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One of our loved ones died the day before the Labor Day holiday, so we didn’t have time to order from our local florist. We found on the internet “Avas Flowers – locally owned in the Apollo, PA area”. So we thought this would be great, since we would be traveling from SC to the funeral in Apollo PA the next day and could check out this “locally owned” florist ourselves.

When we got to the funeral we couldn’t find the flower/plant that we had purchased for the wife of the deceased. It was so small that it was put in the back of the room. It was two mums (seen them at Lowes for $4.98 each). It was supposed to be an “Elegant Bliss Basket” – Premium, large.

We were very disappointed and called Avas immediately, only to get a recording – found out they didn’t exist in the Apollo PA area! I called several times – at the funeral, at the home of the deceased, and when we got home in SC.

The only response I finally got was that hydrangeas (what was pictured in the internet ad), were out of season and mums were substituted. I can understand the substitution, but mums – really? The cheapest plant available.

I went to my local florist in SC and without even mentioning the company name she said “Avas?” “That’s the company that gives reputable florists a bad name”!

I will never use Avas again!

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Comments About Avas Flowers Review: $10 mums for a “premium” flower basket!

  • Stan Czajkowski

    I ordered flowers for a friend of mine who died. While the flowers were delivered and were acceptable I found another problem. My charge card information was used to make an unauthorized purchase on the same day. I contacted Avas about the problem so that it would not happen to others. Avas instructed me to send them a copy of my charge card statement. Apparently it was my responsibility to correct their dishonest system. Next iMessage I will use ProFlowers.

  • marcia d

    I ordered a 60.00 bouquet 12-16-16 for anniversary. Recieved only 2 roses and 2 carnartions in small vase! It was supposed to be a large Christmas arrangement. then charged me for a greeting card I did not ordet $65.99. They lied, said they were a local florist. I hate being ripped off! Fight back! This company is a disgrace to other florist. Scamming ring! Do not buy from them.


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