Yellow Pages Review: Yellow pages billing problem.

Received billing from Yellow Pages On Line on 4-22-13 by fax. Bill indicated it was overdue in the amount of $599.95 plus $46.36 interest Charges and Administrative fee of $40.00 for a total amount due of $686.31.. I was surprised due to the fact that I had not renewed the listing with Yellow Pages from the prior year.

I call the inquiry # indicated on the billing. I was told that the renewal was automatic unless I provided a written cancellation provided within 30 days of the renewal date. I asked to make the cancellation effective immediately and I would pay a prorated share of the bill. I was told that the full bill must be paid. No prorated share of the bill would be accepted.

I would like to pay a pro-rated share of the yearly fee from the start date of 11-1-12 To cancel date of April 22, 2013. I had no knowledge of their cancellation policies. They will not accept our cancellation letter until we have paid the bill in it’s entirety.

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