NutriBullet Review: Blade leaking rust into Smoothies

I wanted to post this online incase someone is considering buying the “Nutri Bullet” from the makers of the magic bullet. The product was great for about 5 months of light use (about once a week) to make smoothies. Recently I found some reddish brown liquid at the bottom and I found it was actually coming from the extractor blade!! So, who knows for how long it’s been leaking rust into my drinks.

Today the drink tasted really funny and so I emptied the cup and filled with clear water to test the Nutribullet. 30 second spin made the water light brown!

Terrible quality! Your safety is at stake here, be careful. I have a blender that opens up completely to clean it. I’ll use that from now on.

Re the picture: I took the picture from the bottom of the extractor blade to show you what the rust looks like.

Good luck.

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Comments About NutriBullet Review: Blade leaking rust into Smoothies

  • Yep, this could potentially cause intestinal infections or better yet cancer. I just got off the phone with them abut my nutri-bullet. They are shady…. wanting to charge for shipping and handling when the dang thang has a full warranty. Taking mines back to the store and letting the store know what’s going on.

  • I am having the exact same problem–I was thinking about writing to the company


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