Yahoo! Review: Yahoo changes email appearances without notification

Yahoo keeps changing the appearance of your personal email page without prior notification or how to change back. As of late they changed the way I am able to sign out. Instead of clicking one “sign out” button, I now have to click on my name and then click on sign out.

The big problem with this is there is constantly a problem with obtaining the appearance of the hand which allows you to sign out, instead all you see is the arrow.

Now it takes 10 minutes or more to sign out. I searched for several sites that would allow me to complain to them directly, but apparently even that too has changed without notifying its customers.

If I continue to have these problems, I will simply dump Yahoo and suggest to all my friends, they do the same before something catastrophic happens. When a company has such little regard for its customers, it needs to be shut down.

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Comments About Yahoo! Review: Yahoo changes email appearances without notification

  • I hate the yahoo email changes. It’s too confusig and i never have a big enough window to ready what i’m typing now that their stupid ads take up valuable real estate. HATE IT

  • Yahoo mail has changed the format. It is not user friendly and too many words throughout inbox. Very confusing when responding. Please change it back to the old format otherwise looking to move to another account.

  • The new appearances are very stupid especially when you reply the coming mail.


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