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My loan was recently sold to Ocwen from Homeward Residential right in the middle of going through a modification with Homeward. I received the transfer letter 2 weeks before the transfer went into effect and of course, just received the letter of modification from Homeward. Just as i received the modification approval letter from Homeward, they no longer wanted to take my calls. I think that Homeward knew that they were selling my mortgage and just put a number down just to say that they gave me a modification and it did not save me any money from my original loan.

I tried calling Ocwen inquiring about the modification from Homeward and it took Ocwen 3 weeks to get my information in the “system”. since Ocwen didn’t show the modification from Homeward, they offered to start up a new modification. I went ahead with it since I was not happy with the mod from Homeward.

It has now been 1 1/2 months since submitting my “correct” documents to Ocwen and i’m still waiting on a response from Ocwen for a mod. I keep getting the run around from the relationship manager and cust service reps. They do not have any supervisors available to speak to. In the meantime, they keep calling me to collect money for payment. They even told me that I should take out my 401K in order to pay them.

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  • Bryon

    Ocwen must be stopped. My story is almost identical to hundreds I could see this happening to maybe a few unsuspecting victims but thousands. They have lost lawsuits and paid settlements and continue to pull the same crap I would think the federal government would eventually pursue criminal charges. Whatever happened to united we stand. This is mortgage terrorism. I have sent homeward a down payment on repayment plan that was received but never applied then mortgage transferred to Ocwen now they want $$$ I have a sale date in two weeks. Their name is nowhere on the letter from sheriff

  • Edith

    OMG. this is my same situation. OMG. since February 2013. I’ve BEEN LIVING A NIGHTMARE. SINCE THEN I HAVE BEEN LOOKING INTO HOW TO FILE A COMPLAINT.

    • Bryon

      Me too. Began with ameriquest went to ahmsi then homeward sent them $13500 down on repayment plan they never applied it transferred my loan to Ocwen now they want $18500. And I have a sheriff sale date in two weeks. This is mortgage terrorism. They all must be stopped and prosecuted


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