NutriBullet Review: Nutribullet horror story

I ordered the Nutribullet food processor on the 6- payment plan. Also added some Maca and some “Superfood” as well as some accessories.  Before I know it they are sending me “Superfood” powder every month for $24.99. I call repeatedly and finally get through to customer service.

They claim I signed up for repeated monthly orders of “Superfood” charged to my debit card which I did not. I never sign up for recurring shipments of anything, and rest assured if I had known that simply trying the “Superfood” when I initially ordered the unit would enroll me in a recurring shipment plan, I certainly would never have added the “Superfood” to the order to start with.

Their customer service is a nightmare to deal with. It’s a real shame they have to resort to juvenile tactics like this because the Nutribullet is a good (if overpriced) piece of equipment which could stand on its own.  I’ve had to contest the last “Superfood” charge with my VISA debit card as well as get a new card number due to the continued abuse of my account by Nutribullet. I am presently sending in a check for the balance I owe on my initial purchase ($100.60) although they say I still owe for a shipment of “Superfood”.


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