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speedy cash, law suit

speedy cash we have never dealt business with them at all, or have gone into their company, to ask for a loan, they have somehow got our information from another loan ,that has sold our personal information ,they have also have tired to get into our bank account, and we have contact our bank and let them know about it, this has been going on since the beginning of this year off and on, they have called more then once ,and my wife and i , we have hanged up on them, because we do not , owe them anything at all, they have our bank account information, telling us we owe 500 dollars to them, and we do not owe that to them at all, we are sick and tired, of them calling us, and harassing us, my wife and i , we live off of my ssa , i am a disabled navy veteran , and i have end stage liver failure condition, i am not about to give someone my money that i do not owe them to,

sincerely, thomas and deborah kilbane
from kansas city,mo

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