  • Flossie

    I ordered the NutriBullet on Dec 3 2013 , they took their payment out of my credit Dec 1 2013 and here it is after a number of calls and emails Dec 14 2013 I still don’t have it in my hands . I called today to cancel the order and yes this is what they said . Sorry Maam you get cancelled your has been processed for shippment so now you have to wait . I said no I don’t , I want my order cancelled. She then said oh it’s on back order in Canada that’s why you don’t have it , there is the bag of Cacao that is back ordered and we just want to ship everything together . (understandable BUT) the bag of Cacao is not included in orders in Canada so why am I waiting for backorder ….LET ME SPEAK TO A SUPERVISER, she then comes back and says oh my superviser said to cancel this order , reemburse your credit card and we will redo the order without the bag of cacao and it will be shipped between 7-10 days . She gave me the confirmation number over the phone and I asked that she send me an email to verify this ….GUESS WHAT ….NO EMAIL NO ORDER STATUS AVAILABLE BECAUSE IT DOESN’T SHOW AN ORDER FOR ME so TOMORROW I AM CONTACTING MY CREDIT CARD PEOPLE AND ASK THEM TO CANCEL THIS CHARGE AND NOT LET ANY GO THROUGH FOR THEM AGAIN …WHAT A SCAM THIS IS ….I COULD OF BOUGHT IT AT A LOCAL STORE FOR 99.00 AS COMPARED TO 139.00 BECAUSE AGAIN ANOTHER SCAM .,..COMES FROM CANADA SHIPPED TO CANADA YET THEY CHARGED ME US PRICE~~~~ go figure …I’M DONE WITH THEM

  • Carlos

    Wow, im glad in a way to see that im not the only one having the same problems, my first NB broke like 4 months after we bought it, i got a new one from Candian Tire (the store that i bought it from) and now 2 months later with the new one it started dripping black sludge on the bottom of the blade cap again….
    I am very disappointed

    • Lori

      The black sludge could be rotten food under the gasket. Remove the gasket after each use, clean it, and then replace it.

  • Melissa

    Nutribullet has sent me a collections notice for a charge that I did not even make. They said they would continue to harrass me even though they admit the transaction was fraudulent. They refused to give me the address to which the unit was sent to, which is funny, since they want me to pay for this unit. My bank reversed the intial charges and I have filed a report with the police. I will be contacting the credit bureaus to report this nonsense, as well as my local new stations. Maybe that will stop the harassment.

  • Brenda R.

    I bought a NutriBullet with great expectations. I only have a foot and a half of functioning intestine and thus have little time for food to break down and be absorbed. I felt this was an excellent investment for nutritional benefit since food would already be broken down and ready for absorption when it hits my system. Then I saw the glut of offers for the machine. It’s everywhere. I started to feel nervous sine I’ve seen other items hit the market so hard and be sold anywhere and everywhere in a short time. Too often it means it’ll be out here till as many people as possible will buy and then the product and the company disappear – just as problems arise. I hope that isn’t the case here, but it’s sounding bad –

  • Norbert

    That claim by the tv guy is totally absurd and ridiculous when he says that the nutribullet extracts more nutients than the other mixer, In other words spinning the blade at 10,000 rpms creates more vitimins than a mixxer of less RPMs Such a Lie.

  • Heather

    SAME! The motor finally died. Haven’t even owned it a year.

  • Gila

    Mine was loud too……… just means the bearing in the blade is worn out. Buy a new jar with blade set and your noise will go away

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for all the warnings and sharing your story. I was going to buy one but now I have reconsidered. I got a system from GNC health shop thats lind of like the nutribullet and it is very good.

  • Periwinkle

    I’m so fed up with my NutriBullet. I am having the same issues of RUST, LEAKAGE and GASKETS. I have contacted the Company and told I had to register and have the receipt before they will do anything. My NutriBullet was registered within hours of purchasing by the buyer who has given me this gift. And since I do not have the receipt – it was a gift! – They won’t speak to me. I decided that the I would do a light coloured mixture as I was concerned that the RUST was coming into my drink. Sure enough, there appeared to be brown in my drink. I then decided I would use my milling blade. Leakage went everywhere. AND NOW MY NUTRIBULLET WILL NOT WORK! My disappointment lies with the so called customer service of this organization. AND NOW A ONCE OUTSTANDING PRODUCT IS A USELESS PIECE OF LANDFILL.

