JustFab Review: Very Misleading

What a scam. I signed up for an account thinking it was free. (probably what most people thought when they signed up) I bought 1 pair of shoes several months ago and just now found out I have been charged $39.95 each month that I did not purchase a pair of shoes what a rip off. Apparently by purchasing a pair of shoes I became a VIP member which gave me the privilege of being charged $39.95 for each month I did not choose to purchase shoes from their company.

Will definitely be canceling.

No where in their advertising does it say this will happen. Who buys 1 pair of shoes each month anyways? I feel that their website should better/easily disclose the monthly charges. My total charges were $240 which I will try to get refunded or do a chargeback. They do not advertise themselves as a monthly recurring shoe store type subscription but instead as all shoes $39.95 which is very misleading.

While trying to get the charge figured out I attempted to speak with their support via live chat and they need to train their staff on customer service 101. I asked my question and the representative told me to hold on a moment while he looked into this. He then came back and asked if I was still there and that if I did not respond he would disconnect the chat on me which is what he did. I was waiting on him to look into this not the other way around so I am unsure why he would disconnect on me without answering my questions.

I am typically not one to complain but this has been an awful experience with this company and they have lost me as a customer.

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