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Greyhound bus comp lost my luggage when leaving from new york. You get a baggage claim ticket. Your luggage suppose to be on the same bus as you are but not mine, and greyhound cannot find it.

so if anyone ever travel greyhound make dam sure your bags are on the bus.

so now i have to spend money for some clothes, but I’m saving every receipt i have cause greyhound is going to pay me for these extra clothes i have to buy.

makes no sense.

People if your going to travel you better travel by train Am Track, Greyhound sucks.

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  • Tanya Green

    i have never in my life ever had this amount of rudeness and just being plain ignored from a company. i have tried for literally three weeks and not a single person answered in the baggage department in corporate or at the baggage claim department. this is flat ridiculous on a companies part of service. not one single department would answer a call. what are you doing. i sat on the phone waiting for someone to answer a phone for over 45 min to an hour each and every time. this isnt service this is just plain ignorance on this companies part. i still have lost luggage and still havent been able to talk to not one person except someone that says i will transfer you and then thats it nothing but that holding music and being ignored. what is it with you do you just hope that the person on the other end will just go away. AND YOU CALL YOURSELVES A WORTHY COMPANY!!!! YOU ARE A JOKE!


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