magicJack Review: Telephone cuts off with Magic Jack

When signing up for this phone i was told i could keep my old phone number. That was not true, had to pick a number from their phone bank with my area code. I was very up set about that, because i did not want to change my home phone number. Therefore continued to pay for my home no, and continue to pay for and use magic plus. At this time i am currently up to renew magic jack plus, but i will not renew anything with them until they make some changes, and keep their word.

Next i could be having a conversation on this phone, and it disconnects in the middle of the conversation, meaning i have to call back or they would have to call me back. This was very irritating.

Last of all i could not find a phone number to speak to a live representative.

So therefore, i would not recommend this product to any of my family or friends right now

Thank you
C. Turner

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