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I liked the way the nutribullet makes the smoothies however, after a few months, the base started leaking a brown oil and the extractor blade stopped working.

I emailed the nutribullet customer service dept and after 3 weeks, still no response. I called them and after being on hold too long, they say they will call back. I did not get a return call.

It’s a shame. I love the smoothie results but the product doesn’t last and their customer service is terrible.

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  • blacknblue2

    Bought our Nutri Bullet in January 2014. Today is Sept 17, 2014 and the blade shaft has finally started to leak. The shaft has beed loose for weeks now and I wondered when it would start to leak. Well the date in question is today.

    Two blade units came in the box and I do have another one to use but I guess it will only last a certain time. I make a drink in the morning about 5 days a week. This is a cheaply made product.

    I have a kitchen blender that I’ve owned for (what something like 20 years!) and the blade shaft does not leak. We’ve used the blender for many mixed drinks that needed ice to be blended. For sure it has seen some work.

    This is just another example of how we are ripped off by corporate America. They get this stuff manufactured for a cheap price in China or (if they claim made in America) the parts are cheaply made in China. Then the corporation sells it for a handsome price that is thousands of a percent higher than it cost to make. Then the darn thing has an early mean time failure rate. Errrrrrrr!!!!

    We have a dehumidifier in the basement recreation room that is 25 years old. On the work bench side of the basement we use a dehumidifier. There in none there at the moment, only have two dead dehumidifiers that died withing a matter of a few years. More cheap stuff from China!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LizAyla

    Wow, I wished I had read the reviews before I bought mine about a month ago. I usually do read the reviews but of course the one time I didn’t I have big regrets. What a shame that it can’t be constructed better, I love the smoothies and have actually felt better since I started drinking them once or twice a day. I agree with Zack, a lawsuit should be filed against this company. I haven’t had any problems yet, but I will start checking mine a lot closer now. You would think with all the complaints they would try to build a better product. Thanks all for the info.

  • Shoshannah

    My Nutribullet also started leaking brown liquid. I thought it was the flax oil all the time, and put it into my food, oy! I wonder what kind of damage it has been doing to me all year? It not only leaks through, but it makes such a loud noise, I can’t stand it.

  • Leo

    The problem is that vibrations in use cause the three screws holding the base plate of the extractor blade unit to work loose. That then causes a leak from the gaskets sealing the bearing underneath, grease leaks out of the bearing (which is the brown stuff you see), and then eventually the bearing dries out and seizes.

    I dod some experimenting, which revealed that this is pretty easy to fix. For prevention, tighten those three screws at least weekly, and keep checking them. For cure (i.e. if the brown goo has already started to appear), do the following.

    1. Remove the three screws.

    2. Hold the blade itself with a pair of pliers, and the clutch plate (the thing that meshes with the actual machine to drive it) with a mole wrench. Turn the clutch plate CLOCKWISE to unscrew it: the screw thread works in the other direction from a conventional one, to take account of the direction of rotation of the motor.

    3. Once you’ve loosened it with the pliers and wrench, unscrew the clutch the rest of the way by hand, and lift off the base plate (which had the three screws in it) underneath. Lift off the two gaskets underneath the base plate. Store the plate, gaskets and screws safely, noting the order and way round in which the components should be replaced Take photos during the disassembly process if needed.

    4. Insert a sewing needle gently between the gasket in the top of the bearing assembly and the side of the assembly, and prize it out. You should now see the bearing itself.

    5. Pack the bearing with food machinery grease (search for ‘food machinery grease’ or ‘food grade grease’ on Amazon to find some – around $20 a tube). DO NOT use general purpose grease, e.g. lithium grease – it’s poisonous.

    6. Clean all the components you’ve disassembled thoroughly, and wipe away the excess grease from around the bearing.

    7. Replace the bearing gasket, making sure it’s seated snugly, and then the two on top of it.

    8. Replace the blade assembly shaft through the bearing and the base plate, and then screw the clutch back on loosely.

    9. Tighten the clutch using the pliers and wrench.

    10. Replace the three screws in the base plate, making sure that they’re tight.

    11. Wash the reassembled extractor thoroughly before using it with food.

    This method worked for me, with the caveat that those screws do work loose and you have to keep an eye on them.

    • Chris Werner

      Step 5 mentions packing the bearing. Are you really packing the bearing or just lubricating the shaft. If this is the case, you are just using the bearing as a bushing with the bearing spinning on the shaft. I examined a new assembly and noticed that the bearing does spin on the shaft. On an older assembly I noticed that the shaft is heavily scored! I believe that you are just lubricating the bearing spin on shaft. Imagine how long the transmission in your car would last with shaft to bearing spin!


    • Paul

      Why has no one started a class action lawsuit against nutribullet? I’d join one. My wife just figured out she’s been drinking machine oil mixed in with her smoothies. Sounds like lots of other people are too.

      I can’t get through to these pinheads on the phone. Trying like hell to get an answer and not getting anywhere. A hundred years ago people like this were run out of town by people with pitchforks. These days folks sue.

  • Vivian

    I too am having problems. My NutriBullet is getting louder and louder.I used to use it ever day but now only once a week or so, cause I can,t stand the noise

  • mary dicerni

    I have used mine for a month and if the blade lid was not tight enough it did leak a bit and I wiped it out.. but if it leaks a lot it will surely rust .. so is it best to have a tighter lid ? or better screw on action ? Make sure it is tight enough .. you have to push hard to tighten it .. I cancelled my insurance so hope it lasts . The customer service was friendly and returned the money to my account. I love the drinks .. and sleep longer lately … hope it lasts.. I love it so far. I wanted to buy some for the kids too.. but will wait and see if it lasts …thank you for the comments.

  • zack

    Nutri Bullet is dangerous. I loved it for 6 months then noticed it was getting louder and then that rust was leaking from the bottom. I thought it was ok as long as it didn’t get into my juice. Then I researched a bit online and found this video It shows that the rust gets sucked up into your juice. I tried just putting water in my nutribullet and after running it, the water became brown. A lawsuit should be filed against this company. They are stealing sick people’s money and making them more sick. Shameful how far people will go to make money.

  • Lisa in NH

    I, too, love my NutriBullet for the product it produces…a great smoothie! However, we had the same issue. After a few months, it started leaking brown sludge plus it got louder and louder. My husband dealt with customer service. We eventually received a replacement blade. The new blade has not leaked, but the decibal level is now ear-splitting! We have to wrap a towel around the NutriBullet so we don’t go deaf! Yes, the customer service is not good, but the basic product is. I’m not sure what the answer is…better engineering dept?

    • Joan

      Was thinking of purchasing a NutriBullit, thinking it might do the job of my Jack Lalanne juicer (which takes a few minutes to rinse after use), plus being under the impression that they are the same manufacturer of Magic Bullet, which I have owned for several years, and which is not noisy, does not leak, and does a fair job of mixing, crumbling, etc. After reading numerous complaints about NutriBullit, I definitely will not buy it, and continue to use my sturdy well-made Jack Lalanne juicer for my juicing of carrots, apples for benign tumor which am trying to reduce!


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