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Last Updated On: March 17, 2014

Sponsored Whips Corporate Contact

Business Name: Sponsored Whips LLC
Corporate Address:
4758 Limestone Rd
Wilmington, Delaware 19808 USA

Customer Service Contacts

Corp Phone Number: 302-543-5187
Corp Email: info@sponsoredwhips.com
Company Contact: Parham Mahani - Owner
Corp Website: sponsoredwhips.com

Sponsored Whips Customer Ratings and Reports

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $199.00
Average Reported Losses: $199.00

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There Are Currently No Ratings.
Based On: 1 Review
Number Of Comments: 0

Latest Sponsored Whips Complaint Filed

Sponsored Whips Sucks!

I signed up for Sponsored Whips on Facebook.

30 day money back if not happy. 3rd week in and I wasn’t seeing any results so I sent a letter to get my deposit back 6-9-12.

They got the letter 6-11-12, and Mitchell keeps giving me the run around. It’s 8-16-12 beware scam!

Additional Contact Info:

2427 Kirkwood HWY
Wilmington, Delaware 19805
United States

Website http://www.sponsoredwhips.com/sponsoredwhips.html

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