Kenneth Staiger Response: Response from Renee Staiger

To whom it may concern,

My name is Renee Staiger and I have not worked for Admiral Kitchens LLC since 2008!

Furthermore I have been legally separated from Kenneth Staiger since may of 2011! This posting was just done in December 2012! I have worked for Citizens Bank since 2011 and prior to that I worked for an independent Mortgage Broker since February of 2008-2011! Another point Admiral Kitchens LLC went out of business in 2010 so I am not sure how anyone can say that Ken ruined there 2012! Whoever is doing and saying these lies should not be aloud to post nonsense that is categorically false! I would appreciate my name being removed from this complaint as soon as possible! Or I will have to legal representation involved! I can be reached at 610-858-2148 to discuss this matter anytime of the day!!
Warm Regards,
Renee I Staiger

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  • Lg in blue bell

    does anyone have a current address for Ken Staiger. I have trying to serve him for over 2 years. He took $17000 of my money and I got an unfinished bathroom for that.

    • Gniknus

      To Lg in Blue Bell,
      I am extremely sorry for your loss of 17,000 dollars. From a personal stand point, I know the great emotional pain and suffering he has caused me to go through. As well as the snow ball effect he has caused on my finances. Please file a Pennsylvania State Attorney General’s complaint against Kenneth Robert Staiger. It is my biggest wish to see the great commonwealth of Pennsylvania legally go after him. There are countless complaints filed against this particular contractor who was totally unlicensed. Both from his president of Admiral Kitchen days as well as his Renovay, LLC days. We need to band together and show the Judges of Montgomery County Pa, that Staiger needs to be seen in a criminal light and not a civil one.
      You might want to try the following address:
      Kenneth R. Staiger
      57 Iroquois Ct
      Chesterbrook, PA 19087-5502

      Good luck, and don’t give up. That is what Staiger is hoping all of his victims do. Just pay for their losses and totally forget about the nightmares he alone has created. Well think again – Mr. Staiger. Not a bat’s chance in ****!

  • Gniknus

    To whom it may concern, Renee Staiger has been oficially separated from old Kenny since April of 2012 – not 2011 as she relates. I should know. He happened to tell a dependent parent of mine his hard luck separation story on the very last day he was defrauding me on my property which was April 2012. Just Google the repititious pattern of fraud, deceptive business practices, theft through deception and other repititious behavior that leads toward criminal intent. I contracted Kenny on October 29th, 2011 for a Bathroom and Kitchen rennovation. This was in terms of Renovay, LLC. Please note that he actually operates under three business titles – in terms of Renovay. One year and 10 months later I still have an incomplete Kitchen. Mr. Kenneth Robert Staiger received 10,000 dollars from me. I had to hire an Attorney to protect my legal interests. I no longer have the funds to complete my Kitchen. A Kitchen that I completely paid Mr. Staiger for in terms of my deceptive contract. All materials were paid for. All services should have been rendered in terms of my Kitchen __Currently, I have no countertop, no back splash, no sink or sink hardware, incomplete cabinetry, ripped out moldings, no lighting and sub par work that will have to be redone – when and if i ever get the funds to complete my kitchen. The Bathroom part of the contract was never touched and I had to finance my Bathroom renovation because i could not pay for it outright. I filed a Police report, Private Detectives report, District Attorney’s report, State Attorney General’s report and a Federal Trade Cmmission report. I INTEND ON LEGALLY BECOMING HIS WORST NIGHTMARE. One other thing. I am a man of limited financial means who supplements a 90 year old Mother’s social security income with an eating disorder. Both are factual accounts that Mr. Kenneth Robert Staiger totally knew about through emails and other wise. The State Attorney General has all of my emailed correspondence from Staiger. He always related, "It’s my word aginst yours". Well, now I intend on using HIS words against mine. For one year and 10 months – we have been dining off of paper plates and plastic eating utensils. we have been living off of microwavable dishes. A repititious pattern of fraud committed in his Admiral Kitchen Days and Renovay LLC days for services and materials PAID FOR – does constitute criminal intent. I fully intend to force the judges of Montgomery County Pa to view Staiger as a criminal and not a civil liability.

  • Gniknus

    By the way, the comments that were posted about Admiral Kitchens – happened to be complaints concerning Admiral Kitchens, when that LLC was still in business. It does not matter when a complaint actually gets posted. They were complaints posted by a couple who read the other numerous complaints online, and than decided to "share" their particular experience with other readers visiting the site. I implore readers to Google the Montgomery County Pennsylvania District Attorney’s site concerning Kenneth Robert Staiger. To suggest that these complaints are categorically false, well, I guess they will have to be proven in a court of law. By the way, Angie’s List named Kennet R. Staiger "worst contractor of 2012" in the Philadelphia area. Comments from the D.A.’s office is listed within the complaint.

