Debt Stoppers Review: STOP and read EVERYTHING you are signing

Branch / Location of Complaint: Debtstoppers offices of Robert J. Semrad

PLEASE read. They are true crooks. I went to DebtStoppers to seek advise about filing a bankruptcy because I had an apartment charge on my credit that total $7000 and a tax lien from the Dept of Revenue.They advised me that it was best I file a Chapter 13 to stop the harassment. I took their advice and filed. True enough their fees were $3500 in which they make that seem like pennies. I filed last year Feb. Come to find out the apartment complex didn’t file a claim against me which left me with the tax lien and a few small bills totaling $3000. After paying over $2200 in attorney fees, I decided to dismiss the case last month.

Well, yesterday, I received a call in my office from a Pierre Porter and David Lazono from their firm insisting I pay the remaining balance of $1200 to them or there would be serious consequences. THIS WAS TOTALLY NOT EXPLAINED when I dismissed the bankruptcy last month. If it was, I would have given it more thought because why would anyone in their right mind choose to sign an agreement that says if the case if dismissed for any reason you still owe the $3500 regardless if you dismiss it voluntarily. I guess I wasn’t in my right mind when they were coercing me into signing the paperwork last year as I was filing.

They are a total ripoff and you’re right, there were so many blacks in their office and at the hearing. It was shameful but I fell into the trap and will forever regret it.

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Comments About Debt Stoppers Review: STOP and read EVERYTHING you are signing

  • I also have been scammed by Debt Stoppers, they actually create more debt and I also have been harassed by the same Pierre Porter, I tried calling and working out an arrangement with them and he laughed at me and stated they’ve already began collection against me. I was not able to follow through with my chapter 13 and was not aware that If I voluntarily did not go through with it that I would still be liable for the attorney charges. They are rude and do not know how to speak to people. Anyone know what can be done in regards to this??? Please help!!

  • Why was it necessary for you to point out “so many blacks” being in the office? Sounds a bit racist…I’m glad you had a horrible experience! You probably deserved it!

  • I too was dupped by debtstoppers, and I am black and a woman. They had me to sign some papers that basically signed my home away. I have lost my home and they took my money.

  • please contact me ive had a bad experience with them as well but im fighting back


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