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Last Updated On: December 12, 2016

Hurricane Spin Mop Contact Information

Business Name: Telebrands Inc
Corporate Address:
79 Two Bridges Rd
Fairfield, New Jersey 07004 USA

Hurricane Spin Mop Customer Service

Hurricane Spin Mop Phone Number: 855-235-1850
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Ajit Khubani - President
Corp Website:

Hurricane Spin Mop Ratings

Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 18 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 50

Hurricane Spin Mop Reports

Reported Losses: $923.82
Average Reported Losses: $51.32

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I ordered the Hurricane Spin Mop off the 800 number off T.V. ad. I chose to pay the $51.97 one time payment instead of the 2 months of $19.99 and $12.99 ship and handling fees. Order made August 29 2015 and I got several calls, no messages left.

So September 2 2015 I returned the call here again got a recorded message I left my statement I don’t reply to phone recorded calls. So here again tonight I got a call from a live representative and I let that male know I am recording the call. Several times during our chat he asked for my phone number, reply cant find me in files and then asked to address. I asked to sent product too, I gave both. Here again could not find my order.

I knew then I must just request a cancellation and I stated and clearly can prove I recorded and advised the phone representative for Hurricane Spin Mop I am canceling and recording call.

I then hung up and came to my computer to follow up to find this, of complaints. I am adding my complaint as well and copying just incase any one from this SCAM attempts to use my card number fraudulently. 800 617 1766 T.V. ad.

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  • Greg T

    I purchased my Spin Mop off of TV after eight months the screws on the bottom of the bucket are allowing water to leak on the floor I have contacted the Spin Mop company and this supposed to be a 10 year warranty and they’re asked me about the color of the bucket and they’re saying it’s not because it’s green not blue it’s been a back and forth with no resolution

  • Melissa Lanehart

    I love this mop but unfortunately the construction of the pedal on the bucket stinks! My moms bucket and mine broke in less than a year of purchase. Please make the pedal out of metal or something more sturdy it’s like the gears strip.

  • Tricia Hamilton

    I Love this mop but the only thing that breaks is the white plastic piece which is removable and probably cost 50 cents but I have to buy the whole handle for over 20 dollars. I am so upset because that piece is made in chine and only cost maybe 50 cents & I have 15 handles in my garage. I guess they are not green. I can’t even call them or contact them anymore. Did they close down?

  • Sue Merritt

    I LOVE my mop, I bought it at Wal-Mart to save any weird charges. BUCKET broke, will not spin, in less than 6 months. I have spent the last several months trying to FAX and EMAIL them for a new bucket as they say they are covered under WARRANTY. Don’t believe them! The fax numbers NEVER work and the EMAILS bounce back at me. Too bad. It’s a great idea but needs some modifications with the bucket. Sooooooooo disappointed!

  • chrystal

    i bought the spin mop about 2 months ago used it maybe 8 times and ithe rod broke near the bottom cant find replacement have to buy the entire thing again. its to bad they made it so flimsy otherwise it would be a great mop.

  • catlovr4

    I have had this mop and bucket for over a year and I clean houses for a living, so it has had quite a workout. I have never had any problems with it until now. The bucket has decided to quit on me. But I will buy another one as soon as my local WalMart has them back in stock. Well worth the money.

    • Retha

      Well mine bought from Walmart only lasted 4 mos….

  • frances

    my husband and i went online to their website and ordered the hurricane mop at the beginning of last month and still have not gotten it. we looked at our bank statement and they charged us $58 twice. we have been calling everyday, mon-fri, and still cant get them to cancel the order. I keep calling the toll free number and i have to sit on hold for almost and hour without talking to anyone.
    is there a different number i need to call?

  • Lovesmymop

    I bought a similar product at W-M almost a year ago for $29.97. It spins the mop just like the hurricane mop and it is awesome. I think the brand was like Cello or one of the name brand companies. I bought a new puppy about a week ago and the mop has had quite a workout this week. LOL. I have a lot of back problems and this mop is so easy to use I don’t have to take a pain pill just to mop the floor. You can skip the hurricane mop and straight to the one at W-M. You will NOT regret it!!

  • Cassie

    It’s awesome. I love mine but I have a different issue with them.

  • Cassie

    It’s at Walgreens.

