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I was called by EZmoney.us and told I was approved for a loan between $1000-$5000. I needed to pay $180 via vanilla reload network cards provided at CVS, 7-11, or Walgreens, to verify that I could make monthly payments of $208 for 12-months. So I did, called the Financial Manager back and provided him with PIn. Was told I would receive funds in 30 minutes…nothing arrived.

They called back saying that a security block was put on the wire transfer from Oneclickcash regarding a delinquent loan & to call 3237860272 to clear it up. I called & was told to purchase another vanilla reload card for $279, I did. Called ezcash.us back with confirmation number. Nothing wired to my account.

They called me back saying I needed to pay another $200 because I had a low credit score. I did. Then they said I needed to pay $ 188 for application fee. All using vanilla reload cards. I refused to pay more money & said I wanted my money back and was told that I would be cancelling my loan and all monies paid would be kept as cancellation fee.

That’s what I get for asking for help.

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