    • Renee I Staiger

      Who ever you are! Stop lying Ken didn’t take any money from you and not finish the job! If you are who I think you are you should be ashamed of the way you have your senior mother living in a roach infested house! Ken never intentionally ever took money from any clients! First of all I have been seperated from Ken Staiger since 2011 not 2012 so who ever you you are mistaken as I have a support order from June of 2011 filed in common pleas for my children. I think you should get your facts straight. Again I think someone should report you to the health department for the roach infested house conditions you have your senior mother in! You are a liar and all of the charges against Kenneth Staiger have been dismissed without prejudice! I have never met you but I have heard all about you and deplorable conditions you have your mother living in!

      • Gniknus

        The Board of Health can come into my home at any time. As far as making my mother live under deplorable conditions, I hired your husband to get a 59 year old home that needed renovation badly, back in order. Your husband can go around and tell everyone about the horrible little conditions that my mother had to live in. The whole reason we hire contractors is to "IMPROVE" the condition of our homes and make things right. As far as being ashamed of myself, I work long hours and help support my mother. I sacrificed dearly for her and helped support my father while he was dying of Cancer. Medical needs came first, before badly needed renovations. I inherited a home that my mother wanted to retain. Not me. Hence, the reason for hiring your ex-husband. You are more than welcome to come into my home and see everything that your ex-husband did not finish. You are more than welcome to see the contract that I signed. You are more than welcome to see the cleared checks that went through your ex-husband’s fathers account. I never made my mother do anything in her life. She wanted to hold onto the house she shared with my father for so long. That was her choice not mine. I hired your ex-husband to make things better, in her life as well as mine. As far as finding conditions deplorable, what did your ex-husband expect to find in a 59 year old home that has never been properly renovated? I saved long and hard for the 14,000 dollars I got together to renovate. I do not have the money to finish my kitchen. If anyone should be ashamed, it should be your ex-husband. Fully knowing our situation. I was never so happy as to when I hired your ex-husband. I thought to myself that finally I was going to get my parent’s house back in order. Judges throw Home Improvement Contractor cases into civil court. They see these types of cases as civil liabilities, not criminal. That does not mean that the contractor is not guilty of failure to deliver goods and services paid for and contracted for. Your ex-husband has nothing to worry about in terms of myself. I do not have the resources to fight him in a court of law. As I related, I sacrificed long and hard to allow my mother (by her own wishes), to stay within her home. I don’t know about these other complaints, but at least I have been honest with mine. I am sorry for getting the dates wrong in terms of your separation. I only know what your ex-husband related to us. As far as my home being infested? I have a service come out every three months to make sure it is clean. Your ex- husband demolished a 59 year old kitchen without any significant upgrades. What did he expect to find? I am not ashamed of myself. Ask my mother how I have treated her all of these many years. As I related, your husband is the one that should be ashamed, for not completing everything that he had promised in terms of the renovations at my residence.

        • Gniknus

          One other footnote to add. I am sure that the Board of Health would love to see the condition your ex-husband left our kitchen in. Having no sink installed, when I fully PAID for it – is considered a health risk. What are you to wash dirty dishes in or your hands for that matter? We have had to dine off of microwaveable dishes, paper plates and plastic eating utensils because of NO SINK INSTALLATION – that was clearly PAID for through documentation. In fact I am inviting the State Attorney General of Pennsylvania to come into my home and see how your ex-husband left it. We will see than who should be ashamed of themselves. I don’t have the resources to fight Kenneth R. Staiger criminally, but I do have all rights reserved to have the State Attorney General look at my home, my contract, any permit APPLICATIONS that were or not applied for – in terms of the Township accepting or rejecting them. I have all rights reserved to show the State Attorney General, Mrs. Kathleen Kane, all electrical work and money allocations given out for a PAID FOR KITCHEN.

  • Gniknus

    The 2012 complaints deal with Renovay, LLC. A title Kenneth Staiger has been hiding behind since his days with Admiral Kitchens. After Admiral Kitchens went bankrupt, Kenneth Robert Staiger resurfaced under another LLC. Three versions of this business title came about. Renovay Kitchens, Baths & More, Renovay Kitchens Baths and Beyond, and Renovay, LLC. I HAPPEN TO HAVE LEGAL REPRESENTATION and hope to have Kenneth Robert Staiger prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Because of his actions, 2012 WAS the single worst year of my entire life. I hope to see Kenneth Robert Staiger once again face to face within a court of law. As a **** fearing man I will be swearing under oath that all charges against him are categorically true in every sense of the law.


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