  • Esther Sandoval

    I, in good faith ordered ONE Spin Mop from a TV sales. I was informed I would receive a mop, bucket, and sticky buddy. I was also informed I would receive a duster for free. Not so! I ended up receiving 3 mops,3 bucket and 3 sticky buddy for a total of 129.00. Why would I, an older woman need 3 sets of mop/bucket? I call the company to complain about the incorrect order and was told not to return the merchandise because it would be too expensive to ship out. But they would send me an extra mop head to make up for my loss. Well, today, 3 months later I looked at my credit card statement and they Charged me for the mop head that was supposed to be free due to their mistake in putting my order together. I am on social security and of course, don’t have much money. This company is stealing from the poor and vulnerable. They must be stopped, especially when they continue to charge ones credit card. Help!!!

    • Cassie

      The company doesn’t do a background check to see if you are poor and vulnerable. People make mistakes. Get over it and call the corporate office number above and get it straightened out. They sell millions of these things. They are bound to make a mistake.

  • Rosie

    This mop is a piece of crap. The concept is GREAT but the product is made from such cheap material that it doesn’t last. The mop handle falls apart and the spin mechanism stops working after a short period of time. I contacted the company and they said it was out of warranty. What a joke. Would not recommend this to anyone and have told others in person not to waste their money.


    after reading all these comments about the payment mishaps I WON’T ORDER ON LINE!!!! I’ll wait till they sell this item at WALMART!!! I just want to know if the mop works. Can someone please let me know

    • jregan5641

      Now it depends on which one you have. They have the one that has a peddle that breaks very easy. The mop is a wonderful concept for a person like me in a wheel chair and bad arthritis and other bad health problems, Now if you get a spinner bucket that the mop spins it is again a wonderful concept but it is not very strong. if you are careful with it does a wonderful job my real only complaint is that can’t get enough water in the bucket to last very long gets to dirty to fast. It works for me the spinner one does with the mop. The one with the peddle broke so I would not reccomend that one.


    ok but does the mop work???

  • Keys Hotel

    We ordered 2 sets of mops from this company on March 30th. Wanting to inquire about the status of our shipment, I contacted the company via the 800 number on their website on April 28th, and was routed to India. The gentleman I talked to gave me the run-around, asked me about 10 times to verify my address whenever I asked about the status of my shipment, and finally, after 10-15 minutes, I was told my order would arrive in 3-5 business days. Also, I asked to be connected to a representative within the United States, as is our right, and he claimed that he could not do that. Today is May 8th, 3 days after the latest arrival date, and I wanted to know where our shipment was. First I went online to check the status of our order and it suddenly said that it was on backorder due to overwhelming demand. I called the 800 number again (again I spoke to a call center in India) and spoke to a gentleman named Sandy who informed me that Sandy was indeed his real name (definitely false). I was told that when I called in on the 28th, the notes stated the order had not been shipped yet. I let him know what was said and he said “I can understand your frustration ma’am”. I again asked to be connected to a representative within the US and was told again that it was not possible. I asked this three times and explained that as a US Citizen, it is my right to be connected with someone in the US, again with the “ma’am i can understand your frustration”. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold for a few minutes. After a few minutes, Sandy asked me to hold for 2 more minutes because his supervisor was busy. After about 3-5 minutes, Sandy came back on the line and told me that the supervisor was not available. I then asked if the supervisor would please return my phone call and I was informed that they did not have a way to make outgoing calls to us and that I would have to call back. Finally I asked that he cancel our order and please refund the full amount to my supervisor’s credit card. I was told that we would see the refund reflected within 7-10 business days and was given a cancelation number. I informed Sandy that if I did not receive the refund by the end of 10 business days, that I would be calling back and that it would be my supervisor and/or lawyer that would be talking to them then. I also let him know that we would be contacting the BBB to inform them of what is going on and how it is not okay for “businesses” to do this to it’s customers. Hopefully something gets done about this and in the meantime, save yourself the money and time, and do not order online!

