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I have had the NutriBullet since last August 2012. I have regularly made my nutra blasts, and for a while now I have noticed that at times no matter how tight I make the lid, the shake spills out into the machine.

At first I thought I was overfilling the cup, and at times it was fine. Just today the entire shake was flying everywhere in my kitchen and coming out the bottom of the machine.

Also, the inside of the top had a mold growth where liquid had gotten into the plastic and won’t rinse or clean out. SO, I have a useless machine. It is sad too, because I really likes the blasts and all the drinks I could make with it.

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  • Michael

    My third replacement I will now have to return to Beyond Bed & Bath. At least they exchange it no questions asked. This device has serious design flaws. All three have leaked, either juice, sometimes prolifically or a black oil from the blade housing. My current one was doing fine for two months, then the horrible leaking of juice into the motor compartment started yesterday. I tried it one more time today and, yes, I always fill it only to the fill line, and yes I tighten it properly, but it leaked juice profusely into the motor housing. I will not even clean it now. I will return it for the fourth unit. Hopefully the next one will also last two months like the third one, which is better than the first two. I have to drive 1 1/2 hours one way to make the exchange. Really getting tired of it. Until I can afford the next trip, I will have no juicer. Too bad they didn’t thoroughly test out the design before they began production and marketing. This will end badly for them and all the customers.

  • Lenny

    After about 4 months of once-a-day use, I started to get a "burning electrical" smell whenever I ran my Nutribullet (for 1 minute or less). I had not overfilled it. I handled my complaint by email and was pleased when they quickly mailed a replacement base at no cost to me. But, I still got the electrical smell (scary) with the new base. Now, I think the extractor blade wears away, because I noticed liquid dripping out of the cup/blade before I placed it on the base. Looks like this is a common problem with the NB – I had to put a replacement blade on my Amazon wish list to wait for one. I’m trying to get the company to replace the unit. Even if they do, why do I have to spend my time to get a replacement? I love my NB, but they should sell it with 4 or 6 replacement blades and warn you to check for leakage and replace when they leak. Actually, they should redesign it with a material that will hold up. I’m pretty sure the NB people know about this problem. They could have told me the problem was probably the screw-on blade unit. If you get black "dust" on the underside of your blade unit, the rubber is wearing away and you have leakage or soon will. Serious design flaw. I’m afraid to use it until I get the new blade. Afraid I’ll get an electrical shock or electrical fire.

    • Wolf

      Hello! I was just wondering what model of NutriBullet you have, as my nan has one and I’m hoping it will be safe!! I don’t know the names / codes of the NB’s, but I do know that there are two types of NB – one has more flaws and it can be identified by:
      A) the three tab slots are off centre of the logo (the new version’s slots are central logo and two evenly spaced on each side of the back)
      B) the bottom blades of the extractor blade set are straight and angled downwards, whereas the newer versions’ dip and bend down then flat for better design.
      C) The old design also lacks white washers and rubber between the blades and blade base
      D) Old model as worse seals and is basically all plastic on the underside of the blade set (excluding the rubber cog / turning thing / motor movement!

      Thanks, and I’m hoping the newer version doesn’t smoke or anything… so which version do you have / find smokes and has that smell?
      Hopefully the old one, as then you could get a hopefully safer new model!
      Thank you!!!

  • Rita

    My Nutri-Bullet started to leak and it got so bad I couldn’t use it any more. It’s coming through the blade and I don’t think a new one will do anything except buy a little more time before it leaks again. Its in the design. I admit it was doing a great job as far as my energy level and my weight went down. If they ever fix the flaw, they got a customer for life but till then I won’t buy another one I’ll just use my blender.


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