DIRECTV Review: Cancellation fee from Directv

My mother died Sep 2013. My father died in Jan 2013. They had DirecTV. I asked the company what to do for closing the account. They said they needed a death certificate for who’s name was on the account. I sent them the death certificate.

They then sent a bill for an early cancellation fee of $280 to the lawyer taking care of the probate. Pretty dirty if you ask me.

The lawyer did say they had to file a claim with the estate if they want the money. If they do it will be contested by me most viciously.

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  • When I signed up for Direct TV, I was told that my monthly bill for the 1st 12 months was going to be $51.99 = tax. I then got a confirmation email breaking down my entire bill with the end total being $51.99 = Tax. So my first bill was $65.99. I spent 4 hours on the phone with them to correct it. Then my 2nd bill came, and it was $75.89. Another 4 hours of my life wasted on the phone with them, transferred to 8 different people, none spoke good English, got disconnected several times and the end result was NO RESOLUTION. I wrote them a letter and was contacted by a representative, and she told me she would look into it, but if I would have to wait 2 billing cycles before the correct amount would show up.___ She then told me that it will be for the next 10 months, not 12 since they already billed me for months 1 and 2


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