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Just looked at my bank account to find a 99 dollar pending charge which turned out to be I called to dispute informing the third party payment service that I never signed up for the site, which of course they informed me I had and that if no one else had authorization to use my card then it must have been me! They then informed me that I signed up on November 1 for the 1.99 3 day trial period to I said really so DECEMBER 27th IS 3 DAYS AFTER NOVEMBER 1?

I told them that i refuse to pay thjis charge and was told that there was nothing I could do except file a coplaint with them and my local authorities. I went to the scam site while on the phone and tried every login i could remeber that I have ever used and nothing worked. I filed a complaoint of fraud with my bank and will go further until I get the 99 dollars back. Be careful!

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  • "As a representative of I apologize you were unsatisfied with your experience on the site. We ensure you that we are a legitimate site with thousands of satisfied users, and would like to work with you directly to do whatever we can to further assist in making this right.
    Please email with the following:
    Your username and email address used to register to our website
    The amount and date you were charged by
    Your phone number – So that our General Manager can call you directly to rectify this complaint.
    We will immediately reach out to assist you and do whatever we can to help rectify this matter.
    When contacting us by email, please enter in the subject field “Refund Request”.
    We look forward to working with you on this issue.
    Thank you, Customer Service Management


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