  • Bob

    I also wanted to mention that Nutribullet has a page on Facebook. When someone posts a problem like rust or oil leaking into the smoothies, which is a common complaint, if another person remarks that they have also had the problem, as soon as someone from Nutribullet posts their mantra about calling customer service, the postings of the problem suddenly disappear from the page. Nutribullet does not want customers to read about the issues they are having with their products. This is especially despicable, since these issues of oil, rust, and contaminants getting into something you and your family are going to ingest, is very unhealthy. This is a company that has no consideration for their customers health and well being.

    • Lori

      Are you sure it is oil or rust and not just rotten food under the gasket? This gasket should be removed after each used, washed in soapy water and rinsed, and then replaced. The same way you clean any blender. The gaskets have to be removed and cleaned. I think that is the problem, and not oil leaking.

  • Bob

    The Omniblender is also and excellent Blender at about 1/2 the price of the Vitamix and Blendtec and has a bigger motor than both.

  • Bob

    The gasket on New Nutribullet is a health hazard in my opinion. The new blade design on the Nutribullet has a removable gasket. If you look at the gasket closely, in the extractor blade, you will see a small notch on the edge of the gasket about 1/2 inch wide, and if you put the handle of a spoon in there, the gasket can easily be popped out for cleaning. If you have used the blade for more than a few days, you will see that there is food under the gasket that is rotting, and needs to be washed off with soapy water. If the food has been there for awhile it will start to smell. In my opinion, this is a health hazard, since this rotting food is in contact with the smoothie that you are making, so you will wind up drinking it "Yuck!!".. I wash mine every couple of days, and there is always stuff under the gasket. After cleaning it, and the channel that it rests in, just pop the gasket back in place.

    • sandra robinson

      I totally agree and for this reason I took the chance and removed mine though the guidance says not to attempt to remove the gasket. I cannot imagine that it would be healthy to continue to use this without ever removing the rubber gasket. If it’s not the food residue that is stuck, it will be moisture that is trapped from washing which will result in mold. Do they think people are stupid?!! However, now I cannot get the gasket to lay flat when I try to put it back in place (which is probably why they say not to remove it). What is the trick for this?

  • Bob

    The gasket on New Nutribullet is a health hazard in my opinion. The new blade design on the Nutribullet has a removable gasket. If you look at the gasket closely, in the extractor blade, you will see a small notch on the edge of the gasket about 1/2 inch wide, and if you put the handle of a spoon in there, the gasket can easily be popped out for cleaning. If you have used the blade for more than a few days, you will see that there is food under the gasket that is rotting, and needs to be washed off with soapy water. If the food has been there for awhile it will start to smell. In my opinion, this is a health hazard, since this rotting food is in contact with the smoothie that you are making, so you will wind up drinking it "Yuck!!".. I wash mine every couple of days, and there is always stuff under the gasket. After cleaning it, and the channel that it rests in, just pop the gasket back in place.

    The old style blade gasket was not removable, so this was not an issue.

  • Bob

    I have a new unit that I bought 2 months ago, with the "improved blade" and after 2 months or about 60 blasts, the new blade is leaking oil into my smoothies. They are sending me another new blade, but I think there is still something lacking in the design of the blade that has not been entirely fixed.

  • Bob

    I have the new blade on my 2 month old Nutribullet, and yesterday, it started leaking a brown oil into the base of the blade and into my drink. Lucky I noticed it, before the leak got worse. Customer service told me not to put frozen fruit at the top of the cup when filling it, but put a layer of something soft next to the blade to keep this from happening again. I am disappointed that this was not in the instructions, and that the blade only lasted two months. Another issue with the new blade, is that you have to pop the gasket out every few days and wash it with soapy water, because food collects underneath the gasket and it starts to rot and smell. This should be clearly outlined in the instructions for units with the new blade, but isn’t.

  • Flora

    Hi Linda. Did you buy the new blades in Bed&Bath? How do they look like?


  • Dome Williams

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    • moe

      that was awesome

  • Thanks a lot for the information these things really helps us to keep healthy and avoid the unwanted things.

  • Help

    My NB won’t click into the base it’s almost like it is too big to be pushed down. The motor works fine,but when you out the blade on it’s too big. Anyone help?

