Mango Pure Cleanse Review: Cancel any time in the first 15 days – Mango Pure Colon Cleanse

I can’t believe these people get away with this. I paid the shipping on the samples of 4.95 each, and their ad claims you can try the product and cancel any time within 15 days.

What they DON’T say is that is 15 days from the time they shipped it, not 15 days of us trying it.

I ordered the Mango Pure Cleanse and the Colo Cleanse Pro and cancelled it one week after getting it. (it was two tine bottles of vitamins, 60 caps in one bottle, and 30 in the other)

Now they have charged my Visa 99.24 for one product and 97.70 CAD for the other. You don’t get access to a live person when you call them.

These people belong in jail. I will refuse the shipment at the Post Office and then try to get my bank to reverse the payment, since it is not possible to speak
to anyone at this company.

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