Yahoo! Review: Go back to the old formats

The new home page format is not nice or effective, also the e-mail format is not up to standard

go back to the old formats.

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Comments About Yahoo! Review: Go back to the old formats

  • maria

    just awful. Want to read an article? Just click it on and read two sentences only to have to click on “more” to read the rest. Also I don’t need to see a video with every article….and the commercials to sift through…..really – who ever approved this! I’m going back to TV.

  • Brenda Smith

    Horrible format! Not functional at all. Very redundant and I can even say UGLY to look at!

  • dr howard davis

    the new yahoo blow- sucks and is causing me business problems galore go back to classic you fools and fire those design idiots who designed the new format

  • Rose M Murray

    I want my former format restored. I hate the new format, I am not a computer nerd like you special college taught pros I am just an 74 year old lady trying to email my family and friends, I am stuck in this house and the only joy in my dull existence is keeping in touch by email, have some compassion, I hope the world is a better place when you are 74 and stuck at home without good communication.

  • corky

    I want my former format restored. This is like going back to the stone age of computers.

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