magicJack Review: Magic Jack is a scam

1. There are numerous hidden charges like shipping, regulatory and compliance expenses, annual renewal fees on phone number , etc.

2. The sound is poor quality = muffled

3. Customer service is atrocious.

4. I paid for 5 years. After one year they asked for annual renewal of telephone number and then told me

the “higher department” had me “under review”???

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Comments About magicJack Review: Magic Jack is a scam

  • Why can’t a class action suit be initiated? There certainly enough complaints about them.

  • I have never had good service with magicjack, I always had dropped calls or could not call out I have till 2017, and they said they can’t refund me. they are such a ripoff!!!!! Now I paid and can not use the services they replaced the unit once, and still no good, but told me that they can only replace it once a year under warranty and I would have to pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • magicjack has added regulatory fees and automatic renewal fees on my renewal sub. I called in to cancel my account and to have my refund and was connected to a broken link how do I get my money back

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