Ocwen Financial Review: Ocwen Is A Scam Company

Our mortgage had been obtained thru GMAC & we have been paying the monthly payments without incident for 5yrs. Last year we remortgaged with GMAc for a lower rate & hasve continued our ontime payments without incident. Two months ago we received news that GMAC was going to give our mortgage to Ocwen. Last month we made our first payment to Ocwen, the same payment amount we have been making to GMAC since remortgaging a year ago. Now we receive a notice from Ocwen that states our mortgage payments are now over $200 a month more.

We called, trying to find out why the change in payments, as our insurance & taxes have not gone up at all. Their representative could not give us any satisfactory answers, first claiming that our insurance or taxes must have gone up, then stating that this was the payment we had been making prior to them taking over the mortgage. We then checked their website & found that they have the wrong dates for our mortgage & the wrong payment information. Their website also has our motgage listed as closed.

We called back again & asked why all this misinformation on their part. The representative insisted that their information was correct & that we must be mistaken as to when we first got & redid our mortgage, along with how much we have been paying. We demanded to speak with a supervisor, which the representative refused to do until we threatened to contact a lawyer, our state & federal authorities to instigate them for fraud. The supervisor we eventually spoke with, after 15 minutes of demanding, kept telling us to check their website & denied that it showed our account as closed. She also denied that they were a collection agency, as their prerecorded phone message stated. When pressed repeatedly for the location of their offices, the supervisor hemmed & hawed for quite a while before finally stating that the head office was located in the Idaho & the call center in the Phillipines.

Not receiving any satisfactory assistance from these people, we then went online to research them. After seeing how many complaints & lawsuits have been started against them, one a class action suit settled out of Court in Connecticut in 2002, we decided to contact somone else to do our mortgage & stop this scam to collect more money from us unjustly. We were able to quickly find a reputable lender with even better rates & a lower monthly payments. By doing this we will only have one more payment to make to them.

We’d advise anyone else dealing with these scam, ripoff artists to do the same as quickly as possible.

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  1. I am currently in bankruptcy, I received a letter stating GMAC had changed over to OWCEN. The address is still the same, P.O. Box 780, Waterloo IA. But, after sending my cashier's checks I send in, they have NOT been cashed in? I am terrified of what they are doing. But I did send them in certified thru the mail. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY

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