Easy View XT Review: Fraud

I went to order a Easy View HD Sun Shade for my Car, as it was also advertised on TV, on the https://www.easyviewhd.com. It was priced $10.00 a pair plus $7.95 for Postage and handling. The website said the following: OFFER DETAILS: Order your first Easy View HD™ for just $10.00 + $7.95 P&H and get the second Easy View HD™ for FREE! Just pay the additional processing fee of $7.95..

After I filled out my name address and the Credit card details on the form, I pressed the process order button. I got to another page and that page was forcing me to add another pair. I pressed NO but it would not take it. Finally I added another since it said get the second one free to begin with.

However, when I went to check out, the final total showed the following:

SubTotal $24.00
Shipping & Handling $47.70
Tax $.00
Order Total $71.70

I was totally surprised. By this time the company had my credit card. I was trying to cancel my order but was unable to find a contact number or go back to the previous page. Then I call the phone number given on the web page: 877-868-4147 but was unable to talk to any human representative. It said to call 262-787-2026 for question about my order. I could not talk to anyone at that number either.

Few minutes later I received a order confirmation on my email with a total $71.70. The email was a “no reply” email and I was unable to inform to cancel my order. Then I called my Credit card company to stop the payment but the payment was not yet posted and they could not help me. I do not want to receive this order or pay the total amount charged to me. In fact, I found out that I could get the same item from my auto dealer for $8.00.

I believe https://www.easyviewhd.com and the related business is a read FRAUD and rip off. This business should be banned. I need your help.

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