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Sams Club is a Rip Off! They charge you to be a member and they charge more for the same exact item that can be purchased at Walmart without a membership fee.


60″ VIZIO Razor LED 1080p 120 Hz Smart HDTV Model E601i-A3 Sams Club $978.00

60″ VIZIO Razor LED 1080p 120 Hz Smart HFTV Model E601i-A3 Walmart $898.00

$80 less than Sams Club

When the issue is brought to their attention here is their lame answer:

Thank you for contacting Sam’s Club regarding pricing. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused you. Unfortunately, we do not price match against Walmart or

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  • Bruce

    I have A FICO of over 800 and a perfect credit history and yet Sam’s club mastercard rips me for 22.90% interest?! Most of my card major credit cards are less than 12%. Some around 6.9 which is excellent and I use them more because they reward me with a modest to low apr. Excuse me but WTF are you thinking Sam’s Club/Synchrony Bank? Of course, I will let the card go inactive and let them shut it down cause I aint that stupid nor that desperate. I pay for the yearly privilege of their club I should not get screwed by their credit hounds too.

    I had the same issue with Sears and no surprise they are going down like the titanic because some overly zealous credit managing idiot would rather lend to moderately credit rated consumers who overspend but might not be so good with paying it back. I might not spend millions but at least what I charge I pay off. I think I will start giving my business to those companies that are interested in a modest profit for a loyal customer base. The rest of ya can go to hell. Hell = bankrupt!


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