  • Lena

    I don’t know where to begin…SCAM SCAM SCAM…I recently purchased this mop thinking that I was getting 1 and then another free or should I say just pay shipping and handling…any ways I purchased 1 spin mop from best buy and thought wow let me get my mom and mother n law one…so I went on line and they had this special offer and in the process I ordered 3 spin mop dollies along with the 2 spin mops which I have not received and yes they have charged my credit card 89.00 plus they say I owe another 19.99 in which they charged another 19.99 and all I have received is 3 dollies and 2 mop heads…where is my order people or give me a full refund…it has been 2 months and all i get is the run around on this 800 line with someone whom I can not understand or maybe they don’t understand ENGLISH……DO NOT ORDER ONLINE

    • nhtransplant

      I had the same experience. plus, I thought the mop could spin without so much effort! I have MS, so I thought an easier mop would be better. It is NOT easier. I have gone back to my old method of cleaning my floors. I gave the second mop (even though I really only ordered an extra mop-head) to my daughter. She doesn’t like it either. It cost me $40.00 for the second one. this is a scam!!

  • David

    Thanks for the info

  • David

    Thanks for the info, I had the same problem about changing order and decided not to order.

  • Iris I

    Thanks for all the info above. I was ready to order a mop but after reading reviews I decided HELL NO!!!!

    Iris I


    Hi hurrican mop agent, My name TONG NGUYEN,live at 1600 w.wilmot ln ,Anaheim,CA 92802.
    My order # 102640079 .Please tell me when i can get my order.Thank you for your timeto answer me

    • nhtransplant

      beware of posting such info in a public forum. this isn’t the place for this info.

    • Cassie

      Hey dummy-Call the corporate office above, Mop agents don’t read this.

      • Sam

        He, you sound like the Mop people paying you to say all this s…

      • Paul Lackey

        Hey Cassie, Where do you get off calling frustrated purchasers names. Stick to your own insulting ways yourself. You only reinforced my negative feelings and I am no longer interested in purchasing this mop. I was going to order for myself and my friend. Do you work for these people?

      • jregan5641

        Cassie I suspect you to be a employee so please stay out of the conversation. These people have issues and they are real so don’t batter them. The mop is not all it is said to be. Yes you trick people into buying this stuff cause it makes sense but you make it for a dollar and try to sell it for 30 or so dollars.

  • Dixie

    Thank you for your comments I well wait tell they c0me to stores. I waited half hour and no human. No more ordering on line. They ruined it for all my orders on line. Thanks so much but what is this about, it cost 19.99 then 12.00 for ? Then Calif. tax what is this about?

    • jregan5641

      Go to ebay they have them there and I have never had problems with ebay but remember they are not made real strong so just remember that when you order. But for me it works great in my health condition and from my wheel chair.

  • Jim White

    This is a total rip off. I ordered one mop plus the one free mop. That’s $39 98 plus $25.98 for s&h on two mops for a total of $65.96. They sent me for mops and charged me $192.92.

  • Nicole B.

    this company is such a scam. i tried getting the bogo deal on the mop. went through automated service that ended up charging me $19.99 for the second mop, never confirmed the order than when i finally got someone on the phone i could not understand them due to the intense accent they had. i did managet o get another # from her then stayed on hold for about 30 mins waiting to speak to a live person, who just stated they would put a "request" in to cancel my order. IM NOT REQUESTING IT BE CANCELLED, IM TELLING YOU TO CANCEL IT. But like the above have mentioned my bank is already showing the money has been processed. What a horrible company and horrible customer service

  • Don Palmer

    unable to separate disk from mop head for cleaning.

  • Deborah Hand

    I also tried to cancel this order due to me seeing the same product in CVS for 9.99 so they refused to cancel my order. He told me he was in the phillipines and he didn’t have anyway of cancellation. So this is a scam company with terrible customer service…DON’T BUY THROUGH THIS COMPANY…Deborah Hand

    • Cassie

      The product is 39.99 at CVS. It is at Walgreens for the same price.

      • livefreeordiehard

        I was going to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond and get one until I read the reviews!! Thank you all for letting the rest of us know your experiences and that it’s a shoddy product.

  • sam

    I did not even order the mop because I realized I was being charged for the second mop, which was suppose to be free so I click the X on the screen and because I had entered my credit card number that shipped me it anyway and charged my card 67.99. Then I can’t just refuse it and have it sent back I had to pay 30 dollars to ship it back. Total scam.


