Zenith Financial Network Review: I was scammed by Zenith Financial Network

I received a call from a man from Zenith Financial Network claiming I owed money to a bank in Florida. He said I owed $409.95 and stated information about me that made him sound believable. I told him I wouldn’t have the money for a couple of week and he asked that I give him a prepaid debit card number where he could withdraw the funds.

I did so and on February 26, 2013 the funds were withdrawn. I then received a call again from them on the 26th saying it had been declined and they were going to file the case in midweek. My supposed case number is 13-442873 and his number is 888-266-2579 ext. 339.

I did have a bank account in Florida but after I already paid and spoke to my wife about it, all I had was a savings account and there is no way of overdrawing it.

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  • Carol

    They have been calling us non stop too and I have no idea what it would be about. I figured if it was important they would send something in the mail instead they are calling relatives and threatening. Tell me where to report these poeple

  • Kris

    They left a message with my bf at our home phone number that they were looking for my dad. He does not live with us and has never used my home phone number. I asked them why they were contacting me instead and they said they received bad information from the credit company and were contacting relatives instead to settle the issue. I asked them what the issue was and they said they could not tell me. Since they wouldn’t tell me, I wasn’t willing to divulge my dad’s contact info. They said they will just continue to contact family members and neighbors.

  • isimonetti

    Continues calling, more than 3 times a day to my cell phone. Harassment and disrespect. I have no business with this company and yet they continue to harass me and call my cell phone NON STOP. I already told them they have the wrong number and wrong person and yet they continue the phone calls. Twice they have told me they are removing my number and offered an obviously fake apology but the phone calls continue. How can I legally block them from calling my phone after I already told them they got the wrong number?

    Zenith Financial
    Steven Wilson

    If anybody knows how I can sue them and stop their harassment, please let me know ASAP!

  • joe

    Their address is: Zenith Financial Network 1489 West Palmetto Road Boca Raton, Fl 33486…..They kept calling me for a relative that does not live with us. Told them numerous times not to call here. Finally told them I would sue them if they called again. Will see what happens. People must be **** hard up for a job to do what they do for a living.


    this company also other name (financial network media) has called several times at my office, I explained to them I would not speak to them at my job, and only communication will discuss by snail mail. they continue to call my work, dont talk to them total scam. They also call my son over and over, wanting info about where I am, DONT TALK TO THIS GUYS TOTAL SCAM.

  • Tallorder

    I was contacted by these bottom feeders as well. Know your rights: you do NOT have to put up with these phone calls. Send letter certified mail/return receipt requested stating you do not wish to be contacted by phone. By law, they must honor this request. Do not believe them when they use intimidating tones or threaten you with legal action. You can not be jailed for unpaid debt.

    • JTaglew

      What is the address you used to send the letter?

  • Linda

    I, too, received a call last week from an "agent" with this organization claiming that I owed $1,890 for a p****y loan from Cashnet USA – which I never received. The young lady was very nice but I told her in no specific terms that I did not owe any money and I was not willing to make payment arrangements for a debt that I did not have. I asked her for her contact information, which she provided. I then contacted CashNet and was advised that they do not hire outside agencies to collect for them and that this was, in fact, a fraud. I did, however, verify that I did not have an outstanding loan with them and was provided paperwork to that effect. I faxed the papers to Zenith Financial, along with the fraud report that I filed with CashNet. I haven’t heard from them since.

    • Joann McDermott

      I too have been getting calls from these people tellingme I had a p****y loan that I didnt get. They are telling me I will be arested for this and have to proud in court I didnt get it. I have pulled my bank statements and this co. is not on them. I just keep gettg calls. How do you stop this?


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