KFC Review: KFC Rip off

I went to the KFC in Clemson, SC last night to pick up some Chicken for dinner for my family of 5. I was expecting to pay the $43.00 I always do for 2 12 piece buckets of chicken and sides.

when I went in there and ordered the total came out to being over $60.00 for the exact same order as before. what is going on here, are you trying to lose business?

I know if I see the prices that high the next time I go there I WILL not buy it. I know the economy is bad, but raising the prices out of the range where people can’t afford it is another.  luckily I had enough money on hand to pay the outrages price this time.

I like to eat at KFC, but if the prices stay this way, you will not have my business….I am one of many UNHAPPY campers.

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  • Australia talk with you’re feet.,don’t pay their prices,maybe you can afford it but many can’t, be a true Aussie stick together and the prices will come down, or KFC can go get a new job digging holes in the 45 degree heat


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