ViaSat Review: Exede Internet Sucks

I purchased Exede Internet for a weekend home in the country about 6 months ago. It was the only way to get high speed internet to my house. They have a data usage planning meter on their website that tests to see if your normal usage will fit within their data usage parameters.

Each billing month, after the first or second weekend at our house, we received notices from Exede that we had exceeded our data usage allotment.

I spent several hours each time on the phone with their technicians trying to figure out how we were going over the allotment.

Turned out that the several hours or streaming music each weekend popped us over the monthly allotment. We did not even try streaming video since we know that sucks data.

Their usage tool is a sham and then, if you find that you are going over the allotment every month, they do not allow you to cancel without the 2 year cancellation policy coming into play. Now they want $200+ to cancel a service that (a) I sincerely tried to make work and (b) where they do not tell the truth on their website about data usage.

This is a rip off. Do not use them.

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2 thoughts on “Exede Internet Sucks

  1. Yeah, we are currently using exede internet and I feel we have been lied to and scammed, when we told them that we streamed netflix daily they said that the 10G plan would be just fine… It was used up in just 2 days. We also never actually got to see or sign a contract when signing up for them and we were told we had a 30 day window to cancel our service free of charge, but when we tried to cancel it the next week we were told we had to pay the cancellation fee anyway and that there is no 30 day window (There are several bad reviews about the company on their website with people having that same problem) On top of all of this, if we do cancel we have to return there satellite and other equipment ourselves or we are charged about $350 for the equipment… I DON'T KNOW HOW TO TAKE A SATELLITE APART!

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