  • Ernie

    I ordered this item last September 22, 2013 and received the item after 3 days since I was just in LA, CA. I’m excited to use it and did 2 cups of mixed veggies and fruits. i just noticed that the motor is so noisy to operate and smells like there is someting burning on the inside. So i unplugged it. Next day i make another shake, same thing the motor is so noisy and smells like burning. The worse is, in just more than a minute of operating, the motor stops,
    i remove the cup and put it back again. it doestnt work. I’ve waited another 20 mins and tried to turn it on again, it WORKS but in less than two minutes, it stops again. WHAT’S HAPPENING, did you guys just sent me a REFURBISHED ONE!!!! i want to return this item. Not worth for $130.34 including TAX.

    • Helen

      That is exactly what mine is doing. I just got it last week. The very next day It did this exact thing. Grrrr!!!

  • Scott

    They replaced my blade in June due to this and the noise. The new one looked redesigned and was quieter but just started leaking again this week!

  • Scott

    I had the same issue and use this everyday. I received a replacement blade in June and it was quieter. Just this week though this blade started leaking again and am now trying to get a replacement!

  • Abby

    I have some sort of chunks of brown bits and dust on the opening where the upside down cup goes. I shook it out today thinking it was some dried up liquid but It happened again. After I use it, there seems to be flakes and dust of brownish orange metal. so tiny that it can get on the cut and into my grandmother’s food. She is 103! I hope that I noticed it in time. I don’t have a replacement at the moment and I need to feed my grandmother. So have to tap it upside down to get that stuff out then carefully clean the casing and opening and counter. What is it a broken washer or what? It is the color of grease. but like crystallized. I don’t know!

  • unsure till now

    Great to see a positive comment about the nutribullet as I was unsure about it after all the negative comments in my research. I think it is unfair people in Australia pay twice as much as America but if it is as good as the positive feedback on here it is worth the price tag so I will be calling up to order one soon

  • guest

    I have used my new bullet a few times and it leaks. No matter how tight I get it before attaching it to the bullet. The liquid gets down the sides and you can’t remove it. Very disappointed in the design.

  • Madeline Smith

    It does not make juice that is drinkable, as it is so thick with pulp, it’s disgusting. I have no idea what to do with it. The ad says it’s easy to drink, but it’s not, all I wanted was juice !! I am 70 yrs old & live with chrons disease of the colon & intestine. I warn everyone Not to buy it. I would love to send it back to the customer service & tell them to drink that thick mush……if they can, I hate it & wish I had my hubby’s money back.
    I still plan to get me a simple little juicer !!

    • Char

      When it is thick, decrease the amount of fruit/veg and add more water.

    • vallerie

      It has never been sold as a juicer! It preserves vitamins in the food because it completely blends the whole product! The enzymes in the whole food help you digest it. There are very little enzymes in just juice. Use fruits you love without their seeds (fruits washed of course) and blend it…you get the whole food but easy to digest!!!

    • will

      Water it down with apple juice, this will make it taste better and more drinkable. Add a lot of juice though, like up to the "Max" mark.

  • Karen

    We have a Nutribullet that didn’t start out loud but now we simply cannot be in the same room with it without hearing protection of some kind. I think I will try to contact the company about it, maybe they can help us too.

  • Poodlemomma

    I have had my NutriBullet for about 3 months and I LOVE IT!!!!! I have had NO problems. I had owned a Magic bullet also but it is just not powerful enough. Prior to buying the NUTRI BULLET I had bought 2 different NINJA SYSTEMS, and I took them both back. They do not completely crush ice and it leaves very large chunks of ice in the smoothies. I also found that the Ninja did not PULVERIZE the Chia, Flax, & Pumpkin seeds like the NUTRIBULLET does. I use mine daily sometimes twice a day and I have only one complaint, I wish the mixing cup was larger!! I love my nutri bullet and, I am sorry that people are having so many problems with their products, because I LOVE MY NUTRIBULLET and I am soooooo very happy that I made the investment in it.

  • Pablo

    I love this product, I’ve had it for a year so far, and no problems

  • Terri Garrett

    I purchased my Nutribullet at Bed Bath and Beyond loved it used it everyday for 1 month then the gasket around the large blade had to pay for another one, ok. Then anout 1 month later gasket broke in two again, so I’m using it with a broken gasket and a towel so it doesn’t leak all over my kitchen, then I noticed the blades went dull, wellI wasn’t going to pay $20 for another gasket plus $30 for a new blade so now instead of an extractor I make smoothies. I could have done that with a $20 blender. I should have bought the Ninja.

