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Business Name: AMR Corp./American Airlines, Inc.
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Corporate Address: 4333 Amon Carter Blvd
Fort Worth, Texas 76155 USA

Phone Number: 817-963-1234
Company Contact: Doug Parker - CEO
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Excessive Charges

A trip was planned fro Memorial Day weekend (more then 30 days away mind you) through American Airlines and like life does at times, threw in a curve ball which will not allow this trip to occur.

When I called the airlines I was told that not only would the money not be refunded but that the tickets need to be used within a year BY THE SAME BOOKED PEOPLE and a $200.00 charge will be added for each ticket!

I have never heard of such a thing in all of my years traveling! I plan on making A LOT of noise about this as I do not even believe this is a legal practice and if it is then it needs to be changed!

What a horrible way to treat your customers!

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2 thoughts on “American Airlines

  1. Would like people to know that because of AA I have been left with a broken shoulder. Also I was threatened with arrest and my best friend was left without insulin and I have had no sympathy from the Airline.
    My shoulder is a permanent injury
    Thanks AA