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My 14 year old daughter wanted to buy an Android Tablet with her Christmas money so we started looking online and found a great deal for a 7 inch Android tablet on a website called Nomorerack. The cost was $69.99 before shipping. The order was placed on Dec. 28, 2012.

The tablet worked great for about 2 1/2 months at which time it just stopped turning on. No power to the device at all. Called Nomorerack and customer service was very rude, all I wanted was to do an exchange, I had to ‘escalate” to get the manufacturer information to file a warranty claim. Manufacturer company is Global Phoenix Computer, and they emailed me a return label and promptly exchanged the device.

However about 3 days after receiving the new one, it is frozen, it is touch screen and not responding to any touches. Called Global Phoenix Computer and asked about a refund, the customer service rep informed me that he could only issue out another replacement, that to get a monetary refund I would have to contact Nomorerack.

I have now been on the phone with Nomorerack for over an hour and keep being told that I cannot get a refund. I have repeatedly asked to speak to a manager and keep being told no managers available. This is horrible customer service, not only do I get no updates from the customer service rep, but I called as soon as the company opened and still cannot speak to a manager.

All I want is to get a refund for my daughter. I do not even care about shipping, only the price of the tablet $69.99.

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  • Sam

    I join the rapidly growing list of those ripped -off by No More Crap. I purchased a tablet whose battery lasted about a minute . Warranty? No such luck, it was refurbished. Not wanting to blame NMR and the fact I had a credit to use I wished to buy a better one from them. NO WAY, using exactly the same info saved to their site from the first successful purchase, I cant buy from them and use my credit. They claim new “security features”. I’m now on my 5th ridiculous e-mail reply from them trying to fix this. So far all they have suggested is not to purchase at all or I can buy with different info and lose my credit. Which is, of course, why I was dealing with them in the first place.


    I have ordered different items at greatly reduced price and the merchandise has been perfect. I could not be more pleased. I am Helen scanner80


    This company should not be allowed to operate. There shipping is very slow their tracking page does not work and some of their products are inferior.I have order from them more than once and each time there has been an issue,FAREWELL NOMORERACK.

  • Vicki Crawford Edgington

    I’ve ordered from NoMoreRack 11 times now and have been happy with every purchase. Please note that the ppl complaining about some of the electronics…do your research on the brands before you buy…many off brands are junk. I have purchased several Nook tablets and they all work great!

  • Helen

    I don’t think no more racks is a scam. I ordered the Android tablet and have had it about a year now, with no problems. I have also order other smaller items and I can’t complain. I’m a customer like everyone else, so all I can say if you received a bad product stay on their butts til you get it resolved or a refund. I’m knocking on wood for my success.

    • bjbell

      You are one of the luckiy ones. Pray you have no problems. As you can see what their record is, is only a matter of time. Stay informed….

  • Jon

    All this company does is spam…spam and more spam. Never heard of the site but they bought my email address from somewhere and continue to send me emails multiple times a day.

    If a company goes to unethical means to promote their products and services then expect to be cheated when it comes to those actual products and services. There are too many real and good options out there than to deal with likely criminals.

  • marcy

    most all of these complaints are about electronics. nomorerack doesn’t manufacture these things and are offering them at a huge discount which tells me there is a reason they are able to resell them and still make a profit. you get what you pay for

  • Carol Kincler

    As far as I am concerned NMR is a complete mess. They may have SOME good products, but the back end departments of customer service and shipping are failing miserably. I received items later than promised and expected (after Christmas of course), and the Android tablets I bought my grandchildren are already not working…in fact 2 weeks after Christmas. I can’t return the item received after Christmas because it was sent to the recipients address, then she had to send back to me. So much for the return policy. My biggest issue is with the website and the e-mails I receive. I have worked almost 6 weeks on trying to get them to stop sending me e-mails. The unsubscribe button takes you to the home page in most of their e-mails….AND several e-mails DO NOT even have an unsubscribe function. I get totally canned responses from Customer Service. I have gotten what I think I a person but the problem was never solved. Don’t bother trying to call, in fact FORGET IT. I will never buy from them again simply because I DO NOT TRUST THEM. BIG ISSUE FOR ME.

    • Jeremy

      Go to the Better Business Bureau and file a Complaint they will help you

  • lbalcom

    Well, I have never used this site, And after reading these posts I don’t believe I will be ordering anything. I’d rather pay a little more locally and have good customer service than none at all. Thanks to all posting your experiences._

  • I ordered a 8" Android tablet from I got the tablet and its not even 8 inches!!! its like 6 1/2!!!! and its slow at browsing internet anyways…

  • I have ordered from them on several occasions and have had no issues. I will continue to order from them, my last order was an 89.00 Google tablet ordered foe a christmas gift and still no problem with it.



