PCH Review: p**s Poor Website for PCH. My complaint is with PCH

Age 74, disabled and extremely frustrated at not being able to collect points without PCH s******g around with its most recent game. The game req quite a bit of time but your site will not REPEAT WILL NOT allow me to advance. I bought into your incessant solicitations and have even started ordering stuff. However since your site cost me maybe up to 1 million points and now I have less than 50,000 pts. I doubt you all Will fix this without me losing more game time. I>E>

I ain’t about to do biz with PCH or anyone who wants my ittance SSA $. All I have done is WASTE months of participation and I consider it unfair, Now I have no trust in PCH. In fact CANCEL the order I just made. Please do not waste anymore of my time. I don’t have much time left to waste.

Also I suspect you will censor my complaint since it does not speak well for your set up. You have my address for other purchases. Have a nice day. I wasted a few hours with PCH and am unhappy to be forced to write this to you. Probably do you well to wake up your webmaster.

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