  • Nik

    our just quit on us. just read all of this reviews and not happy about what’s waiting for me with a customer service. Would not recommend for any one to buy this one.

  • Ginny

    I too am having rust problems. I called customer service this morning and they are sending a new blade in 6 to 10 days. I have to pay for shipping however. Since they know this is a problem, (after reading this site) they need to fix the problem and hold sending out another blade that will do the same thing. I really like the shakes. What other machine will give me my shakes this fine?

  • tony

    dolold u **** what r u working for nutribullet now how much r they paying u to write this

  • fuzz

    rust in the drinks these COCKSUCKIN MONEY GRUBIN BASTARDS!!!!

  • Jon

    Buy it from Bed Bath and Beyond.. they will replace it no questions asked/

  • Reyshel

    Wow is all I can say. I was going to buy one because i don’t want to drink those GMO drinks like "naked" that just got sued for false advertising, but after reading all these complaints i have reconsidered! Guess I’ll start looking for something similar…. Juice or blend? Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Lone Ranger

    Hey Kevin!
    Does following the instructions prevent rust from leeching in your smoothie???? Does that even past the smell test? Rust should not be present period!

  • Cwlia

    You do that!

  • Karen

    My NutriBullet was awesome until after about 1 month and it stopped working :(

  • B. Wenzel

    How negative can YOU get. You haven’t even given it a chance. There are a lot of POSITIVE reviews also. We have a NutriBullet and it works great. Most people are too lazy to read the full instructions, such as fill only to the fill line to prevent leaking, that is why they have problems. Since you have the machine, try using after reading all the instructions. If you THEN have problems return it.B.

  • Taitnarine

    I purchased the NB today, I tried to make a smoothie with apple, banana and oranges. It was not smooth. I wonder how the guy on TV got his juice to pass thru a sieve?

  • William Doyle

    What you might not understand is that it is a design flaw that they have not fixed yet. By selling you a replacement part for $4.00 they got another $4.00 out of you when the first unit should not have failed in the first place. These units will probably get recalled due to the danger inherent in the rust leaching back into the unit. Just for fun, after a month use the unit with 4oz of clear water and run it for 2 minutes, then take a look at the water. enjoy.

  • guest

    Some people are so dense, lacking all common sense! Read ALL the instructions and follow them! How hard is that? DON’T go past the fill line, DON’T run longer than a minute (60 seconds) each time, and DON’T expect it to take all your abuse without breaking apart. Use care and common sense, please! I did and mine is working fine.

  • reg

    Why complain about sales technique when you don’t have to listen. It is your time and your dime hangup. Stores sell the nutribullet go buy it. Stop giving away your personal power. I just purchased mine and so far am enjoying it to the max I can’t wait to realize the health results.

  • patriciasweden

    This machine has and endless list of serius failures that surely make you wonder why the 2designers" of this amazing idea could juts think so wronly when it comes to hygine, and specially the poisoning chance as the scrow placed right in the middle gets rusty in less than a week and the machines srround gets all the liquids inbetween the sides which makes it impossible to clean , plus the liquid that runs into the machine.

    • Dave

      I would have to assume that someone who can’t spell…also can’t read. Had mine for months with no "serius" failures or leaks of any kind. Maybe you have a few "scrows" loose. Hahahahahahahahah!!!

  • patriciasweden

    This machine has and endless list of serius failures that surely make you wonder why the 2designers" of this amazing idea could juts think so wronly when it comes to hygine, and specially the poisoning chance as the scrow placed right in the middle gets rusty in less than a week and the machines srround gets all the liquids inbetween the sides which makes it impossible to clean , plus the liquid that runs into the machine.

    And not to forget the plastic kind of lids to cover the holes oin the surface…they rotten after awhile due to the great amount of liquid that keeps on pouring after using the powerful and "amazing" machine which could of been a niracle machine if it wasn´t for all those dangerous and expensive issues —expensive as the machine is highly expensive.

    I would love to get in contact with the product developers of the company as I´m a designer myself and I suppoused they would like to listen to their "unhappy" customers and besides sending our money back they could just correct all those failures and comeback when they are ready for the best idea ever when it comes to speed, results and endless new ways to improve our health!

    Greetings from a concerned curomers who hopes for the best!

