They use your credit/debit card information and steal your money! - Smile Pro Direct

“Free but except Shipping and handling” does not mean what it says.  They use your credit/debit card information and steal your money!

I saw an ad on Facebook for a free trial of Smile Pro Direct and Bella at Home teeth whitening products. ALL you had to pay was $3.85 shipping each. I received the free samples yesterday (11/20/13) and have not even used them yet.

Today I received a notification that my balance in my account is under $100.00 and it should not have been! I went to my bank and found out Smile Pro Direct had taken $94.31 out of my account today. I contacted Smile Pro and spoke to “Michael” and he kept telling me he could not find a record of me by my name or zip. The only thing he seemed concerned about was wanting to know how I got their 888 number. I told him I got the number from the copy of the receipt they sent me when I ordered the samples. You would think he would know it is printed on their receipts. I got their email address and emailed a copy of the receipt to Customer Service.


The Sight I went to was Smile Pro Direct but the label on the boxes the free trial products was in has return address as Web Fulfillment Center, 7565 COMMERCIAL WAY STE E, HENDERSON, NV 89011-6616

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Comments About Smile Pro Direct Review: They use your credit/debit card information and steal your money!

  • Mirtha

    I keep getting this boxes of the teeth whiteners that I havent even opened.

  • Aorbo

    how do you stop this?

  • ROME

    About to return to sender on pills i did not order..

  • ROME

    They got me for 2 x $94.31… Have opened a case to get my money back.

  • Lyn

    Like Robyn I received the same product plus another my total was $233.60AU. I have contacted my c/card as they were only supposed to be costing the postage. I have today received another package I have no idea what is in it and intend to return to the from address. There only feels to be one bottle of tablets in it. I have never opened the first lot of tablets I thru out the bag before I found out about the pending charges. I will now return those back to the Henderson address as well. Does anyone have any other ideas. Lyn

  • Robyn

    I live in Australia and received a bottle of Colon Cleanse that I did not buy. My account is down by the amount AU$128.28. I am a pensioner, so why would I buy a bottle of tablets from the US with such postage. I only use PayPal and this amount has not gone through them. There was no paperwork with the package, so I don’t where it came from.

    • james

      please tell me who you contacted

  • Mike Dawson

    What a RIP OFF !!! Was not aware of this false advertisement from Smile Pro Direct. I ordered the free trail which was to cost me only $1.02 and $3.87 for S&H and what ever. Before I ever received the product, my bank account was charged $94.31. I called and talked with a lady named Arisa about why I was charged the $94.31 and she stated that you must cancel with in eight days to not be charged the amount from the product. Told her I don’t want the product and would like my money put back into my bank. She stated she cannot give me money back. After much persistence from me, she offered me a third of it back and would cancel my account. Told her not acceptable and would like to speak to one of her managers. She would not get for me AND FINALLY OFFERED ME $66.68 back of the $94.31 and would cancel my account and send me a email of cancellation and amount to be refunded. So I learned a lessen that cost me my S&H and $27.63 if she puts back into my account as she stated. Will wait and see.

    • steve

      have u got a number please mike that I can ring mate.

      • Jordan

        yea i really need that number !!

  • blosk

    yes! i totally true, they’ve been stealing my money too, worst of it there was no phone number attached to my delivery so i cant even reach them and they even sent 2 other products in addition to the test products, which they’ve collected the money from my account without my knowledge, i’ve been able to block further transactions though. pls can i at least get their number?


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