Publisher’s Clearing House Review: Tricky treats from PCH

yes i am complaining about pch site which is known as publish clearing house where if you keep login in aND ENTER SWEEPSTAKES every day,you will have a chance at winning i don`t like the fact that they are telling me i have a really good chance at winning and keep sending me emails saying that i need to hurry and respond by the 26 of january is the deadline or i will be missing out on my winning and every time i try to respond to get at the bottom of my email its says respond but every time i try its just keep says link is broken i think they are setting me up to lose out on my winning on purpose and i dont like it i feel like im getting scam and i tier of wasting my time with this site i be busy and have more things to do

i have been on this website for 10 months i can`t believe that they are setting me up for nothing they saying im so close got valids number for the sweepstakes i cant enter in that either i dont know whats going on and i DO NOT LIKE IT AT ALL they wasting my time and getting my hopes up for nothing i really think i am getting scam and this site know my information which i do not like yeah you can tell them i said it i think this is really mess up and so many ways

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  • stephanie

    yes i agree.. i got my hopes up. and my hubby tells me im wasting my time that its all a hoax and not real.. they have too many commercials between games. i hate that it takes so long to play

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