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I sent them 28 items in their postage paid bag, many with tags, and one super new expensive shoes that I bought before I recently tore my Achilles’ tendon.

They “accepted” 18 items and donated the rest- including the designer shoes! My credit – you won’t believe this- $21.00.

So I added up what they are selling my stuff for and it’s about $200. And I get $21? Seriously. What a rip off.

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    Selling to ThredUp isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. They take forever to process your bag and then give you an insulting amount for a huge bag full of New and Slightly used items. It seems to be an all around win, win situation for them. Just give the items away or take the time to sell them on eBay. Sending items to ThredUp ends up being a total waste of time A full bag of clothes should at least equal enough to purchase one item from their site. My payout doesn’t even cover shipping! Terrible.


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