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After seeing an Infomercial I was excited purchasing this appliance.
I called the number on the TV, after the csr offering me extra addition & warranties i agreed to purchase extra warranty of 3 years for $14.99 and a to go bag for $10.00 TOTAL AMOUNT $144.

I purchased this machine around 10/12 it was broken on 11/12 just juicing. When I called them up..their phone system said will call me back since their overwhelming results it was not time at this time.

They left a message after numerous intents of contacting them. I returned the phone call to 855 346 8874, and now it was a busy signal every day calling a busy signal.

Of course they were able to charge my account $101.42 already since 10/12 initial fee $29.00 on 11/12 charged 24.14 on 12/03 charged$ 24.14 again 12/31 24.14=101.42
I stop my next withdrawals.

Now they left a message they are sending a new bottom part, that i should trough away the bottom part this was 2 weeks ago. I am still awaiting.
I would like to know who controls this infomercials?

Thank You for this support site.

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