  • pat hoffman

    I ordered an item that was to cost 31.00 dollars and they charged 310.00 I have tried and tried to contact by phone and by email nothing I sick about this I am a widow and only get 1400.00 a month I had ordered things before with no problem but unless they fix this no more

    • michelle silva

      Hi Pat, ive been in the same situation, what I did to fix the problem was went straight to your bank, they will reverse the charges the same night. Good luck

  • Joshua

    purchased a ring and it came in exactly as described unfortunately i ordered the wrong size i will be buying another just like it if it pops up on NMR

  • Cassie

    Same story different day. I also bought that cheap Android Tablet. Useless. I also bought the 2 chargers for $18.00. Waste of money. I will file a dispute with my credit company. No avail at customer service. Their loss. I’m going back to the loyal

  • Anita

    I ordered from NMR on 12/18/13 and received a email saying that my order has been sent out on 12/28/13 and should receive it by 1/4/14…
    Will see how it go’s… They need people that do their jobs or find one’s that will…Hope all turn’s out for you all soon….Have a wonderful New Year…

  • nonomorerack

    No, you don’t want to get caught up with with company!!!! DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY BUSINESS!!!! YOU WILL NEVER GET A LIVE PERSON TO SPEAK WITH REGARDING ANY ORDER YOU MAKE WITH THEM!!!! All e-mails are computer generated…

  • Rachel

    I found the complaints page AFTER I ordered some stuff – the first shipment came within a couple of weeks, but the other took nearly a month to arrive, BUT, it did get here yesterday. Since it contains Christmas presents, I was glad to see it. It does seem like the stuff they sell is lower quality, so, the old adage, ‘ you get what you pay for ‘ seems to be true here. Buyer beware.

    • Lelia

      Hi Rachel, I’m also new to I placed an order on 12/23 and I have not even gotten a conformation via email that my order has shipped. I questioned even ordering from an unknown online, but since they were recommended to me, I decided to order, I’m sill waiting to hear from them. The items ordered are for my 6 grandchildren…yes 6! The worst is I don’t have a contact number. Can somebody please help!
      Thank you all for anything…

      • RETURNS DEPT////

        JO 2/1/15

  • Steve Anderson

    I ordered a 9" tablet on 11-30-13 today is 12-21-13, I still have not received my tablet. Once they sent me an email saying it had shipped, then 20 minutes later sent another email saying that it would ship tomorrow, that tomorrow was two days ago and not any emails since. They promised I would receive it before Christmas, today is Saturday and Christmas is this coming Wednesday fat chance of me getting it before Christmas and I may not get it at all. It was $89.00 and I can assure you that I am going to continue to give out bad reviews every day until I get my tablet that I paid for in November. This is the first action that I am taking against them, but not the last. Don’t buy from them!!!! I ordered stuff from three different companies since then and have received everything that I ordered from the other companies. I am not ever going to buy from nomorerack ever again!

    • Tonia

      same product ordered, same issue. Santa cannot deliver – nothing more to say about that

    • michaell

      hi steve my name is mike I recently joined no more racks I didn’t have a problem yet but keep me posted I planned on ordering a tablet but after reading your story i’ll go to amazon

    • Jeff Ruda

      Just wait…. the "GOOGLE" tablet you orderd will be a "KOCASO" not google and it is a horrible product.

  • Sheri

    Hello, completely new to NMR and ordered a lot of things this past few weeks. I am happy to report everything came in and was as promised in the description, pretty quick. EXCEPT…
    I ordered (4) Steinhausen watches, and ONLY RECIEVED (1). I cannot get anyone on the phone, no matter what time of day I call. I have sent MANY emails to Info/customercare/and experience/ (emails they list), but all I get is a canned reply. No one responds, calls, or answers the phone?

    Also, the notebook android I ordered for a gift arrived with a keyboard that doesn’t fit/work. It was a Holiday Miracle gift for a sick child. They are sending it back and I HOPE someone will refund my purchase with their 100% guarantee. After reading all these complaints and having my own experience I am concerned with this company and their integrity or maybe better said, Customer Service is a needing work. If you read this NMR, PLEASE contact me and send me the balance owed on my order. Thank you!

    On the positive side I LOVE ALL MY PRODUCTS! I just want you to send the missing watches and replace the keyboard :)

    • I have nothing but positive transactions with NMR

    • Joan

      What is there phone number?