  • Janeen

    Customer service is indeed a big joke. I called one phone # on my receipt. She told me she couldn’t help me and that I would have to call another #. That person told me she couldn’t help me b/c they don’t deal with order confirmations or cancelations and told me to call another #. I could NEVER get through to a live customer service rep with that #. I was done the same way as one of the commenters above. I clicked on confirm order and found I had actually ordered 3 mops when only wanted one + the free one. They also state your credit card is not charged until product is shipped; yet my $90 was already on hold at my bank.
    I think this is a scam as well. They can’t be that busy. They must have only one or two people manning the phones. Two days later and I still can’t get through. All circuits busy……. Oh, and, there is no where in ordering does it state you have to pay a separate processing fee for the FREE mop!

  • Ra Elias

    This mop is like something you would buy at the Dollar Store!
    I ordered it after watching the incredible infomercial and then the following business day, called to see what I actually ordered because the process was so confusing…when I received what I thought was buy one get one plus shipping was charged $72.96 for the order! This product is flimsy and very low quality–DO NOT BUY IT!

  • Nancy

    I am so upset with the ordering process that I haven’t even tried out the cheap looking product! All I wanted was the 1 mop and the 2nd mop that they said is free. The automated choices were so confusing that, when I finally got a live person, I wanted to confirm my order. He said he couldn’t help me and to call another #. They had no record until 4 days later. The charge was $112.94! The guy said its 19.99 service charge for the "free" mop which we aren’t told. I said I didn’t want the 3rd mop they had on my order. He said he would take it off. I got the conf #. Today I got 3 mops and I still owe $112.94. I called and all she said was that they would take off $20 or I could send the 3rd back but I would have to pay shipping. What a rip off!

  • Margo Brislin

    this company site is misleading for seniors they should be stopped

  • Davis

    This company is a scam. Tried to order replacement mop heads upon ordering online they added the special spin mop deal. I could not remove it from the order. I never confirmed the order and the next thing I know my card s charged and there where packages on the way. Customer service is hell, Do yourself a favor. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

  • Cynthia Toledo

    I called the hurricane mop and was put thru so many prompts to buy other items I just hung up without giving my charge card. Yesterday I received 2 hurricane mops, my name and address were wrong plus they used a charge card I never use. I was told to place a police report. Instead, I called my charge card comp;any and they removed the charge. This place is crooked and should be investigated. I will never buy from tv again.l

  • Juanita Hatchett

    Very disappointed in this mop. Ordered it 8/2013 and it was good for about two mops and than the handle broke, very thin and been unable to talk to someone about replacing the handle. Sorry I brought it. So be aware of this product and don’t buy it. It’s a waste of your good hard earn money.


    disappointed in the service

  • Mala Thomas

    Do not place an order with this company. It is pure hell to cancel your order. I started trying to canel my order on February 2nd again on 2/3/2014 and again on 2/4/3 this time was told that it was cancel and that I would have to call back in 48 hours to check to see if my order is cancel. The whole time I was trying to cancel my order the person on the other end keep trying to talk me into keeping my order. I did talk to my bank they stated that they could not stop the payment, but after it went through I can defaut the company and get my money back.

    • Kpayne

      I ordered the Hurricane Spin Mop in December and estimated ship date was 6 weeks. As of to date i have still not received my mop and customer service and give you no ship dates. The order status you can view is never updated and of no help at all. I recommend not ordering anything from Telebrands and go to the store and make your purchase there…very frustrated!

    • sharon gantenberg

      i just found instead of charging 3898, i was charged 4998 plus shipping. they said i ordered delux model. tried to cancel order because i told them i ordered the very one they advertised. i feel scamed…i hope you all report to attorney generals office… phoney add…

  • Ms. Mc

    I recently ordered 2 spin mops through the computer web site. Originally, I did not notice a place to put a shipping address that was different from my billing address. Since my billing address is a PO Box and the company cannot ship to a PO Box, I tried to get the shipping address changed by calling the customer service number. That resulted in a new order that somehow changed the dynamics of what I had originally ordered and they split my payments into two instead of the original one payment. Today I was trying to follow up since I have had no communication as to the status of my order. This time I am viewing an order that has my shipping address as my billing address. This company clearly does not have competent billing employees. I am really concerned about what I will end up receiving, if anything at all, and what my final charge might be. I am starting to believe that I NEVER should have placed the order to begin with.


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