Diamond Resorts Review: The sampler scam by Diamond Resorts International

We attended a supposedly 90 minute sales pitch in sedona with our infant on 2/16/13, it ended up lasting over 4 hours, during which my son was screaming to eat and sleep towards the end. my wife went to put him down for sleep, then they said she had to come back or we couldn’t get our gift or sign up for anything to finish the presentation.

we ended up being sold a sampler package which was misrepresented to us, we were told it would be enough points for several trips to Hawaii, which in reality its good for maybe one, if there is actual availability, that it would save a quote for a low points package and the incentives we were offered to sign up for it and that the amount for the sampler would go towards the the purchase of that point package, which it doesn’t, its only if you sign up for a minimum of 7500 points which is 45,000 dollars.

You also have to attend a 60 minute sales pitch every time you use the points that has to be attended by both of us, which never was explained to us, we were also told we could use this to get vacations for our family members , which we can’t because again it has to be me and my wife signing up to attend that 60 minute sales pitch each time.

You also only have 18 months to use the points which wasn’t explained either, considering we plan on having another child before then, which we told them as well, there is no way we could use them.

We attempted to return the package less than 12 hours later, which they refused, so we called both the sales office in sedona and corporate and they informed us we have no right to cancel and they expect payment

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  • I attended two presentations actually and informed them as much before the second session but they didn’t care. Total offer four free nights, $100 gift certificate, a pizza coupon. We did not buy and have been told that if we want the free nights we have to return the $100. The presentations were brutal. I never used the pizza coupon and offered to return that instead. No reply. Avoid this company.

  • I regret that I fell into the trap of Diamond Resorts sales person. I hope there is a class lawsuit.

  • This exact same situation happened to us; almost identical. I have filed BBB complaint but to no avail. What are our options? How can these people still be in business?

  • Started out about 25 yrs ago with Sunterra. Switched to points & have been with Diamond Resorts for a long time. Are now Platinum members & couldn’t be happier. The maintenance fees are getting a little out of hand but over all,love it.

  • Typical shabby treatment from Diamond Resorts International. Been there. I feel your pain. Stay away from these people!

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