  • Teri T

    I just tried to respond to NMR customer relations and when I hit submit, this is what showed ;
    This comment has been deleted by the administrator.


  • Babette

    Don’t make promises you can’t keep. I emailed 4 days ago and still have not heard back anything. I ordered a tablet and keyboard for my son for Christmas on 11/27 and still nothing. It says it was shipped on 12/3. I called USPS and they did not even know what the excepted scan they saw was, they’ve never seen that before. I called and all they could say was uh, uh after every other word in the excuses. Not happy at all, and very disappointed with this company. I have never known any company to take almost a month to get an item to you. And I still haven’t got them. Will never order from them again and will pass the word on. Next step is go to my bank and file fraud on this company.

  • Betty Luker

    I too wish I had read this page before ordering from this company. I ordered a tablet and my acct was debited on 12/02/2013 but have NOT received any merchandise. Tried to call customer service and they no longer answer the phone, so have tried the internet, will see what if anything happens. All I want now is my money back because from what I read I would just be getting junk!

  • JoAnna Mason

    I Purchased the Asst.Variety in colors fleece pants, 6 pairs, on November 30th. I Still have NOT Recieved these items. They have one excuse after another. NOW TODAY Dec. 19th, They WILL NOT EVEN Answer the Phonem it’s a message saying to Email, and it hangs up on you!. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need these PANTS as A CHRISTMAS ITEM> THIS IS AWEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WISH I KNEW ABOUT ALL THE COMPLAINTS I WOULDHAVE NEVER ORDERED FROM THEM . I AM A FIRST TIME CUSTOMER, & I HAVE TOLD EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY & FRINDS TO SPREAD THE WORD & DON’T GET RIPPED OFF LIKE I HAVE. My daughter wanted these pants so bad for Christmas!

  • Howard

    Whatever NMR sucks. I ordered a tablet. Got it. worked 3 days and locked up. Ordered a portable phone charger that was the wrong color and it didnt work. Called CS and they kept putting me on hold. Its like they are passing the phone around to each other and looking for the best answer. Still havent receieved my son’s BeatsbyDre headphones or his iphone case…but again CS has been the worst Ive ever experienced. listen people..the deals look good very good but wih deals like this comes a wimpy product and a horrible CS. Best thing to do is buy your products from legit places.

  • Julie J

    I am not happy with NMR. I ordered a kindlefire holder and not only did it not fit my kindlefire it was basically a piece of card board and separate piece of plastic with no instructions. I did not pay a lot ($8 and $2 to ship) however I got permission to return it and had to spend $3 to send it back. As suggested I did not sent it with delivery confirmation because it added too much to ship it back. 2 weeks or so after I mailed it I got an e-mail from NMR asking if I sent it. I wrote back and explained that it was mailed and I did not buy the delivery confirmation. I realize that was my fault but it was ridiculous that they sold something that was junk then I had to pay so much to return. I got an e-mail back saying it might take longer and to be patient yet it is almost 2 more weeks and when I checked on the status is said "deemed solved" How is it solved? I believe that returns are checked for delivery confirmation numbers and if there is none then they just say they never got it. So I’m just saying probably won’t order from them again and I won’t recommend. Maybe tomorrow I will get an e-mail saying they got it but to me it would be too little too late

  • tammy

    I cannot even get them to ship the tablet I ordered on December 1st. since it is the 59 dollar version I am almost certain that I don’t want it. what a joke this place is

  • jan

    I just ordered a tablet from NMR and I’m already regretting it. I’m going to hold my breath and Pray that I have no issues and then I wont bother to order from them again. I can’t take a chance on messing up Christmas because they are more concerned with sales than service after the sale like Comcast, Sprint, BasicTalk, etc….

  • YESMe

    D- on better business bureau – enough said.

  • Sherrie

    I ordered a tablet on monday this week. But thats what I do…order from different online stores and report to bigger people if theres any problems with the orders and/or if the item does not show up. Then I get my money back. I search through the web for scammers and help put a stop to them to the best of my ability. I have helped put 5 different scam sites off the web in the last year. very hard to tell a scam from real, but when they are caught, they get in trouble and disappear off the web so no one else gets ripped off by them. And I can say, so far looks good. I have friends that have ordered off here and also know other people off here and they have gotten their merchandise as expected and have had no complaints with what they order nor any issues with the products. Some people who have teenagers that use electronics, FYI, they like to load devices with everything and cause their things to get viruses and ruin their devices themselves. So quit blaming the place you got it from, and start blaming the person using it. You have to be smarter then the device. it would happen the same if you had bought the kid a tablet from Wal-Mart. if you want her christmas tablet to work, then buy her a virus protector or teach her to quit over loading it or to take and handle it with better care. Just saying!!!!!

