Dean Graziosi Review: Dean Graziosi Seminar Ripoff Warning

I went to dean graziosi free seminar and hope I can learn how to make money in real estate, but I didn’t learn anything on that day because the instrutor won’t answer anything until I pay $1997 for 3 days seminar (they call 3 days workshop).

Then they will teach me step by step how to make money but in 3 days I’m there the instructor only show me a little bit online, here and there nothing completed and most of the time he tells stories about his family all day long and try to sell us another seminar package from $18997 to $39997.

So this is a ripoff. People watch out for dean graziosi program or seminar (right now i try to get my money back, hope I can).

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  • People, don’t pay for the 3 day seminar which is just a sales pitch for "advanced training" at 20k, 26k and 40k.

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