Hertz Rental Cars Review: Fraud

Hello, on November 16th I was hit in my car. The lady’s insurance got me a rental car from Hertz car rental. The man was only suppose to charge me $50 but he over charged me and charged it on someone else’s account.

I didn’t catch it and about 5 p.m. he called me and asked for my credit card number. I was reluctant at first to give it to him over the phone but he assured me it would be okay. I was in the middle of dinner so I went ahead and gave it to him. He called me again because for some reason it wouldn’t go through. So I told him I would take care of it the next day.

I went to the office in downtown San Diego and it took the guy an hour to straighten it up. Three days later there were a bunch of charges from the east coast on my debit card. I was wiped out. The only people that had my card physically in their hands were these two men.

So I went online and there is a fraud where two people in different states get cc numbers and send them to the other person.

Hertz3202 N Harbor Dr, San Diego 6th Avenue San Diego 92101

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