Magic Jack is a scam - magicJack

1. There are numerous hidden charges like shipping, regulatory and compliance expenses, annual renewal fees on phone number , etc.

2. The sound is poor quality = muffled

3. Customer service is atrocious.

4. I paid for 5 years. After one year they asked for annual renewal of telephone number and then told me

the “higher department” had me “under review”???

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  • tylindo

    I am totally dissatisfied with the customer service at magic jack. I have ordered from them for about three years and purchased at least four in all. I was pretty much pleased with the service although I had a lot of dropped calls. My experience with them is that my renewal was due and I paid them. A few days later they let me know that the service would be off while they set up a new system. My husband spoke with a representative that told them we would have to pay around $300 up front for I believe three years of service. He told them we were not interested and wanted to cancel. They claim they had sent us a notice, but I know we didn’t receive one or I wouldn’t have just paid a renewal fee. We asked them to refund our money, and we unplugged the magic and didn’t use it anymore. That was in July and they have not refunded my money, and are saying we used the service which they turned off. It’s January 31, and I’m still getting excuses. I take it I will not get a refund and I will never recommend their service to anyone because their customer service is very poor, and I paid for service I didn’t have.

  • Dave

    Who ever wrote this was probably computer illiterate; monkey with a keyboard, you know the type. I’ve had magic jack for going on 7 years now, been with them since the beginning. And its just plug and play, plug it in and it works, a monkey could literally use it. I’m not a rep of any kind. Magic jack works write out the box plug it in and it works, also net talk same think they both work, no PC needed for setup. Just plug it in.

    P.S. Magic jack is the better of the two

    • William Bear Heath

      magic jack is nice, but the people that run the comp. need to be sue…they burn me real bad, charge $46,00 then drop me after 4 years

  • sas824

    Magic Jack is Magic Junk. We purchased it, hated it immediately when it messed up our internet service, and returned it. We did get our money back from Walmart. The nightmare begins when you deal with MJ customer service. Asked them in over 6 sessions to cancel and delete our account and port our phone number back to our chosen phone provider. So much time wasted and NO results! Our phone service carrier attempted twice to get our original phone number back with NO results because of some error with MJ. Finally, after a month of no incoming calls on our phone line whatsoever, because Magic Jack refused to return our number back to us, we are in the process of acquiring a new phone number from our phone company. Now the exasperation of crossing out my 25 year old phone number that Magic Junk hijacked on all my business cards, having to contact all my customers, all my family & all my friends with a new phone number. For anyone interested, Magic Jack is Magic Junk! Don’t do it!!

  • richard mills

    Why can’t a class action suit be initiated? There certainly enough complaints about them.

  • christen szumowski

    I have never had good service with magicjack, I always had dropped calls or could not call out I have till 2017, and they said they can’t refund me. they are such a ripoff!!!!! Now I paid and can not use the services they replaced the unit once, and still no good, but told me that they can only replace it once a year under warranty and I would have to pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • M lewis

    magicjack has added regulatory fees and automatic renewal fees on my renewal sub. I called in to cancel my account and to have my refund and was connected to a broken link how do I get my money back


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