  • Jasmin

    I love bed bath and beyond. I returned a blender that I bought 8 years ago. Believe it or not it was still the same price 8 years later. I was shocked that no questions were asked. I did not even get a chance to tell them I bought it 8 years ago and that I did not have receipt. They just told me to grab a new one. I am buying everything from BBB.

  • Nisha

    I bought the NB at my local store. I’ve been using it nearly everyday for about 9 months. My cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure have all come down and they are in line with where they are supposed to be. I’m learning to like and incorporate fruits and veggies in a unique and nutritious way. I am also completely "regular" as a result of all the fiber I take in.

    The NB does leak if you overfill it, though. Overall, I’ve watched it transform my health. I’m a satisfied customer.

  • John

    My family purchased Nutribullet for me last Christmas and I have been doing it almost every day since then. I have not lost weight but that was not my intention. Instead, I experience a better sense of alertness and my joints don’t swell at all. This product really works but if you don’t exercise and watch your portion intake then don’t expect much. It’s a Nutribullet not a Magicbullet. As for those complaints about leaking, that happened to me a few times and then (duh) I realized that I was overflowing either the water or the ingredients. Once i stopped trying to overdo it, …. no problems. If my Nutribullet breaks down tomorrow I will buy another one. I make one for me and my wife every morning and now that our daughter is home from college I’m getting her on the bandwagon as well. I’ve never written an endorsement of any product before in my life, but this Nutribullet is the Real Deal.

  • Leah423

    I love your review Keith. I just got mine yesterday. I havn’t even got the chance to use it yet because my daughter has taken it over…lol…I got mine from target for 99 dollars. The girl at customer service assured me that I could return it within 90 days if I need to for any reason. So I won’t have to deal with the company directly. So if it starts to leak or anything then I will just replace it. I don’t expect perfection out of any appliance. I’m sure the complaints so far about the company is legitimate. But so are the complaints I have about my gym.. They make me really mad sometimes. And I stopped going for a while..mean time my body slowly started morphing Into the michelin tire man. So who was I really hurting by boycotting the jerks besides myself. I will probably stop doing business with them once my contract is up…but in the mean time I am going to use both products to help me reach me goals. Ultimately you just have to decide to except the things you can not change..maybe write a letter and just learn to se the positive in every situation. im going to give nutrabullet a chance. If it gets my kids excited about fruits and vegetables than its worth any amount of expense or technical issues.. and that’s all I have to say about that….Leah…California.

  • Marian

    I was really enjoying my Nutribullet… but it is less than a year old and it already leaks. The juice gets behind the plastic lining and it has green junk behind the plastic.
    I try to clean in behind the plastic but no luck?

  • Sandra Mihalko

    Have had ours for 3+ months. My husband and I make different drinks to suit our taste and we are happy with it. Our 4 year old granddaughter and 6 year old grandson love the "purple juice" that is about 1/2 veggies and 1/2 fruits. I have no complaints and we use it every day. So far we love it.!

  • kathy

    purchased the N>B as well and was checking a simple order status report . Gave my info and low and behold, they have no record or recent purchase under my information. I ask if she could access it some how and she replies nope sorry we just take orders. wouldnt you think if she started printing in my **** (info) something would pop up stating a recent purchase with my info is active?????????????

  • Bob

    Gasket leaks everywhere after 2 months. Worked great for a while. After reading all the comments on this site , I’m not going to even bother trying to communicate with these people. Easy to see whats going on here. Just another rip-off Chinese piece of junk!

  • NSB

    Hey I just bought my NB from Canadian Tire and it works well. Kale,Cilantro, Parsley, Peppers, Celery all go through it well and produce a really fine grain smoothie. I’ll wait and see if it holds up but its portable and I use it at work and heck of a lot easier to clean than my Omega Juicer! Geez spend half your time cleaning the thing

    NB gets my vote for now Just buy it from a store and avoid all the headaches..Keep your receipt though

    I paid $99 Can for mine.. will probably see a ton of them at garage sales next summer for $10

  • Unhappy

    The top keeps getting stuck, and if you have small hands, forget about it!! This has already happened twice in a month. Now i have a health shake inside the container but I can’t get the top off to drink it. :(


    I purchased my nutribullet in December, I’m just finding out that I have been charged an additional $19.95 for some magazines, that was not authorized. I asked the operator who gave them authorzations to use my card on some f–ing magazines, he response was I didn’t cancel my subscribution when they sent a post card thru the mail for cancellation.



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