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USPS has the worst “change of address” system ever. I purchased a package from someone online, which was sent by 2-day Priority mail. Because the seller was so close to me, it only took overnight to get to my local post office. I had just moved about 3 weeks before this, and there was still a forward on my original address.

This is where it gets stupid.

USPS does not actually forward your mail at your local post office. Instead of using an efficient database to forward packages in house…they slap a “FORWARDING” sticker on it and it gets sent to the forwarding facility. In my case, the closest one was Virginia.

It took 8 days…EIGHT DAYS for the package to get from my local post office to the forwarding facility. Obvious, once a package is forwarded, it doesn’t matter if it’s marked as regular mail or priority, they will take their time.

At this point in time, the package arrived in Virginia at 5:00PM yesterday. It’s now 8AM the following day…and my package is still sitting there untouched according to my tracking #.

Bottom line, use UPS or Fedex. If the actual federal government mail system cannot implement a proper forwarding database in house…in this day in age…stop putting money in their pockets.

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