  • Linda

    I never receive a billing slip in my products. I ordered an Android tablet and it worked for 3 week, now it freezes up and unable to use.

  • Bernice

    I ordered a tablet for my grandson on Nov 15 and received a confirmation that it was being shipped and nothing else. I never received it and attempted to call but couldn’t find a number only an email address where I sent a message with the shipping number and my name. That was Monday this is Wednesday have not heard from NMR. I need to know something especially if I have to get a tablet somewhere else.

    • Kimmi

      HI Bernice, I had never heard of this site until my husband ordered me a necklace for Christmas. It took over 3 weeks to ship. He didn’t call but I made him review the shipping details to track. He is not the type to call. I have not worn the necklace. Since I have read all of these reviews I want to tell him not to shop here anymore. So, we also experienced the same thing but it did come.

  • Tim

    I have had a good experience with nomorerack and i got 2 great deals so far . I don’t know that i would buy a low priced piece of computer electronics from them but hardware is a good deal . So to a couple of the earlier complaints if its to good to be true stay away .

  • richard

    I was just about to place and order for a tablet but…… could not take a chance

  • Brenda

    I think I had probably spent nearly $1000 at, and except for a couple of tiny issues, everything I have bought has been as described, and expected quality. I will say, however, that I will never order microfiber sheets again, from them or anyone else. Complete disappointment there, but is it the fault of nomorerack? No, it is not. I took a chance and tried them, and at a very low price, and did not like them. Some folks think they are ok, I don’t. I just won’t buy them anymore, from anybody. I research their items to see the actual retail on them other places to see if nomorerack is posting a high, ridiculous, retail price just to make themselves look better, and find they are within acceptable range. I.E. I have bought 5 purses that would retail for over $1100 total, and got them all for at or under about $210. If something is amiss, I email them. In the beginning when I started shopping there, delivery was extremely slow. They have worked on that issue, and some things come quicker now. Some do not, but if it is shipped from an alternate location (such as the manufacturer) then does nomorerack really have any control over that? No, they do not. I have done all of my Christmas shopping there this year, with no regrets. I am 60 years old, live on a fixed income, and unable to "walk the mall", so they have been a lifesaver for me. I have never been scammed by them. Just wanted to put in my 2 cents worth.

    • Lynne

      I ordered some of the micro-fiber sheets. When I received them, I put them in the washer and washed them in cold water as instructed and dried them on a low setting. They came out without a wrinkle and so soft. I am very pleased with my sheets, in fact, I ordered two more sets plus a set for my mother-in-law. This is the first time I had ordered any items from NMR

    • paula

      I agree–the microfiber sheets sucked!

  • andria

    wow , I was just about to make an order from NMR, but after reading these comments im terrified to do so ,its unfortunate because I love this site but if ppl are having problems I definitely don’t wanna get caught up also ..

  • JOE

    NMR you scam a*s mother f****n c**k sucking faggets, stop going to all these complaints like you care posting on all of them the same f*****g thing. You’re a f*****g scam, if you weren’t, so many people would say you were. B*****S!

    • crystal

      bad language makes you look the fool. ok so you think they’re a scam.

  • NMR Customer Care


    We are so sorry to hear about the trouble with your order. At NMR, nothing is more important than a perfect shopping experience. Our customer relations team is around 24/7, to help resolve your issue with our "Make It Great Guarantee" Policy. We can’t promise we are perfect, but what we do promise under our "Make It Great" guarantee is that we will diligently resolve your issue and aim to turn you in to a raving fan!

    To help us fix this issue for you, could you please e-mail us your order number & details at : ? We promise to get back to you within a maximum of 24 hours with a superb solution.

    We look forward to hearing from you and resolving this for you. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

    Always here to help!
    Customer Relations
    Nomorerack – Everything You Love, For Less.

    • Wow

      The amount of complaints about your service has outweighed any possible leverage you could claim to have on the issue of your incompetent attempts to right your cheap service and products. I suggest strongly that the company you represent acquires motivated, friendly customer service and a more customer-satisfying return policy. These reviews have swayed me (I am not easily swayed) to not shop on your site. Thank you ever so much.

    • Jeff Ruda

      your reply is canned and not sincere. In fact it is the same one issued to me 8 months ago. Yet your company never contacted me after your first e-mail. Your products are cheap chinese nock offs and your company are a bunch of crooks.

    • fools

      a joke. the word is spreading and your company will fail. disgusting. nice front with the ridiculous email. a matter of time.


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