Kmart Review: Completely Offended By Your TV Commercial

I was watching television this evening, and a commercial came on for KMART/Xmas advertisement.  There were several men in boxer shorts pretending to play “bells” and some song by shaking their privates, thus clanging the bells…

Ii was completely offended by this commercial.  It is in poor taste and completely classless!  I’m definitely no prude, but i thought this was too much.  Children watch this stuff!

No wonder our world is so messed up! Take it off the air!!! Christmas is supposed to be a time to celebrate and enjoy family, not this classless stuff!


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Comments About Kmart Review: Completely Offended By Your TV Commercial

  • I agree with the other complaints about this commercial. After all it is Christmas and this is beyond offensive. I am very disappointed in Kmart and will think twice about shopping there.


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