NutriBullet Review: Nutribullet Warranty costs more than product

We called regarding a product problem after the device stopped working in less than 90 days. The phone technician told us the problem “sounded like a base problem.” For $5.99 a new base would be to us in 5 days. After nearly two weeks, a part arrived and the problem persists.

Perhaps, rather than waiting 5-7 days for another customer service response, we tried to call. After 2.5 hours, we got busy signals only.

I called the order number during the same timeframe, and guess what? picked up first ring with a human ready to take your money!

Now we have spent a total of 3.4 additional hours trying to solve a problem who hides behind websites and busy 855 numbers. Product works for at least 90 days then fails!!!!

Service quality with defective product is more than poor and cumbersome. Very telling.


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