JustFab Review: Nothing But A Scam

So here s my story. I felt in love with one of their shoes and i placed the order, ignoring all the bad review i saw.

It s been 7 days now that the order has the status “pending”. Why the f is it pending for? They told me it takes 24 to 48 hours for the item to leave the warehouse…It’s been a week now ill let you make the count!

I ask for a refund, they told me since i live in Canada i cannot cancel the order what the ****? Basically i cant cancel my order, but i m not having the item i paid for either!

Ladies trust all those bad review it is real! Thank god it was only a 30$ purchase i can live without it. But now on i m gonna spread it all over the web.

Im really disappointed! Just fab sucks and will take your money!

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